The project Nine South top class Estates with attractive rates

With 72 home garden city landmark is open to sell successfully in the early stages of release, Nine villas South estates has impressed with a strong real estate market. We had the interview Mr. Matthew Koziora-trading Director of VinaCapital real estate Investment Fund to partly answer about difficult sexual appeal of Nine South estates.

The project Nine South top class Estates with attractive rates
I. Sir Matthew Koziora, the attractive points of Nine South Estates help for the project have been impressive success on the market?

Luxury: the famous VinaLiving with the development of housing projects, luxury class in Vietnam and is known as the leading real estate development with the support of VinaCapital. This support is a way for us to achieve impressive sales figures for the first phase of the project Nine South Estates. We focus on developing a natural green space along rivers with many Add-ons in order to establish the quality of life of residents of the most advanced. Rates: Villa project in Nine South Estates owns a prime location on the Nguyen Huu tho but be priced significantly lower than urban Phu My hung and neighboring projects. Furthermore, the project also welcomes the start of high-speed online Ben Luc-Middle salary and future Metro lines connect with Hiep Phuoc urban coming form.

II. If the perspective of investors, with the modern design of the same competitive price of Nine South Estates, the project has gained the confidence of clients in diverse segments?

I am confident that the projects meet the rising needs of customers looking for real estate products are designed in a class at a reasonable price. The income of the people of Vietnam are still rise up and lead to the need to improve the quality of life of families is also enhanced. We have created products that attract home buyers at the same time to use and investors seeking high-quality projects. Experience with the development of villas and holiday resorts across the country, we will create a waterfront Villa area worth living for, easy to buy, easy to sell and easy to hire at Saigon South area.

III. The project featured Nine South Estates than the current project, you can tell specifically how?

Nine South estates dedicated a public waterfront park more than 13,000 m2 with more than 400 m walk next to the river shrimp, brings a fresh environment for residents and their families. The project also featured a series public works and recreational facilities include walks, fitness area, an international kindergarten, 2 recreational clubs and separate sports with 2 gym gym and 2 outdoor pools (the first utility district was placed in stage 1 of the project and currently under construction) outdoor party area, ...

IV. The reason VinaLiving select development project Nine South Estates in Saigon South?

1. Saigon South is leading development area of Ho Chi Minh City, with favorable geographical location and complete infrastructure.

2. the Nine South estates with a prime location just 9 km from the city centre and a few minutes to move to the traditional flowers with Saigon South international school, recreational facilities, a shopping arcade, health ...

3. Optimal use of infrastructure was expanding would serve for this area in the near future, including the Ben Luc high speed-High salary and Metro links connect the region to the German Player (via the central station in Ho Chi Minh City).

V. in addition to attract customers to the South, the VinaLiving have what strategy in reaching Northern client groups?

North customer always lies in the heart of the VinaLiving client groups so we will organize a private event for investors and customers on 29/10 at the Hotel Metropole Hanoi. Through 2 dealers strategies of the project Nine South estates in Hanoi is Real and Savills Thiem Hanoi, we are confident will be confident will attract more attention to those who want to invest in projects of international level villa with reasonable price.

VI. The commitment's towards the implementation and completion of the project?

Vinacapital have developed in Vietnam for years and never had the intention of slowing down. Vinacapital always provided financial support to the development and implementation of the agreement with the customer. Therefore, we are committed to the project in accordance with the time limit. Vinaliving also regularly updated to the customer through the forms of media such as newsletters, updated periodically on the progress of construction and public communication activities.

VII. The method of payment and incentive policies when purchasing projects for clients from VinaCapital?

We have to build the structure for the first sale included 100 million deposit, the next payment based upon the completion of the building project for the currency each stage in the stages of the respective projects and 50% sale price not more than before the handover. So far, this payment method accepted by customers. Thank you Mr!

Senior Villa area project Nine South estates with the number of Garden City and Villa 355 26 Riverside villas. Full scale projects up to 12.9 hectare but building density only 29.76%, the attractions of the project. To get detailed information about the prices of the same attractive incentives, customers may contact the hotline.

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