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Video: The First Repeat Ascent of Metanoia on the Eiger North Face

Jeff Lowe's Metanoia route on the Eiger North Face is considered one of the most impressive climbs of all time. Solo and without bolts, Lowe went straight up the Eiger, changing the way we viewed climbing forever. That was back in 1991, and since that time no one else has attempted to make that same climb. But back in December, a trio of very talented alpinists – Thomas Huber, Stephan Siegrist, and Roger Schaeli – were able to make a repeat of Lowe's groundbreaking route at long last. This video tells their story.

Video: Unbound with Alpinist Jordi Tosas

For more than 25 years, Jordi Tosas has been working as a mountaineering guide in the Alps and the Himalaya. Over that time, he has completed countless climbs and his love for outdoor adventure in all of its forms has continued to grow. A few years back, he was introduced to Kilian Jornet, the great mountain runner from Spain. That chance encounter has led Jordi to reexamine everything he knows about mountaineering and relearn and reinvent his approach to the mountains. In this video, we learn about Tosas and that process, which is continuing to evolve today.

Video: The Matterhorn in Timelapse

Recently, Red Bull TV launched a new web series called The Horn that follows a team of aerial search and rescue first responders in the Alps that operate near and on the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountains in the world. In preparation for that series, filmmaker Andrew Geraci shot a tremendous amount of timelapse footage of the mountain. Some of his best shots have been compiled into this 3+ minute long clip that gives us a beautiful view of this spectacular alpine setting. This is the Matterhorn like you've never seen it before. Sit back, soak it all in, and enjoy.

30 Epic Timelapses of the Matterhorn in 4k | Red Bull TV's The Horn from Red Bull on Vimeo.

Video: Speedflying Through the Swiss Alps

We return to the Swiss Alps again today for another mountain adventure. This time we go speedflying in the mountains with paraglider Jamie Lee launching himself off a high cliff and zooming down the side of a mountain. Of course, it's all captured using his GoPro camera, which gives us a first person view of the action. For me, these videos are fun to watch, but not something I'm eager to try myself. I'll let others make the videos while I just post 'em!


Video: Autumn in the Swiss Alps

Take a trip to the Swiss Alps courtesy of this short video, which sends us on a "microadventure" in this utterly spectacular part of the world. With the changing of the seasons comes a splash of color to the scenery, with some amazing shots that allow to almost feel the crisp fall air. This is one beautiful video and a great reminder that autumn is a wonderful season just about everywhere.

Autumn Microadventure in Swiss Alps from Filips Baumanis on Vimeo.

Video: Every Flight Counts - Speedflying in the Alps

There may be no better way to take in the stunning scenery of the Alps than from the air. In this video, a team of paragliders head up into the mountains on several flights, recording their adventures along the way. The results are some breathtaking shots of the mountains with plenty of stunning scenery in every direction.

Every flight counts // homebound speedflying - 2016 from Marius Beck Dahle on Vimeo.

Video: Welcome to the Birthplace of Extreme

This video takes us to the French town of Chamonix, which is widely regarded as one of the best outdoor playgrounds in the entire world. Renowned for its exceptional skiing and mountain biking, Chamonix is also the launching pad for trekking and climbing expeditions in the Alps, as well as the most popular BASE jumping and wingsuit flying destination on the planet. Here, we'll see a group of wingsuit pilots taking flight over the iconic village, while some work to overcome their fears. Chamonix is quite an impressive place to do just that.

Video: Mountain Biking the Albula Haute Route in Switzerland

If you're in need of three-and-a-half minutes of pure mountain biking porn, this video will be just what you're looking for. It takes us to the Albula Valley of Switzerland to ride the Haute Route there, with some stunning scenery serving as a dramatic backdrop. This is the kind of ride that mountain bikers live for, with beautiful single track, snowcapped peaks overhead, and lush forest all around.

Trail Tales - Episode 02: Albula Haute Route from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

Video: Freeriding Awesome Mountain Bike Trails in Switzerland

In this video, we return to the Alps with our friends from Teton Gravity Research for the second episode of their "Singletrack Switzerland" series. Once again, we're treated to breathtaking scenery and some awesome looking trails that hint at the amazing riding that can be found in the mountains of Switzerland. After watching this, I know I'd sure like to go there myself.

Video: Flying a Wingsuit Over Glaciers

To make this beautiful video, wingsuit pilot Alex Miziuk traveled to Chamonix, France to take an amazing flight over the glaciers found in the Alps there. Wearing his action cameras throughout the flight, Alex captures some stunning footage of the landscape that can only be seen from the air. This is definitely one of the best wingsuit videos we've seen in some time.

Glacial Lines from Alex Miziuk on Vimeo.

Video: One of Those Days 3 - Skiing with Candide Thovex

I don't post a lot of skiing videos here on The Adventure Blog, so when I do, it has to be special. This one is special. It marks the return of Candide Thovex, who is making quite a name for himself with his "One of Those Days" series of video. In this third installment, Candide continues to push the envelope, skiing some improbable lines and pulling off some very impressive stunts. This is pure fun on the hill by a guy who continues to set the bar higher and higher. Enjoy.

