Travel Thailand good summer departure from SAIGON in 2018

Summer tourism Thailand 2018 - Thailand Tourism program good summer departures from Tp.HCM (2018). Pearl Said Foshan-is one of the sights in Thailand, most famous to tourists stopping to admire beautiful paintings, as well as immersed in the natural scenery of majestic mountains. Pearl Said Foshan is the Buddha Sakyamuni sitting in meditation, carved on the cliff between the Sun, bring in themselves the beauty remains, and purity. Anyone here also found soothing and peaceful heart.

Travel Thailand good summer departure from SAIGON in 2018

Day 1: HO CHI MINH city-BANGKOK-PATTAYA (dinner)

-You focus at Tan Son Nhat Airport International Terminal, D2 area guides, crew procedures for flight to Bangkok.

-To Don Muaeng international airports, airport and local guides to welcome the delegation. Gift vouchers worth 100 Thai baht. You can manually select the typical cuisine of Thailand. Depart Pattaya, visit: Cherish protect and Foshan-mount Buddha carved gold and 24 k, which was created 50 years celebration of the King of Thailand's. Hope Hill landscape Chomporn Kromaluang – Phra Tamak, here you scenic jewelry deals for Pattaya and admire the beauty of the splendid panorama of this bustling city. In addition guests can enjoy cult Fireworks blessed, tailoring to pay homage at the monument of Krom Luang Chumporn General, the father of Royal Thai Navy. Are the Thai people to honor courage and directness.

-Dinner, Express Hotels at Pattaya night. You can experience the vibrant student atmosphere of Pattaya Walking Street like ... watch the special show of the Pattaya tourist paradise.

Day 2: HEAVEN-PATTAYA (eating three meals)

-Breakfast at the hotel. You have free time to rest at the hotel or explore the coastal city of Pattaya.

-Lunch at the local restaurant. The departure of the delegation visit: 4 d Art Gallery Museum-also known as the interactive Museum of art (Interactive Art Museum)-including the context of art paintings by a unique 4 d effects of generation, designed so visitors can interact shaping the photo shoot.

-Dinner at the restaurant. You see the program special Alcazar show due to the female dancers moved about.

Day 3: PATTAYA-BANGKOK (eating three meals)

-Breakfast, check-out. The departure of the delegation visit: the factory crafted Gem-the Center crafted jewelry, gold and silver in Southeast Asia's largest Butterfly Garden (Nest Centre)-learn about the process of picking and processing types. Sightseeing Shopping at local specialty shops with Durian drying, elderberry, candy cotton scrub ...

-Lunch buffet at Safari World, then visit: Wild Zoo (Safari World)-fascinating sights not to be missed in the Thailand trip. This is the largest natural open Zoo in Asia with more than 75 species of mammals, 300 species of birds coming from Africa and Asia, along the characteristic animal species around the world. You will enjoy some attractive performances such as: show show Cowboy, sea lion, monkey fight boxing ... Bus tour Safari World view of natural life of animals such as Giraffes, Hippos, Zebras, Tigers, Lions, bears, ...

-Dinner, get hotel rooms in Bangkok overnight.

Day 4: BANGKOK (Eating two meals)

-Breakfast at the hotel, departure for the excursion: the pagoda Wat Yanawa boat Boat Temple-the temple with unique boat shape architecture. Solid camp University of Chualalongkong-this is a center of research on Tiger snakes, which manufactures the drug. The center of leather (Leather factory).

-Lunch, continue tour: Palace of Ananda Samakhom-marble palace was built by King Rama V Italian Renaissance architecture. 4-face Buddha-Bangkok's most famous, here you hear many stories told about the history of the four faces Buddha very sacred and mysterious. Free shopping in the famous commercial center of the capital as: Big C, Center World Plaza ...

-To the hotel to rest, free to explore Bangkok by night.

Note: visit the Palace, visitors must wear skirts too long the knee, if wearing pants or short skirts, female visitors must buy sarong (sold here for about 50 baht/piece)-male visitors must wear long pants over the knee. All cell phones, camcorders, photography must be sent back in the area hold the map before entering in visiting the Palace.

Day 5: BANGKOK-HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM (breakfast)

Eating breakfast. Crew check-in procedure, then freedom of shopping at Chocolate Shop (if there's time), the famous shopping center of Bangkok: Robinson, Future Park ... lunch. To the airport departure flight back to HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM. End the program, farewell and see you. Readmore du lich thai lan dip he

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