Balance between luxury villas and villas reviews software

Instead of the district Center, currently, customers tend to move to neighboring areas such as Saigon South, District 2 ... to choose the affordable Villa which still meet good standards of living level,. However, the perfect combination between the "villas" and "soft" criteria are still is the difficult problem posed for not at least the owner? Photo gadget area perspective of the project Nine South Estates. A shift in psychology of customers.

Balance between luxury villas and villas reviews software
According to the report by the market research firm CBRE and Savills announced: 2/2015 Quarter marked a new record in the history of the estate with more than 10,000 apartments sold out, including new projects and have been offered for sale before. It is also you have the number of new apartment supply in the past 5 years. Not only that, if the rate of successful trading in the period 2012-2013 is mainly only from the budget segment in the year 2015, this rate has moved gradually to the high-end segment. Customers increasingly diverse and rigorous in the selection of senior real estate products.

Also according to the report this year, "location, location and location" will not be the first element of which is the "ability to pay" will directly impact to the customer's home buying decision. So, while the market still has great needs with superior Villa model then the consumer mentality has more rigorous selection markers on the side by the price of the same segment of the project. Mr. Matthew Koziora-Business Director of VinaCapital real estate investment Fund shares: "advanced products not only have to reach international standards in terms of design, facilities along the green space that should have prices really attractive customers. Create a solution consistent with the shift in psychology of customers not only contribute to create an ideal residential home but that's also the way the owner asserted developing potentials and strategies. "

Pioneer entertainment difficult problem of the market

Own resources strong, far-reaching strategic vision, many years experience in the field of real estate along the support of VinaCapital, the senior project of the VinaLiving brand has always been a pioneer position, responding optimally to the needs of the market. The project Nine South Estates impressed with "gold" green space along the river. Besides the project The Ocean Villas, The Dune Residences, Dai Phuoc Lotus, The Point with more than 1,300 villas and resort level across the country.

VinaCapital will debut senior villas project Nine South Estates in Saigon South in early September. Mr. Matthew Koziora adds: "Nine South Estates is the latest project by VinaCapital developed to meet the rising demand of Vietnam clients want to invest in products with international standards with extremely attractive price, only by about 50% compared with the area of Phu My hung. Can say , this is the place of convergence of the comfort and the full value of the life ".

Peaceful green space along the Yellow River location

Clearly define strategic clients in the young, successful family group, have the same active lifestyle demands seeking senior living space but still ensure privacy. Vinaliving has built Nine South Estates under senior residential models associated with objectionable interference modern land classic romance, situated on the land of an area of 12.9 ha with 355 26 villas and garden villas. The luxury villas of Nine South Estates not only international standard that also owns the price was very reasonable

Nine South Estates are proud to bring to life the peak style with many facilities and services such as 24/7 protection, gym, gardens, children's play area, swimming pool ... specifically, the owners of Nine South Estates will certainly feel the crisp, quiet peace in the space with more than 13,000 m2 of lush coastal Shrimp River Park dreaming of the same angle of view River stretches for 400 m. Nine South Estates open up opportunities with investors when it is located in a strategic position on the road, Nguyen Huu tho is just 9 km of the city centre and a few minutes to move to the traditional flowers with Saigon South international school, recreational facilities, a shopping arcade, health ... at the same time the high speed route Ben Luc-Central pay and online Metro in the future connect with Hiep Phuoc urban coming form. To get detailed information about the prices of the same attractive incentives, customers may contact the hotline or visit their webite.

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