Thailand travel experience full self-sufficiency and details for

I just finished a tour of Thailand 7 days 6 nights with family, talking about the feel from the trip there himself felt very "worth the coin bowl of rice". Can say tourism in Thailand have prices fairly cheap compared to other countries in the region, however, if you are not aware of the experience required, will encounter the condition of "money". Also for that reason, I would share with you the experience tourism in Thailand and cheap through the article below. Thailand travel experience full self-sufficiency, details. Xem thêm : kinh nghiem du lich thai lan tu tuc

Thailand travel experience full self-sufficiency and details for

-Thailand travel experience. "Golden country", "tourist paradise", "shopping paradise", "country of friendly smile" ... is the nickname that was in favor to Thailand. With the system of monasteries and magnificence, the beautiful landscapes along the recreation area, the lively shopping, bargains, special festivals. Thailand is the destination-area customers in Southeast Asia.

-Currency exchange guide Thai Baht. According to the Thailand travel, if there's time you should always change money Baht in Vietnam. First off you need to estimate the amount you need and change. Rates 1 Bath (Bat) the equivalent of approximately 700 USD. Change money in Thailand? If in the Hanoi area you can change money in the Middle, the Golden brand HA or Bank. If you are in the Saigon area can exchange money at the gold shop in Le Thanh ton (District 1), Le Van Sy (District 3), banks.

I. Travel Thailand-the most beautiful time

Should Thailand travel in time? The climate in Thailand is divided into 4 distinct seasons, the dry season which lasts from January-March 2, hot season from >-> 5, rainy season from June-October and the cool season from November >-> 12. In it, the rainy season is about 90% of the longest. Background Thailand's average temperature is higher than in our country, ranging from 32 degrees Celsius, especially on December background temperature is capable of up to 35 degrees Celsius.

The period from November to February the following year, was seen as the appropriate time for tourism in Thailand. If travel Thailand self-sufficiency at this point you will be participating in many activities special Festival, especially if you go in April will be attending the Festival of Songkran water falls take place 13-15/4, the biggest festival to celebrate the new year. Thailand travel experience fun, if you like to explore the mountains can go into the time period from March-June 5, or-7 this season, the temperature on the mountain is quite mild and pleasant.

II. Immigration and customs

Thailand is the country that has signed the accord visa-free entry for citizens of Vietnam, the need to bring a passport, the Passport service and diplomatic passports on 30, when to Thailand do not need to apply for a visa in advance. According to the travel guides Thailand 2016, you should have the attitude to cooperate with immigration authorities. Because they have the right to refuse entry if you do not cooperate, even though you have enough paper. If carrying foreign currency outside Thailand attention not to carry more than the amount already declared in the customs declaration.

Exit at Thailand, when returned to you need to present the declaration together with the Passport. Customs officers will stamp the date on the confirmation on the Passport, the declarations and returned to you. For those types of antiques, Buddha images need to have a license. Each person is not allowed to carry cash on 50,000 baht out of Thailand.

III. Travel Thailand-transport

Thailand travel tour or self-sufficient you can travel by plane in Hanoi and Saigon. In addition, in Saigon you can go by car to travel from Saigon to Cambodia and then from Cambodia through Thailand, the travel stations will have the specific guidelines on the way for you. From Hanoi and Saigon, the you can fly directly to Bangkok by the airlines as: Vietnam airlines, Thai Airway, United Airlines or Air France, ... Flight time approximately 1h50 minutes from Hanoi and a half hours from Saigon. Cheap flights to go to Thailand you should monitor the ticket price at the website of the airlines often have the very attractive promotions.

Vehicles in Thailand are very diverse, you can choose from: Bangkok Skytrain (BTS), Bangkok Underground (MRT), tuk-tuk, Taxi, train, boat, bus, car, rent ... To have cheap Thailand trip, you should go by taxi is quite cheap and very good when on the move. From the airport to the hotel and back taxi, out of about 300-400 baht. Tuk tuks are popular vehicles in Thailand.

