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Video: Mountain Biking Patagonia

Take a beautiful journey through the wilds of Patagonia in this great video. We'll head out with pro rider Matt Hunter and friends as the explore this incredible setting from the seat of their Specialized Bikes. What they find, is a place unlike any other, with some unbelievable trails to ride. Having just gotten a glimpse of this place for myself, I can't think of a better way to see this part of the world.

Mountain Runner Sets Female Aconcagua Speed Record

Standing 6961 meters (22,838 ft) in height, Argentina's Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in South America, and the highest peak outside the Himalaya in the world. That makes it one of the Seven Summits of course, luring in hundreds of climbers each year who are looking to add one of those iconic mountains to their resume. While not nearly as challenging as Everest, it remains a formidable peak, as Ranulph Fiennes discovered recently.

Video: Walking the Roads of Argentina

In 2016, a pair of travelers visited Argentina, exploring both the Salta Region in the north, and Patagonia in the south. Along the way, they shot some very dramatic video footage, which has now been assembled into this beautiful clip which not only reveals the roads of Argentina, but plenty of other breathtaking images of landscapes and people too. This well crafted short film is a joy to watch, and will get your wanderlust going as well.

ROADS OF ARGENTINA from Guillaume JUIN on Vimeo.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes Pulls Plug on Aconcagua Summit Attempt

It looks like Sir Ranulph Fiennes will have to wait a little bit longer to complete his attempt to complete the Adventurers Grand Slam. According to the BBC, the 72-year old British explorer has had to abandon his attempt to summit Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America, after experiencing severe back pain during the final stages of the expedition. Fiennes says that he is "very frustrated" by the situation.

Spanish Climber to Attempt Repeat of Fitz Roy Crossing Solo

Back in February of 2014, climbers Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold completed what many thought was an impossible climb by linking up Cerro Fitz Roy and its surrounding peaks in southern Patagonia. The route was dubbed the "Fitz Traverse" at is involves climbing Aguja Guillaumet, Aguja Mermoz, Cerro Fitz Roy, Aguja Poincenot, Aguja Rafael Juarez, Aguja Saint-Exupery and Aguja de l'S, all in one go. This once-Holy Grail of rock climbing hasn't been repeated since, but a Spanish climber is about to give it a go.

Last week, Pedro Cifuentes set out for Patagonia, where he hopes to make the same climb as Caldwell and Honnold in solo fashion. Going in alpine style, and completely alone, Cifuentes estimates it will take him about 40-50 days to finish the traverse, which is considerably longer than his predecessors, who finished it in just 5 days. But, having a partner makes a huge difference, and the Spaniard admits he isn't up to climbing at the same level of speed that the two Americans can achieve. Instead, he'll look to be self-sufficient and travel in alpine style, carrying a 90kg (198 pound) pack with him filled with his supplies, food, and gear.

In total, the distance he'll travel will be a mere 5 km (3.1 miles), but it will also involve 4000 meters (13,123 ft) of rough vertical climbing to overcome. That climbing is where Cifuentes will slow down, as doing every pitch by himself will be time consuming and demanding.

This won't be Pedro's first go around with a significant rock climbing challenge. In 2013 he become the first person to solo all three Towers of Paine in succession in Patagonia as well. That expedition took 29 days to wrap up. Later that year, he also attempted a solo climb on Nameless Tower in Pakistan, but was forced to retreat due to incredibly poor conditions.

Cifuentes admits that his solo attempt on the Fitz Traverse is a long-shot, but he enjoys the challenge and hopes that his skill, planning, and determination will help get him through. He says, "I'm not looking for summits, but for experiences. It is not my first expedition, nor will it be the last. I do it for me, to enjoy, for the experiences, for what you see, for what you learn .... it is very difficult to convey what it means to face alone an escalation like this ... every second is very intense, thousands spend Of things, you're out of the world ... The top is fine ... but it's not what I'm looking for. If so, there are easier ways to get it. "

Pedro is on his way to the start of the climb now and should get started shortly. Hopefully he'll reach his goals in the mountains of Patagonia, but if not, perhaps he'll at least get the experiences he's looking for.

Two Wheelchair-bound Adventurers Setting Off on South American Expedition

Maciek Kaminski and Michal Woroch are Polish adventurers. The two men met 12 years ago, and stuck ups a lasting friendship that has thrived in the years since. Both have a passion for travel and adventure, which led them to exploring Europe together. Now, Maciek and Michal are planning an extended expedition through some of the most remote regions of South America. And, oh yeah – they both happen to be wheelchair bound.

Explorer's Web has the story of how these two men met at a physical therapy clinic and began hatching schemes of adventure with one another. They wanted to show that just because they were confined to a wheelchair it didn't mean they had to give up on their dreams of adventure and exploration. On the contrary, it has spurred them on to show the rest of us just what they can do.

