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Video: Biking the 800+ Mile Arizona Trail

In this video, the latest from REI, we follow bikepacker Lael Wilcox as she challenges herself to ride the entire length of the 800+ mile (1287 km) Arizona Trail, which runs north-south for the entire length of that state starting at the border of Utah and ending at the border of Mexico. The route passes through dense pine forests, into the remote desert, and even past the Grand Canyon. You'll see all of this, and more in this great clip that takes us along for the ride.

Fast Forward from REI on Vimeo.

Video: Mountain Biker Rides the White Line with a GoPro

Yesterday I shared a scary video of a mountain biker riding the White Line in Sedona, Arizona. This notorious route follows a white band of rock in the sandstone cliffs on a very sheer rock face that is terrifying to watch, let alone ride ourselves. Today, I have another video from the White Line with a trio of riders taking to the path. This time out, one of the riders is wearing a GoPro camera, capturing all of the frightening action from a first person perspective. Once again, this is not for the faint of heart. This is certainly one trail that I wouldn't even think of attempting.

Video: Mountain Biker Rides the White Line

It's not often that I watch one of these videos and immediately say "nope!" That was the case with his one however, as it shows mountain bike rider Michal Kollbek as he rides the famous White Line in Sedona, AZ. The footage was captured by a drone, and as you'll see, the "white line" in question here is a unique layer of sandstone that runs through the shear cliff face. Seeing just how steep those cliffs are, and the dangerous precipice that they give way to, is nerve wracking even when watching this from the comfort of your own home. This is not a trail for the faint of heart, that much is certain. Watch with caution.

Thanks to Adventure Journal for sharing.

Video: Exploring Antelope Canyon in Arizona

Arizona's Antelope Canyon is one of those iconic places that you've probably seen before, but just didn't know it. It has been the subject of many beautiful photos, with the twisting corridors of the slot canyon helping to create some remarkable images to say the least. In this video we delve deep into that landscape, wandering the narrow passages of the canyon where light and shadow play off the sandstone walls in impressive fashion. It is a beautiful place that is awe inspiring for sure.

Antelope Canyon from Metron on Vimeo.

Video: Monument Valley, USA

This video takes us to the spectacular Monument Valley, located in Arizona and Utah, to give us a grand look at the sweep landscapes and improbably stone structures that exist in that environment. It is a 4+ minute tour of this amazing place, filled with awe inspiring shots of place that looks like it could be from an entirely different planet. If you have never seen Monument Valley before, this video will serve as quite an introduction. One you won't soon forget.

Monument Valley - USA from FREEWAY PROD on Vimeo.

Video: Arizona Skies

Filmed over a period of 15 months, this awesome video captures the stark natural beauty of the state of Arizona oh-so well. It features beautiful landscapes captured in timelapse, mixed with a few inspirational quotes that help to put life in perspective to a degree. This is seven minutes of pure bliss that will send you into the weekend on a high note. Enjoy!

Arizona Skies II from on Vimeo.

Video: Accelerated Moments - Timelapse Landscapes From the American Southwest and Beyond

Shot over a two-year period throughout Arizona, Utah, California, and Hawaii, this video captures beautiful scenery in spectacular timelapse fashion. Locations include Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Mt. Whitney, and Monument Valley, just to name a few. The imagery is transfixing, with some fantastic shots of some of the most visually stunning landscapes found anywhere in North America.

Accelerated Moments (Timelapse) from Sean Goebel on Vimeo.