Break the terrorist drug factory in Hung Yen due to 1 women

First District, Hung Yen province Tourism cooperation with the functional forces destroy a successful sale, unauthorized production of drugs by a female executive. According to the information on the people's police newspaper, the evening of October 8/8, the first District Tourism cooperation with drug crime CSDT Room, Van Giang district, Hung Yen province has successfully eradicate narcotics convictions. Function forces took emergency Vu Thi Kim Ngan (35 years old, in the village of Tam, Meaning Township head, Van Giang district) about purchase behavior, illegal narcotics production.

Break the drug factory. Object Vu Thi Kim Ngan. Examine your Budget emergency is where unauthorized production directly narcotics, functional force seized many products, raw materials, machinery and means of paperwork related to the sale and production of narcotics such as: synthetic drug tablets 1000, 6 plastic bags containing white suspected narcotic stone 34, package herb (marijuana, grass), nearly 20 kg of powder blue substance suspected to be drug manufacturing precursors, dozens of air slamming, grinding, mixing and moulding press Member drug products ...

The Exchange on the HO CHI MINH CITY police, Colonel Phan Xuan Hong, Secretary of the first district, Hung Yen province said, to destroy is this drug production base, the unit takes a lot of time and effort. From May 6/2017, police discovered Bank Home has many questionable expression of synthetic drug production should have set up specialized court fight. The husband object is drug addiction, the Bank itself also has relationships with many of the real ingredients of good in Hanoi, Haiphong and often go back to the table. To conceal drug production operations, for fitting various infrared cameras, concealed in the drains before the House. Banks spent a large room in the House to produce drugs.

The opening bank, the raw materials of the production of synthetic drugs are bought at the Bazaar Every projection, Hanoi, formula produce drugs then get picked up on the network. To timely demonstrations of the first District Tourism Committee, crime, cocaine, prostitution, HIV/AIDS and the whole movement of population to protect homeland security Hung Yen province; Public safety director Hung Yen province has rewarded for 40 million units. Be aware, this is the largest drug production base for ever Hung Yen province that the police did successfully eradicate.

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