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More Photos Emerge of Uncontacted Tribe in Brazil

A few weeks back I posted a story that shared new photos of an uncontacted tribe living deep in the Brazilian rainforest. Those images were taken by an aerial reconnaissance plane that flew over the site where the tribe lives in an effort to gauge how well they were doing in a part of the world that is becoming increasingly threatened by outside forces. Surprisingly, observers found that the tribe was not only faring quite well, but was actually thriving, with new members being added since the last survey. Now, more images have been revealed and they are just as fascinating as the first.

A Mysterious Expedition with a Telepathic Tribe in the Amazon

Looking for a really interesting story to read this morning? Then look no further than this article from National Geographic. It tells the tale of a famed explorer by the name of Loren McIntyre, who worked with Nat Geo in the past on various projects. He was known to be a dedicated, hardworking guy who could "surmount all obstacles with ease," according to one editor. He journeys took him all over the world and sent him on many adventures. But one such expedition turned out to be stranger than most.

New Photos Reval Uncontacted Tribe in the Amazon

As I've mentioned in the past, I am endlessly fascinated by the uncontacted tribes that still exist in the deepest parts of the Amazon Rainforest. It boggles my mind to think that there are still people living out there who have had not had any sort of interaction with the modern world or the people who live in it. Having been to the Amazon myself, I realize how remote and wild of a place it truly is, but it is still amazing to know that these tribes still go about their lives as they have for thousands of years in the past.

Now, some new photos have been released that reveal one such tribe living in Brazil’s Yanomami indigenous territory near the border with Venezuela. And while those photos show that the Moxihatetema people – as they are known – continue to struggle with substance living, they are actually thriving despite concerns over outside threats.

Adventurers to Attempt Atlantic to the Pacific Crossing of Amazon

We've seen some pretty impressive expeditions through the Amazon Rainforest over the years, and it looks like we can soon add another interesting one to the list. Filmmaker Reza Pakravan is joining forces with journalist Pip Stewart on an epic adventure that will take them across the Amazon starting at it's Atlantic coast and ending in the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, they'll pass through remote sections of Brazil and Peru, while spending time living with the indigenous tribes that still inhabit this part of the world.

Massive Reef Discovered at the Mouth of the Amazon River

Here's a story that is further proof that our world still has a lot of mysteries and surprises to share with us. Scientists have discovered a massive coral reef hidden under the muddy waters at the mouth of the Amazon River in South America. The discovery comes at a crucial stage however, as the region has already been charted by petroleum companies looking to plumb its depth for oil.

Explorers Complete Cycling Expedition Along the Length of the Amazon

Way back in October I told you about a pair of Polish adventurers who were just setting out on an attempt to cycle the length of the Amazon River in South America. At the time, they had just gotten underway on what they expected to be a 6-8 month long expedition that would cover more than 7000 km (4345 miles) on specially designed bikes that were built to float on water. Last Friday, Dawid Andres and Hubert Kisiński completed that journey at long last, reaching the Atlantic Ocean after six months of pedaling.

Explorers Discover Legendary Boiling River in the Amazon

Need proof that we still don't know as much about our own planet as we think we do? Than look no further than this story about a team of researchers that discovered a legendary boiling river located deep in the Amazon. In a new book entitled The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon, Peruvian scientist Andrés Ruzo shares the story of the discovery of this river, which he first heard about from his grandfather, who told him that Spanish conquistadors wandered into the jungle, and returned months later with tales of strange animals, endless rainforest, and a river that was so hot that it boiled from below.

An Uncontacted Tribe is Emerging From the Amazon in Peru

Over the years I've covered a few stories about uncontacted tribes still living in the Amazon Rainforest. These small groups of indigenous people have been living in the jungle, isolated from the modern world and often going to great lengths to avoid interacting with outsiders. But now, National Geographic has the fascinating story of one such tribe that has begun initiating contact, sometimes with violent results.

Polish Team Plans to Bike the Length of the Amazon

A team of Polish adventurers has just set off on what promises to be a challenging and very interesting expedition to follow. Brothers Dawid Andres and Hubert Kisiński are hoping to become the first people to cycle the length of the Amazon River starting at the foot of Mount Mismi and ending in the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, you read that right. They intend to cycle that distance.

Polish Explorer Planning Trans-South American Expedition via The Amazon

Polish explorer Marcin Gienieczko has announced a bold new expedition that will get underway on May 1 of this year. The adventurous photographer and journalist intends to cross South America by bike, canoe, and on foot, with his route that will take him to the very heart of the Amazon Rainforest and along the mightiest river on the planet.

Introducing the Esmerelda Expedition - Across South America Without Motorized Transport

Explorers Web posted an interesting interview today with Francesco Magistrali, an Italian adventurer who is in the midst of a journey across South America using only non-motorized transportation. The adventure, which he calls the Esmeralda Expedition, began in Ushuaia, Argentina, and continued to Torres Del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks in Patagonia, before heading on to Valdivia and Santiago, Chile.