Gold position in Feng Shui of Nine villas South Estates

With 72 Garden City villas are successful trading right from the early stages of release, Villa project Nine South Estates have created big impression with the real estate market. The advantage of Nine villas South Estates not only thanks to the prestige and professionalism of the owner and project level, but also comes from the gold position of the project factors in Feng Shui and the position is located. Prime location, convenient to the city center. Villa Nine South and Ben Thanh market City Center 9 km ride. Villa proprietary Nine South, residents have access to both the internal area of the modern area and a series of foreign utilities zone of Phu My hung urban area, such as the heart center of the German hospital, FV, Phuoc Long, fair trade center Cresent Mall, ViVo City SC and famous universities such as RMIT University or ton Duc Thang. Within Nine villas South, the project also integrates all areas trade Add-ons available 24/24.

Gold position in Feng Shui of Nine villas South Estates
The façade open River. According to Feng Shui, waterfront Villas offers residents an open, prosperous life together with the spirit of cheery, optimistic. Understand that, Nine villas South is one of the villas have large river facade with an area of up to 400 m jogging trail, creating a unique waterfront. Besides, the park expanded to 13,000 m2 of Nine South Estates along the banks of the river extremely suitable for play, picnics. Adjacent to the rivers Bats, Nine villas South enjoying a full fresh air cool. Moreover, in senior Villa area, two pools system banks along the Lake to 2,000 m2 wide moderator will meet the entire needs to swim and enjoy the modern convenience of residents in Nine villas South Estates. Adjacent to the main line shaft position. The Nine villas project area South is located adjacent to 2 main roads and Pham Huu Nguyen Huu tho, just 9 km from the Centre of the city and Saigon bridge 17 km ride. With this favorable position, Villa Nine South became extremely privileged location project in Saigon South. Borders Phu My hung urban area, immediately, from the Villa, you can easily move to:

-Lotte Mart in 6 minutes.
-Cresent Mall in 6 minutes.
-American international school in 3 minutes.
-RMIT University in 4 minutes
-FV in 8 minutes.
-German hospital in 8 minutes.

With all the advantages of the status and caste, as well as Feng Shui Villa Nine South is in the Saigon South project is anticipated to create attractive attractions on the real estate market. The entire 381 with villa with 3 different design architecture from 3-5 bedroom classic style, classic, chic or modern, minimalist will help future owners get a varied selection, fit lifestyle. Only with attractive rates from 6 billion/self-catering cottages Nine South is truly a place extremely suitable to you and your family to start a new life: comfort class, modern, but still with the lush nature.

The project Nine South Estates where the level of proof and vision

The project Nine South where proof and vision. The project Nine South Estates-the villas garden and the River was developed by VinaLiving-real estate brand in the VinaCapital will bring you world-class living space with plenty of modern facilities of international standard. Located in Saigon South. Internal utility class area in the project Nine South Estates offers what all the future employer needs in an evolving sector such as Saigon South. However, it is not the only advantage that whole project Nine South Estates to bring to customers. Senior Villa area also integrates a range of valuable add-on advantage gold standard investor's right of reputation-VinaCapital. One of the outstanding strengths of the project Nine South main Estates is a prime location. Located adjacent to Nguyen Huu Tho Avenue, with neighboring upstairs and Pham Huu Phu My hung urban area, Nine South Estates currently occupy the gold position at Saigon South area.

The project Nine South Villa garden style. From Nine South Estates, residents just minutes to move to the places of education, health care, shopping and eating in the area of Phu My hung. Right from kindergarten, nursery areas Interior will take care of the first step of the "residents. When mature, the young people in the project Nine South Estastes is also extremely convenient to reach the best educational system as ton Duc Thang University, RMIT International University, Vietnam British BVIS, Saigon South International University, Canada, Korea, Japan, the ...

In addition, to meet the needs of shopping, entertainment, dining, SC Vivocity, Cresent Mall, Parkson Paragon, Lotte Mart with restaurant in Phu My hung will be an advantage for residents the project Nine South Estates. To care and periodic health checks, residents also take just less than eight minutes to go to the Hospital Center of Germany, the French-Vietnamese hospital. Near the city center. Next to enjoy peaceful living space, quiet at the Saigon South project Nine South Estates located just less than 9 km City Center. more specifically, under the plan on the economy of the future strategy, the South will become the investment promotion area in order to build to become one of the important economic areas of the city. So, owning a high-end Villa project Nine South primary is a wise investment choices to build the nest in a model urban, modern civilization.

The investor of the project Nine South prestige Estates

The transportation system project Nine South for the present and the future. The project Nine South Estates is located immediately adjacent to the main roads on Nguyen Huu tho-this is important traffic routes of the Saigon South. This convenient medium gold positions to move down to the South West The Hiep Phuoc port system-Home Friends, moderate ease into the city centre. Also, in the project Nine South Estates, traffic also totally convenient to move Southeast through the Avenue Nguyen Van Linh, HO CHI MINH highway. HCMC-Long Thanh-Dau.

With experience in the design and construction of the advanced real estate projects across the country with prizes in and outside the country, VinaCapital is full of prestigious names. This defines re-education and the value of the project Nine South Estates. The project Nine South Estates are expected to officially launch in the year 2016 with more than 70% of the content area and the utility model is complete. A blue plaque in the heart of the city, a golden location for connecting the regional center and the city's bustling, credibility comes from the investor class with strong financial resources, the project Nine South Estates full convergence of elements with modern life worthy of future residents. Sale price only from 6 billion/units (including taxes). For more information about Villa Nine South.

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