Thailand travel occasions noel and offer good price 2018

Travel Thailand Christmas and new year's day 2018. Christmas and new year's day have become two important occasions in Vietnam as well as in Thailand, which is the transfer time from the old year into the new year, so everyone is excited and expect. Travel to Thailand on this occasion you will have the opportunity to attend many cultural activities, art and jewelry are very interesting to explore the sights of this beautiful country and discount shopping opportunities of the goods at the place of This time. Hotline 0911.46.33.89 or 01283.98.69.98 are waiting for you.

Thailand travel occasions noel and offer good price 2018
Thailand with many names-the country became known as the gold country, the land of smiles and friendly shopping haven. So when to travel to Thailand during Christmas and new year's day you will visit the famous landmarks, the temple brings traditional bold colors with a very distinct culture should. The Thai tourist should go Bang kok Thailand city is located in the right bank of the Chao Phraya River. Phuket, the dig with a long coastline, fine white sand, green pine forests. The coastal city of Pattaya, the most advanced in the world. Not the visit that the longer you are shopping the discount promotion items in Thailand, a vibrant shopping paradise and full of fun.

*** Day 1: HO CHI MINH CITY. – BANGKOK – PATTAYA (dinner)

-You focus at Tan Son Nhat Airport International Terminal, D2 area guides, crew procedures for flight to Bangkok.

-To the airport, the delegation lunch self-sufficient at the airport. Airport and local guides to welcome the delegation sent to Pattaya, visit: Castle billionaire Baan Sukhawadee-as happy home purity and prosperity, the Castle strong impression with tourists by harmonious architecture unique to the stranger often. Tiger zoo Siracha Tiger camp-view the program Hogs fed Tigers and Tiger Weaned Pigs the same program a unique circus like Circus elephants, Alligators ...

-Dinner. Express Hotels at Pattaya night. You can experience the vibrant student atmosphere of Pattaya Walking Street like ... watch the special show of the Pattaya tourist paradise.

*** Day 2: PATTAYA-PARADISE travel (eating three meals)

-Breakfast at the hotel. The free sea bath or you explore Pattaya.

-Lunch at the local restaurant. The departure of the delegation visit: the factory crafted gems, jewelry, gold and silver in Southeast Asia's largest Pearl Told Foshan-mount Buddha carved gold and 24 k, which was created 50 years celebration of the King of Thailand's. Hope Hill landscape Chomporn Kromaluang – Phra Tamak, here you scenic jewelry deals for Pattaya and admire the beauty of the splendid panorama of this bustling city, you can enjoy the cult Fireworks blessed, tailoring to pay homage at the monument Krom Luang Chumporn General's anniversary.

-Dinner. Express Hotels at Pattaya night. You can experience the vibrant student atmosphere of Pattaya as Walking Street. Enjoy special Alcazar show due South dancers move about.

*** Day 3: PATTAYA-BANGKOK (eating three meals)

-Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out procedures. Visit: Pattaya elephant village-witness daily life of elephants and those who govern. The delegation could hand the elephants eat and experience the feeling of sitting on the backs of elephants walking around sightseeing exciting and suspense-filled. Sheep farm-Pattaya attractions are opened from June 2013 year is my favorite play place young children. You can take a picture with this adorable animals.

-Lunch, and then return to Bangkok: Butterfly Garden (Nest Centre)-learn about the process of picking and processing types. Temple of the Golden mount (Wat Saket-Golden Mount or ' Phu Khao Thong ') is a delicious low hills with a glittering Golden stupas. Inside the Tower, 58 m contains Buddhist symbolism and welcomes the faithful to enjoy the cult throughout the year. The temple is also celebrated annually in October, takes place a week during Loy Krathong (Festival of flower lamp post solar drop). Dinner. Get hotel rooms in Bangkok.

*** Day 4: BANGKOK (Eating two meals)

-Breakfast at the hotel. The departure of the delegation visit: solid Camp University of Chualalongkong-this is a center of research on Tiger snakes, which manufactures the drug. The center of leather (Leather factory). The pagoda Wat Yanawa boat Boat Temple-the temple with unique boat shape architecture. 4-face Buddha-located in the heart of Bangkok is the Thai people was revered because they believe that the statue will bring good luck to the country as well as themselves. Free shopping in commercial centres such as: the Big C, Center World Plaza ... About Hotel resting, free to explore Bangkok by night.

*** Day 5: BANGKOK-HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM (breakfast)

Eating breakfast. Check-out procedures. You free shopping at Chocolate Shop (if there's time), the shopping centre: Robinson, Future Park ... To the airport departure flight back to Ho Chi Minh City. End the program, farewell and see you. Readmore du lich thai lan dip le

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