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Video: Watch Wild Bison Being Reintroduced to Banff National Park

In an effort to improve the ecosystem of Banff National Park, the Canadian government has decided to reintroduce wild buffalo to that place. On February 1, 16 of the animals – which were relocated from Elk Island – were set free in the park, marking the return of those creatures for the first time in over a century. You can see this historic release as it took place in the video below. Hopefully in the years to come, the bison population in Banff will grow to large numbers and visitors will see them roaming the region as they once did.

Video: Into the West - North America

Take a two-and-a-half minute journey through western Canada, into the Pacific Northwest in America, and south to Mexico's desert in this short video that is simply filled to the brim with stunning scenery. You'll travel past snowcapped peaks, pristine mountain lakes, and lush forests as you explore some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. This is the kind of video that will inspire you to want to travel to these places for yourself. Enjoy!

Into The West - North America from Mike Bishop on Vimeo.

Video: West on Deerfoot with Leon McCarron and Alastair Humphreys

A few years back, British adventurers Leon McCarron and Alastair Humphreys make an epic journey on foot through the Empty Quarter on the Arabian Peninsula. They made a film about their adventure that was later accepted into the Banff Film Festival. The boys were so excited about this turn of events, that they decided to fly to Canada to attend the premiere of their documentary. But in true adventurous style, they didn't just want to hop a bus from the airport to Banff, but instead decided to travel their on foot. This short film takes us along with them on that journey, which turned out to be a great little adventure through parts of Canada. The clip also holds true to Alastair's philosophy on microadventures, which encourages us to look for small adventures that we can undertake in our own backyard. I hope you enjoy.

West on Deerfoot from Alastair Humphreys on Vimeo.

Video: Sculpted in Time Teaser Trailer

This video is a teaser for a new series of short films coming our way from Sherpas Cinema. The four mini documentaries, set to release over the next few weeks, were all shot in and around Banff National Park in Canada, and will spotlight a unique individual who has been influenced by the mountains there. The clip below gives us just enough of a glimpse of what is to come to get us excited. The scenery alone will make these documentaries well worth our time. Beautiful stuff to say the least.

Thanks to my friend Kate for sharing!