IV. Travel Thailand-Choice Hotels

According to the experience of booking cheap hotels in Thailand, based on the purpose of travel that you choose for yourself the appropriate hotel. To save on travel expenses you should hire the hotel near the tourist spots, but the price a bit higher but saves the cost of the move. If you want to experience the bustling city, visit the famous Golden Temple can choose the hotel in Bangkok. Or want to enjoy the fresh air of tranquility, you can rent a hotel in Chiang Mai, the vibrant coastal city of Pattaya, Phuket ... So the latest hotels would when Thailand travel? Below, are some of the options you may refer to:

-If you like to explore and can choose the hotels near Khao San Road, Grand Palace there are many types from the hostel to the mini, the hotel ... When hiring the hotels in this area will facilitate the move to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, stroll the Chao Phraya River, ...

-If you love shopping and go shopping can choose the hotels in Chatuchak, Pratunam, Siam.

-Love to eat, explore the cuisine can choose the hotels in China Town area, this area is also very convenient traffic system as tuk tuks, taxis or other means such as BTS, MRT, ARL, ...

-To relax, rest, can choose from a number of hotels in the area as Suvarnabhumi, Phranakorn, Chao Phraya River Coast Hotel, ...

V. travel Thailand-famous places

If you are disturbed not know should go where when Thailand travel? The same track some suggestions about popular tourist places in Thailand here:

-Featured markets: floating market in Thailand is the destination of many tourists, with the purchase the buyer's bustle, you guys along the friendly offer. In addition, you can take a boat to explore the small, peaceful village. The floating market in Thailand such as: market Damnoen Saduak, Khlong Lat Mayom, Amphawa, ...

-Chatuchak Weekend Market: Is the ideal place to shop for items on fashion, clothing, shoes, cheap. The market is open from 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

-Royal Thai palaces with unique architecture, magnificent as the Golden Temple, the Golden-headed, gold Tower is the destination hotel in Thailand.

-Admire the stunning beaches such as: Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Hun Hin and Krabi ... is your great vacation spots.

-Water Sea Life is the largest Southeast Asia water, with more than 30,000 marine in 40 different species.

-Bangkok-Thailand's capital is the most attractions in Asia. Not only is the bustling capital, with stunning scenery, Bangkok is also the vast temples, floating markets and natural components along the famous Damnoen Saduak.

-Phuket-the largest island in Thailand: With white-sand coastline stretches, jade water, the Gulf region in a quiet, green hills, coconut groves straight afternoon I make highlights travel Thailand, attracting a large number of tourists visit every year.

-Chiang Mai with gorgeous scenery, tranquility along green forest, surrounded by mountains that make up the scene.

-Pattaya City with beautiful natural scenery, Golden sunshine, white sand along the blue sea with exciting entertainment services. In addition, the visitors also participated in the show, the bar, club and enjoy seafood.

VI. Thailand travel-famous delicacies

Thai cuisine is characterized with sour and spicy, in addition there are also many European-style dishes and China. Unique dishes in Thai cuisine that is Street in Thailand and junk food in Thailand. The famous dish in Thailand you can refer to as: Pad Thai, papaya (Som Tum), Green Curry, Tom Yum Thai sticky rice, mango, coconut, coconut bread, fried bananas (Khanom krok). Some cheap, delicious dining in Thailand you can refer to:

-Soi Sukhumvit 38: was one of the café 's delicious food in Thailand, attracting numerous visitors. Here you will enjoy the delicious street food with low prices.

-China Town is famous and dining Center in Bangkok, it is the ideal dining that you can't ignore when Thailand travel.

-Street Soi Rambuttri: not only is the popular walking Street in Thailand but also extremely cheap, delicious dining area attractive.

-Ratchawat, Sriyan and Nang Loeng-traditional food markets in Bangkok, Thailand.

VII. Travel Thailand-buy gifts

Should buy presents when Thailand travel? The wind oil, massage oil cost about 2-5 $/5 vials, high core tiger Thailand, consumer goods, appliances, cosmetics and fashion items, souvenirs: the key, Eau de toilette, scented wax, Buddha, hair, pair. Some note when Thailand travel

-Should not dress too cool when the spirituality, worship.

-Do not wear shoes inside the places where Buddha images.

-If the females should not touch monks, if want to take anything for the professor to give a man.

-In public men and women should not be emotional expression.

-Absolutely not set foot on the table, no legs to touch the objects that are considered rude actions. Before stepping into the home of Thai people, you need to remove the shoes out.

Hopefully, with the share of the Thailand tourist experiences self-sufficient: move, where to stay, eat and visit in on, can give you the information you need to travel to Thailand and fun.

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