Video: Epic Speedriding Through the Alps

We've seen some good speedriding videos in the past, but it has been awhile since we've come across anything like this one. What's speedriding? It's another name for speedflying, which is a combination of skiing and paragliding that allows people to literally fly down the side of mountains that they typically wouldn't be able to ski. It looks like a lot of fun, and really opens up the possibilities for backcountry exploration.

In this video, we join a couple of speedriders as they blaze down some beautiful mountains in the alps, skiing past small villages, through deep canyons, and across some very steep mountainsides. Don't try this at home folks. It isn't for everyone.

Video: Xavier De Le Rue Rides the 55º Mallory Couloir in Chamonix

Over the years, we've seen big mountain snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue ride some impressive lines in some incredibly remote locations. But for his latest video he stayed close to home in Chamonix, France where he took on the impossibly steep Mallory Couloir, on the North Face of the Aiguille du Midi, which features a 55º slope. As you can imagine, this run wasn't for the faint of heart, or those lacking in skills. Check it out in the video below, which first begins with some fun shredding in the Alps before making way to the main event.

Video: Ueli Steck's 2015 Year in Review

As usual, Swiss climber Ueli Steck had another busy year in 2015, climbing 82 peaks in the Alps and heading to the Himalaya looking for challenges as well. In this video, we get a visual recap of his accomplishments from last year, including some great footage of Ueli in the mountains doing what he does best. Watching Steck go to work is always amazing, as he makes it look so easy and effortless.

Climb to the Summit of Mont Blanc with Google Street View

Over the years Google Street View has continued to expand, taking us from the familiar avenues of our hometowns to such iconic locations as Machu Picchu in Peru, Petra in Jordan, and even the Khumbu in Nepal. Now, you can add one more location to that list, as earlier this week the tech giant brought one of Europe's most famous mountains online when they added Mont Blanc to their library of virtual destinations.

To capture these amazing places in full 360º images, Google uses a special backpack called the Street View Trekker. This special pack comes equipped with a device that includes 15 different cameras, each snapping images at the same time. Once the data is collected, software is used to stitch the data back together, creating a seamless experience of the various locations that the Trekker records.

In order to capture Mont Blanc in all of its glory, Google decided to enlist some specialists to help them out. They brought in mountain athletes Kilian Jornet, Ueli Steck, and Candide Thovex – amongst others – to get a streamlined version of the Trekker to the summit. The results are nothing short of spectacular.

The video below gives you a bit of insight into the project that brought Mont Blanc online. To explore it for yourself in Street View, simply click here.

Video: Hiking Europe's E5 Trail

The E5 trail in Europe runs for more than 3200 km (1988 miles), starting from the Atlantic Coast in Britany and stretching across parts of France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany before finally ending in Verona, Italy. It is, by all accounts, a stunning hike through the Alps that can takes months to hike end to end. In this video, we get a brief taste of what that trek is like, as two intrepid travelers spend 10 days walking 120 miles along the E5. As you'll see, the route takes them deep into the mountains, past pristine alpine meadows, and into lovely mountain villages.

If this doesn't get your feet itching for a little walk in the mountains, I'm a afraid we'll have to check you for a pulse.

Video: Ueli Steck Climbs 82 Peaks in 62 Days

One of the other most impressive accomplishments of 2015 was Ueli Steck's project to climb all 82 peaks in the Alps that are taller than 4000 meters (13,123 feet). The Swiss Machine managed to knock off all of those mountains in a mere 62 days, showing us once again why he is amongst the most talented alpinists of his generation.

In the video below, you'll get a chance to watch Ueli go to work in the Alps, while discussing the project, and what drives him to press forward with his expeditions to the mountains.

What will Ueli have in store for us in 2016? We'll just have to wait to find out. But I'm sure it'll be something unique and impressive.

Video: Drifting Through the Italian Alps

Take a relaxing and scenic trip through the central Italian Alps with this timelapse video. Over the course of the three-minute clip you'll get a chance to witness some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in all of Europe as we watch the clouds lazily drift by overhead. If you've ever wondered why there have been so many great Italian climbers and mountaineers over the years, take a look at the amazing playground they have at their disposal and you'll understand why. Beautiful stuff.

Heights 4K from Riccardo Mojana on Vimeo.

Video: The Dolomites and Alps in Timelapse

The Dolomites and Italian Alps make up some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Europe. We're reminded of that in this video, which uses timelapse photography to dramatic effect. Clouds roll across rocky ridges and the sun drifts towards the horizon as we watch from various vantage points found in those iconic mountains. This is a peaceful look at a part of the world that is stunningly beautiful.

TIMEDRIFT II from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

Video: The Matterhorn in Timelapse

The Matterhorn is one of the most iconic mountains in all of Europe, if not the world. Its striking profile is legendary, and many great mountaineers began their careers on its slopes. In this video we get an all-too-brief look at the mountain through timelapse imagery that is breathtakingly beautiful. The clip is actually a trailer for a much longer film that will be released soon, and if that video comes anywhere close to the quality of this one, I'll be sharing it as well. Sit back and enjoy a minute of pure bliss as we take in the Matterhorn in timelapse.

Matterhorn Trailer Promo Timelapse from Maurizio Pignotti on Vimeo.