Saigon tourism should go beautiful and have the address, opening hours, specific fare

Saigon tourist should go somewhere nice? Address, opening hours, ticket prices. "Hello I have a trip coming up in Saigon, be combined with travel. Because this is the Saigon tourist should is Saigon tourist, please ask should go where the most beautiful? Please advise me what to play, visiting in Saigon as well as addresses, opening hours and the ticket price information of the tourist spots. I'm thankful! " (Anh Tuan-Dong Da Dist, Hanoi). Sincerely thank you Nguyen Thanh Tam Pacific Travel lot nhé Saigon tourism should go somewhere nice and have the address, opening hours, specific fares

Du lịch Sài Gòn nên đi đâu đẹp và có địa chỉ, giờ mở cửa, giá vé cụ thể

I. Visit Cu Chi

Saigon tourist should go somewhere nice? Cu Chi is one of the famous tourist destination in Saigon, many travelers when visiting the city bearing the name. In the center of Ho Chi Minh City, about 43 miles northwest, Cu Chi is a historical country's popular revolution, attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Fares visit Cu Chi is 65,000 USD. According to the travel experience of Cu Chi to facilitate travel as well as cost savings, you can go to Cu Chi by bus as follows: getting online car number 13 bus to Cu Chi. Then , from the bus station, you catch the next airport to 79. If unsure, ask your uncle down driving or the people come together online. Address: Pham Van, a maple tree. Opening hours: 7:30-17:00. Tickets: 65,000 USD. Cu Chi's unique architecture, designed according to a system of tunnels located deep in the ground, many stories, multiple lane as Spider networks, long on 200 km. Was accommodation, meetings and fights of the war time resistance. Cu Chi was honored as one of three national monuments are State ranked and recognized early in Ho Chi Minh. Over the years, cuchi always achieve significant achievements and attracts numerous visitors.

II. The famous dam Sen Park in Saigon

Dam Sen Park address, is the amusement park located on the road to peace, District 11, Tp.HCM covers an area of 50 hectares consisting of 20% is Lakes and 60% of trees and gardens. Dam Sen Park is divided into 30 areas: electronic games, theatrical tales, fairy castle, theatre square, West Lake, South of upper Wan TU, non-aquatic, dance Island, home of sea creatures. Ancient pagoda, water puppet zone Buds, butterfly garden nature. Fishing zone, the display States long, the tea ceremony, the adventure games, Swan Lake, horse Lake, European flower garden, Roman square. The cultural square, water music stage, bowling, sports area, fishing Lake prawn, restaurant Cards. Children's games area, lights, nine Bridges, rail, Monorail station, Monorail, fishing, ice ... The tropical garden with 70 species of birds and 20 species of mammal life, pants rockery with many surrounding high waterfalls, caves ... address: 3 Hoa Binh, Ward 3, Ho Chi Minh. Opening hours: 08:00-20:00. Dam Sen park opening hours: From Monday to Friday: 7 h 30-18 h >. Saturday and Sunday: 7 h 30-21 h >. Day's event: & 7 h 30-22 h >. Dam Sen Park is an attractive weekend fun in Saigon, suitable for those families in the Saigon area and shifang when visiting towns. About dam Sen Park fare, the fare package buy in the Park will be cheaper: for children under 1 m height, free from 1-1, 4 m is 70 k, high on the 1, 4 m is 120 k (full fare). In addition, water excursion fare is 25 k (under 1 m) and 40 k (on 1, 4 m). Swing stand 15 k (under 1 m) and 30 k (on 1, 4 m). Dinosaur Park 25 k (under 1 m) and 30 k (On 1, 4 m).

III. Suoi Tien Park

Suoi Tien Park. The appropriate time, the tourist season in spring and autumn the appropriate temperatures and little rain. Moved by bus to suoi Tien Park: going online 8, 10, 12, 19, 50, 53, 76, 99, 150 could take a bus to arrive. Address: Tan Phu District, AH1 120 9. Opening hours: 07:00 ~ 18:00. Tickets: adults 90,000 Dong (1.3 m or less) 45,000 USD. Week-end in Saigon should go play? Suoi Tien Park are attractive destinations for you, with harmonious combination between streams, woodlands, lakes and play area. In addition, suoi Tien amusement is also the unique architecture or the legends associated with the history of peoples such as the Painted Glass-glass, Lac Long Quan, King Hung. .. The sea, artificial lakes with water play area do leave positive mark for visitors when traveling amusement park Streams. Readmore du lich sai gon

IV. Cai Be Floating Market Tien Giang

CAI be floating market? CAI be floating market is located on the Tien Giang River borders gianh, Vinh Long and Ben Tre. Marketplace in the town of CAI be district, Tien Giang Province, Cai is the big market for Southwest region. The way to floating market, my Tho City Center, about 45 km to the West. From the center of my Tho, you can take the 3 ways: follow the highway 864 along the river of money-off the road is to dock for security-from here you rent boats or ferries travel the CAI be floating market. Or by Highway via Cai lay district-to the town of CAI be, then rent a boat or a water taxi tour floating market. Bus route No. 1 roadmap: Tho-Cai lay district-the town of CAI be-Positive American and vice versa. Address: tt. Cai, Cai, Tien Giang. CAI be floating market meetings throughout the day and night, but is busiest at the dawn to light, range 5-9 am. Where should play when the Saigon tourist? Explore of CAI be floating market is a wonderful experience you can't miss when Saigon tourist. Attractive point of the CAI be floating market it's trading activities took place on the River, round-the-clock meetings, especially in large volume, diversity and special cheap unexpected. Goods in CAI be floating market diversity and abundance, from every household, so must every poultry, seafood ... until all the food, the drink prices are cheap because the purchase was the original price of the farmers who produce carried away to Exchange , wholesale.

V. Visit Ben Thanh market

One of the places to visit-in Saigon you can not ignore that is Ben Thanh market. The market is located in the city centre and is one of the symbols of Saigon. Not only are markets where trade in commodities, but also services as the historic witness to witness how the city's changes. In addition, the Ben Thanh market is also the face of Saigon, reflecting the development between Saigon and today. Address: 32-30, 36-34-32-30 Phan BOI Chau, Ho Chi Minh, Ben. Visit Ben Thanh market, you can find buying those goods or buy souvenirs, also you can learn the unique culture of the markets and take a souvenir photo. In addition, the location cannot be ignored when the Saigon tourism such as: Golden Dragon water puppet theatre, the light of the Stars, Bitexco Tower, Notre Dame, the independence ... Dear Katie! Hopefully, with advice on places to visit Saigon featured above, can help you answer the questions on the issue of "Saigon tourism should go anywhere nice?" and have fun, enjoyable trip.


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