In March of this year, Maciek and Michal applied for – and won – the Anderzej Zawada Award, which includes a monetary prize to help support young adventurers with their plans to explore the world. In this case, the two men had to appear before a jury and were given five minutes to convince them that they were worth funding. From the account given by ExWeb, they were very convincing. The two men went home with the prize, which will now help pay for their upcoming journey through South America.

On November 9, Maciek and Michal will fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina to begin their adventure. The two men will travel in a specially built 1996 Land Rover Defender 110 that is equipped with a roof-top tent for them to stay in, as well as plenty of storage for the gear and equipment that they'll take with them. The vehicle has also been modified from a manual to an automatic transmission, with both the gas and brakes now being hand-controlled. This will allow them to drive the Defender, even though they don't have the use of their legs.

The plan is to first drive to Cape Horn, the very tip of South America, and one of the most remote and wild area on the planet. The weather on the Horn is legendary, and sailors have gone out of their way to avoid that part of the world for hundreds of years. From there, they'll turn north and drive along the Pacific coast line up through Chile and Bolivia, before eventually turning their attention on Peru. They plan to visit the Amazon Rainforest while in that country, where they are even scheduled to meet with a local Shaman healer.

The entire journey is expected to take about six months to complete, although the two men are discussing extending it further. There is the possibility that they may continue to drive north to Costa Rica, and potentially all the way to the U.S. Right now, they're playing it by ear and seeing how things unfold.

This adventure will be a great travel challenge, especially for two men who have to use wheelchairs to get around. But, I love that their mission is to break stereotypes and prove to the world what they can do. Simply by setting off on this grand journey they are already accomplishing that goal.

Video: Scenes From Patagonia

We all know that Patagonia is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places in the entire world. But, this video remind us of that by taking us back to that iconic destination to share some wonderful scenes of life and landscapes of southern Chile and Argentina. Truly one of the great wilderness destinations on the planet.

Moments from Patagonia from Ivana Varesko on Vimeo.

Video: A Timelapse Journey Through Patagonia

Take a four-minute journey through one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on Earth courtesy of this clip. It takes us to southern Chile and Argentina to wander the amazing landscapes of Patagonia. The timelapse images found here are mesmerizing, showing some remote, wild places that will take your breath away. We don't have to tell you that Patagonia is yet another destination that you should have on your bucket list. Watch this video and you'll completely understand why.

A Journey Through Patagonia from Amanda Magri on Vimeo.

Video: Beautiful, Magical Patagonia

I never get tired of seeing photos and video from Patagonia. Is there are more beautiful place on Earth? This three-and-a-half minute clip takes us to the southernmost reaches of Chile and Argentina to explore the landscapes found there. As you'll see, they are nothing short of spectacular.

Patagonica from Dapp on Vimeo.

Nat Geo Tells Us Where to Backpack in 2016

2016 is just a month old, but if you haven't started planning your travel yet, you're probably missing out on precious time. Thankfully, National Geographic is here to lend us a helping hand with some great suggestions of where to go backpacking in 2016.

The complete list contains ten total designations, ranging from Argentina and Patagonia in South America, to Zimbabwe in Africa, to Vietnam in Asia, with plenty of other options inbetween. In fact, every continent is represented on the list with the exception of Antarctica, which means just about no matter where you go, there will be some exceptional hiking spots nearby.

Beyond just creating a list of excellent backpacking places, Nat Geo also offers some great travel advice for those visiting these places. For instance, they'll tell you how to get there, how to travel around once you arrive, and just where to stay too. The various write-ups for each destination also include tips on what to eat, when to go, and what activities you absolutely should not miss out on.

All in all, this is a fairly comprehensive travel piece with some good suggestions on where to go backpacking this year. While the individual articles do a good job of setting you on the path to going to that particular place, they also leave plenty of room for you to explore and plan your own excursions and activities too. Think of it as helpful advice from those who have been there before, with just enough information to get you intrigued and started with your planning.

Find out what other destinations made the list by reading the entire article here.

Colin Haley Completes First Solo Ascent of Torre Egger in Patagonia

American climber Colin Haley continues to add impressive accomplishments to his resume. As both a skilled rock climber and mountaineer, he has completed some of the toughest routes in the world in Patagonia and the Himalaya. But on January 19 he only added to his growing list of accomplishments when he managed to complete the first solo ascent of Torre Egger, one of the most iconic and difficult towers in the world.

