From the year 2018, the salary is defined as a base of social insurance premiums?

You read the question: From the year 2018, how to determine salary based on 1/1/2018 from complying with labour in the business will be like? The allowances would be calculated in the total cost of social insurance premiums? Social insurance district leverages the solution to reform administrative procedures. Photo: Duong Ngoc/VNA. In this regard, the social insurance of Vietnam said:

With respect to the object implementation of salary mode due to State regulation, from 1/1/2018, the salary base required is still complying salary scales, the rank of the rank (weighting) and Office allowances (weighting), beyond seniority allowance (%), craft seniority allowance (if any) (%) on the basis of the base wage rates due to State regulation each period.

But mandatory complying under the salary due to the use of labour decision: the base prescribed in clause 2 Article 89 BHXH Law in 2014; Item 2 article 17 of Decree 115/2015/ND-CP of the Government 11/11/2015 detailing a number of articles of the law on compulsory BHXH BHXH; Item 2 article 30 Circular No. 59/2015/TT-BLDTBXH on 29/12/2015 of the Ministry of labor, invalids and Social Affairs detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the law on compulsory BHXH BHXH; Article 3 Circular No. 23/2015/TT-BLDTBXH on 23/6/2015 of the Ministry of labor, invalids and Social Affairs guide done a number of things about the salary of the decree number 5/2015/ND-CP, from 1/1/2018, salary salary is complying, the salary and allowances of other supplements.

In particular, the salary base salary in complying, payroll due to businesses building. Salary allowance is the amount offset the factors about labor conditions, nature and complexity of work, conditions of living, the level of attraction of labour have not been up to or the computer is not adequate in salary according to the job or position of the wage scale, such as: payroll office allowances, title; responsibility allowance; stipend of heavy, toxic, dangerous; seniority allowance; area allowance; mobility allowances; allowance allowance and have similar properties.

The other is the amount of additional accounts in addition to the salary, allowances and salaries related to work or titles in the labor contract. Other additional items not included: bonus under the provisions of the labor code 103 tạiĐiều; mid-shift; the support account when the worker has been killed, the workers are married, relatives of employees, subsidies for workers experiencing difficult circumstances as labor accident, occupational disease and other subsidies, aid not related to work or titles in HĐLĐ.

According to the social insurance of Vietnam, work on actual wages complying is to ensure rights for workers, while enjoy the ailing regime, maternity, retirement. enjoy level will be higher. Wages, compulsory lowest complying with the minimum wage in the region; the most high by 20 times the base wage as stipulated by the Government. Wages, complying with the person doing the work or simple titles for in normal labor conditions are not lower than the minimum wage; the job or job title requires trained labor, vocational (including labour business vocational self) to at least 7% higher than the minimum wage; job or position has hard-labour conditions, toxic, dangerous to at least 5% higher; job or position has labor conditions particularly heavy, toxic, dangerous to at least 7% higher than the salary of the job or position of equivalent complexity, work in normal labor conditions.

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