What to do when know project bank mortgage?

77 information project in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM is suffering from the mortgage bank is causing psychological confusion with many customers. However, here there is something ominous and people should do when know this? In a seminar on the protection of the rights of new homebuyers, many businesses and managers are recognizing the fact, about 90% of the real estate projects today to mortgage loans for construction. Mr. Nguyen Anh Dao, General Director of VietHome investment company, put in question, if when announced that most of the project are the mortgage then have solved the problem or not?

What to do when know project bank mortgage?
"The root of the problem is what to do have strict legal corridor between the owner, the Bank and the customer. If the owner of the loan but still do well and have more capital accelerate, the more beneficial to the customer. If the disclosure of information not dexterity can lead to negative influences "-reviews. In the legal angle, lawyer Tran Pacific, LNT law firm Partner &, said that the disclosure of information in order to make transparent the market as well. However, if merely said the project would, of who, where, from the mortgage at any time ... like the past of the information agency, only more harm than good.

Mortgage project is the normal operation of the investor

"Under the provisions of the law, the owner is allowed to mortgage the project conceived in the future to loans. Through it, the Bank has assessed the feasibility of the project's lenders. Thus, the owner can accept the project or not, not worrying. The thing people need to know that they are buying apartment mortgage or not? Housing law and law on real estate business has rules, project owner before selling the home form in the future, must apply at the Department of building to the Agency confirm that meet the eligible capital mobilization. Before the sale of the apartment, the owner must also accept the award procedures that apartment at the Bank and have to have the bank guarantee. Therefore, the current law regulations very closely in this.

If the State agency wants to support the people of the need to create more convenient mechanism, so people can check and update the view in the project are the mortgage, the mortgage is based, would have accepted the award ... and not to provide general information. People who have bought or are about to buy a House should work with the owner, asking them to provide the text of the function body or text of the Bank, where the mortgage owner project, demonstrate their apartment being mortgaged. What about mortgage owner the rest, as a rule, is not the most significant factor concerned "-the average lawyer's analysis.

One other fact is happening is, the owner must mortgage project, to do the procedure guarantee for customers, according to the provisions of article 5, business law, real estate, but not loans. Mr. Le Hoang Chau, leads the company's case, the owner of the project The Art (District 9) is a classic example. To date, the project still execute with good progress although no loans, that is a good signal. But customers just hear passing the project are mortgages that do not grasp the specific information they may think otherwise.

"The home mortgage investment project are normal and should actively publicizing details, to avoid mortgage publication but it is not clear the mortgage portion. This is absolutely not a criteria of credibility that owner's capacity to see the reality of the projects they have been deployed. On the other hand, the project did not mean mortgage investors may not sell. The Bank also need the currency of cash flow, so if the bank allows the owner to sell and control the flow of money, investors still sold. Therefore, customers feel secure, when owner carry financing in accordance with the regulations "-Mr. Zhu said.

The majority of apartment projects are mortgages, prevent risks purchaser?

Not only the choice of the investor credibility, customers have to pay attention to the Bank's guarantee to each apartment has the mortgage and guarantee about the progress of the home delivery on time. This is the opinion of Mr. Phan Truong son-head developer of House and real estate market, construction Department HCM and he Zhang He Xiu-Development Director of Isay Corporation in talks "seeking solutions to improve the efficiency of the apartment management" organized by CafeLand.vn the morning 23/06/2016.

Harmona apartment dwellers enraged John banner protesting investors. Every year the real estate market in the country, especially in the big cities have absorbed a large amount of tens of thousands of apartments and houses, apartments are the choice of many people. However, the story of the project The Harmona (Binh District, HCM) been pledge that didn't accept or Seven condo Tower building permit, false Sage not yet collecting has been put into use was causing psychological affects home buyers, investors and real estate market.

The statistics project was Department of Ho Chi Minh city construction license "to sell the House on paper" in recent times shows a large apartment will form in the future has been the owner for mortgage bankers, even the reputable owner, the real estate developer's Vietnam as Nam Long , Sacomreal. ... also do not avoid mortgage projects. The fact is that, but if the owner announced his apartment project is being offered for sale when the bank mortgages, will certainly affect more or less to the decision of the buyer in so home buyers should do to avoid legal risks, disputes, grievances, or any inconvenience due to the enforcement authority with the owner as The Harmona or Seven Sage Tower, peace of mind "down the money" to buy the apartment?

According to Mr. Phan Truong son, first of all buyers need to consider legally by the project, the project must have a full construction licence and be allowed to mobilize capital from the client/eligible "sold the House on paper". Second, the buyer must clearly understand their product purchase feature, the content stated in the contract relating to the property, the responsibility of the owner. Third, the project has been a bank guarantee of progress and accomplishment has been mortgaged or not. In principle, if the owner has mortgaged the project they must accept to sell the apartment. At the same time, customers should note the Bank's guarantee for the project have mortgage and guarantee project progress, delivery of the House on time. When the investor does not make progress commitment the Bank will return the money to the buyer.

Besides, Mr. Nguyen Manh Run-Home Management Bureau Deputy Bureau, Ministry of construction, said that buyers should find out about the owner because it is long-term partner; law regulations research before engaging in transactions, e.g. regulations on mortgage, secured transactions. The buyer can write a petition to the management (Department of construction and Department of natural resources and the environment-PV) to be project-related information. The same opinion with Mr. Phan Thanh Sơn, Mr CHEUNG He Xiu-Development Director of Isay Corporation concur clients must learn the law, but it is difficult to understand, understand correctly the provisions of the law as well as does not easily find the lawyer/legal consulting organizations for free ... on the issues related to buying condominium.

So, according to an account of his experiences in the UK, the easiest way to avoid risk is that customers should only be interested in the project, the bank guarantees payment to each apartment includes guarantee the progress of the project. By once the project has been mortgaged to the Bank, the Bank is aware of the profile of the project owner should the buyer can rely on the aforementioned base to secure the purchase of the home. "Legally no one reviewing good legal by the Bank, since the Bank appraised very carefully".

By law once the project has been mortgaged to the Bank, customers only pay for investors through the open account in this bank. Finally regarding the contract to buy the apartment, Ms. Huynh Ngoc Diep-Savista company Project Director advised the buyer so interested in the terms of the contract. Buyer/seller should also ask the salesperson about the preview contract to reference content. The sale should should take the contract to customers read right when customers want to buy condo so they consult before signing the contract. Employees also need to clearly explain to customers the terms in the contract.

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