Located in Argentina's Patagonia region, Torre Egger is a sheer rock face that stands 2685 meters (8809 ft) in height. It is considered one of the crown jewels of rock climbing, often mentioned in the same breath as El Capitan, Trango Towers, or Torres del Paine which is also located in Patagonia. On January 19, after months of planning and preparation, Haley set out to solo that massive tower in what would become an very long day in the mountains.

Alpinist has all the details of the ascent, including the exact route Haley took to the summit, and some of the challenges he to overcome along the way. As you can imagine, it was not an easy climb, requiring 16.5 hours to complete the route. But even after reaching the summit, Colin faced more difficult on the descent. At one point his rope became hung up, and he had to spend several hours bouncing on it to get it to release a few inches at a time. Eventually it gave way, and he was able to finally finish his descent.

The solo of Torre Egger wasn't the only impressive climb Haley finished in Patagonia this month. Alpinist says that he and fellow American Andy Wyatt also completed a speed ascent of Monte Fitz Roy (3405 m/11,171 ft) on January 6, completing that challenge car-to-car in 21 hours and 8 minutes. According to the report, that would be the fastest known time for a round-trip ascent on that peak as well.

These are some impressive accomplishments over a span of just a couple of weeks. Congrats to Colin (and Andy Wyatt!) on a job well done.

Video: Traveling the Andes Mountains - Spine of the South

In 2015, photographer Eric Hanson spent seven months traveling the length of South America along the spectacular Andes Mountains. Starting in Ecuador and ending in Patagonia, he captured thousands of photos of the landscapes that he encountered along the way. The very best of those images can be found in this breathtaking video, which give us an incredible look at these amazing mountains. Sit back and enjoy this clip, it is gorgeous.

Spine of the South from Overland Collective on Vimeo.

Winter Climbs 2016: Teams Pre-Acclimatzing in South America, Gathering in Pakistan

The winter climbing season is nearly upon us. The season officially arrives next Monday, which is the date that several teams have circled on their calendar as the start of the big challenge ahead. This year, there will be at least five individual teams attempting the first winter ascent of Nanga Parbat, while there are none currently scheduled for K2. In the days leading up to the start of the season, the climbers are busy preparing for what promises to be a long, difficult season. And while some are acclimatizing elsewhere, others have already arrived in Pakistan and are preparing to begin.

The Polish Justice For All squad is the first to arrive in Base Camp on Nanga Parbat. The team reached Lattabo two days ago, and have been busy building their camp ever since. They've set up their satellite communications system, solar panels, tents, and other gear, and are now patiently waiting for winter to officially arrive. They won't even begin to head up the mountain until that happens, but when it does, they'll be more than ready. The team is prepared to stay on Nanga for the entire season if necessary, waiting well into March for their chance at a summit. Hopefully it won't come to that, but with fickle weather a common occurrence on the mountain, anything is possible.

Meanwhile, the duo of Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger are also in Pakistan. They arrived in Skardu last week, and while there haven't been updates since then, it is safe to assume they are now trekking towards Base Camp themselves. Depending on when they departed, they should arrive on the mountain before the start of winter as well. Simone reports that they had an armed escort with them, which is unsurprising considering the 2013 attack on Nanga Parbat BC by militants that left 11 people dead. The Pakistani government has taken strides to ensure that doesn't happen again, but it still weighs on the thoughts of climbers going there.

Elsewhere, Alex Txikon is busy acclimatizing in the Andes region of Argentina. He reports that while the altitudes there are helping his body prepare for the Karakoram, the climbing is non-technical, and the spring weather isn't anything close to what he'll face on Nanga Parbat. Still, it is a good way to get ready for the challenges he'll face on the mountain once again this year, as his team looks to complete the first winter route as well.

Finally, Adam Bielecki is also in South America acclimatizing, although he has chosen to workout in Chile instead. He reports that he is currently camping on the edge of a crater of a volcano at 22,244 ft (6779 meters), which is of course preparing him for altitude, but he too says that this is a non-technical climb. In a Facebook post he says that he is already bored with just hiking in the mountains, and is now ready for the real climbing to begin.

Both Alex and Adam will depart for Pakistan next week and begin making their way to Nanga Base Camp. Look for them to arrive around the start of the new year.

Right now, we're in a period of calm before the start of the winter season. After that, things will start to get interesting. The teams will be very busy acclimatizing, establishing their camps, fixing ropes, and watching the weather. Hopefully at least a few of them will get a legitimate shot at the summit this year. Those chances are few and far between, which is why the mountain has never been climbed in the winter before.

Stay tuned for more.

North Face Founder Doug Tompkins Dies in Kayaking Accident in Chile

There is sad news for the outdoor adventure community today as it was announced last night that Doug Tompkins, the founder of The North Face, has passed away in a kayaking accident that took place in Chile. He was 72.

