Postponed plans to measure the electromagnetic waves, noise from THAAD base

The South Korean Defense Ministry on Thursday (10/8) announced plans to back the measurement of electromagnetic wave and the noise from the base interceptor missile (THAAD) high medium in Seongju (North Gyeongsang province) by the violentopposition of the local population and adverse meteorological conditions. Initially, the Group conducted the work measurement of expected use of helicopters from a nearby military base to base THAAD in case people blocking the entrance. However,heavy fog had made progress on the base by helicopter THAAD becomes difficult. The Defense Department still has not decided to schedule the measure in the coming time.

Earlier, the civil organizations oppose deployment of THAAD has held a press conference and criticized the Government is intended to legalize the work of environmental impact assessment on small scale for the deployment of THAAD through the work of census field measurements. The organizations are asking the Government to immediately move the THAAD from this area. In a related developments, the South Korean Defense Ministry said a general officer in the U.S. Army stationed in South Korea will officially apologize for the behavior of the American soldiers to carelessness during the THAAD equipment deployment in April. On 26/4, when the US Army transported the equipment of THAAD into the base, some soldiers were laughing loud and videotape the process the people stand opposed, leaving most peopleindignant.

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