According to reports, Tompkins was on a kayaking trip in the Patagonia region of South America. He, and several others were paddling across General Carrerra Lake in high winds and strong waves, when six members of the team, including Tompkins, capsized. They were all waters that were below 40ºF (4ºC) for an extended period of time, which led to Tompkins eventually passing away due to extreme hypothermia.

Doug founded The North Face back in 1964 as a local gear retail shop in San Francisco. Later, he would also found the Esprit clothing company as well. Both would grow into billion dollar empires. Tompkins retired from the business back in 1989, and moved to Chile where he purchased thousands of acres of land, both in that country and Argentina. Most of that land was turned into a private nature reserve to help keep the Patagonia region free from developers.

Tompkins' legacy will of course be The North Face, and his important work in conservation. But in 1968 he was part of a four-man team that spent six months traveling to Patagonia and climbing there. He and the team put up a new route on Fitzroy, and documented their efforts in books and films. One of the other members of that squad included Yvon Chouinard, who would go on to form Patagonia and also go to great lengths to help preserve the natural landscapes of Chile and Argentina.

None of the other members of Tompkins kayaking team were seriously injured in the accident. Unfortunately, he succumbed to hypothermia in the intensive care unit of a Chilean hospital. I wish to extend my sincere condolences to Doug's friends and family. He will certainly be missed.

Video: A Journey Through Wild and Remote Patagonia

We all know that Patagonia is one of the most wildly beautiful places on the planet, but that fact is hammered home even more convincingly in this short video. Shot in both Argentina and Chile, filmmaker Benjamin Aubray has captured incredible shots of the landscapes that are found at the very tip of the South American continent. You'll see jagged snowcapped peaks, pristine lakes, rushing rivers, and lush meadows, all working together to make the setting that much more spectacular. If you haven't gone yet, Patagonia needs to be on your list of places to visit. It not only lives up to the hype, in exceeds it in every way.

PATAGONIA from Benjamin Aubray on Vimeo.

Video: Drones Over Patagonia

We all know that Patagonia is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world, but that sentiment is only reinforced by this video. Shot with the use of a drone near the Argentine village of El Chalten, the landscapes shown here are nothing short of spectacular. This is 4+ minutes of pure mountain bliss.

And when you're ready to go to Patagonia yourself, my friends at Mountain Travel Sobek can help. They offer multiple trips to South America, including one that explores Patagonia on foot.


Video: A Journey by Bike Through Patagonia

Widely considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth, South America's Patagonia region is filled with remote landscapes, snowcapped peaks, and crystal-clear fjords. This video takes us on a tour of the legendary wilderness, as we join intrepid adventurers on a cycling excursion to the very ends of the world. The striking setting makes for a magnificent backdrop for their adventure.

And when you're ready to visit Patagonia for yourself, my friends at Mountain Travel Sobek can help. They have several trips that visit both the Argentinean and Chilean sides of the region, including a private six-day hiking adventure through Torres del Paine National Park.

Patagonia - A Journey by Bike from Sam Oakes on Vimeo.

Video: Planet Patagonia in 4K

It is often said that Patagonia – the wild region in southern Argentina and Chile – is one of the most spectacularly beautiful landscapes on the planet. It is difficult to argue with that sentiment after watching this clip, which features three-and-a-half minutes of stunning footage from this amazing place. Timelapse images of the Patagonian mountains, rivers, and glaciers show us an almost otherworldly destination that remains as alluring today, as it ever has in the past. To view this lovely clip in its full 4k resolution click here.

Planet Patagonia 4K Time Lapse from HD Nature Video by LoungeV on Vimeo.

Video: Patagonia Dreamin' - Climbing the Torre Massif

This short film takes us to Argentina with climbers Jason Kruk and Marc-Andre Leclerc as they take on the legendary Torre Massif in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The 8-minute documentary feature some fantastic climbing, as they two talented individuals show off their skills in amazing locations. The video is actually about a year old, but I hadn't come across it before. It is so good, I felt that it was definitely worth sharing. Fans of climbing films will certainly find a lot to love here.

Video: Force - Climbing in Patagonia with Mikey Schaefer

Patagonia is legendary for its opportunities for adventure. This is particularly true when it comes to climbing and mountaineering. This short film takes us to that iconic place with climber Mikey Schaefer, who gives us a real, honest look at what it is like there. This is an incredibly well done documentary that assembles clips from from more than a decade of climbing in southern Chile and Argentina. In the video Mikey takes us on some of his most harrowing adventures, and gives us a profile of an amazing place that he has come to love.

Thanks to the Adventure Journal for sharing this. Great stuff as always guys!

Mikey Schaefer and FORCE from Patagonia on Vimeo.