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Horror writings "Annabelle: Creation" under the hand kneading dough by Director David f. Sandberg has many distinct progress in comparison with the previous section is "Annabelle" three years ago. The trailer for the film 'Annabelle 2: evil beings' money book by "Annabelle" recounts the birth of scary ghost doll in "The Conjuring". Categories: horror. Director: David f. Sandberg. Starring: Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson, Stephanie Sigman, Anthony LaPaglia, Mirando Otto. Ghost doll Annabelle appears for the first time on the big screen in The Conjuring (2013) and strong impression with the audience thanks to the excellent horror piece together witch Bathsheba.

Therefore, immediately after the successful work of Director James Wan, the New Line Cinema did the next part stories (spin-off) for Annabelle. However, the quality is not good, and the film makes audiences disappointed. Despite that, Annabelle is still one of those cinematic project currency interest rate "crisis", with global revenue up to 256.8 million compared to the budget account is only 6.5 million. From there, the production team is confident of resuming the second part: Annabelle: Creation. This is essentially the money series (prequel), recounts the birth of the most insidious evil doll.

Annabelle: Creation is part of the story is also part of the universe and Annabelle horror The Conjuring. Movies beginning with the happiness of the family dedicated doll Mullins. Samuel (Anthony LaPaglia) and Esther (Mirando Otto) very loving girl squirt girl Bee (Samara Lee). But a tragic traffic accident took life, prompting the two parents sink in despair. Light gone 12 years, Samuel and Esther welcoming greeting a group of orphaned girls in the same fiber Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) to. The little girl is in the age of big food became with the new place. But they soon realized it looks like a dark power that are hiding in the large House, which attempted to get the soul of the all.

Apparent progress than part one. No longer belongs to John r. Leonetti, Director, Chair of Annabelle: Creation date was delivered to David f. Sandberg-author of the horror film Lights Out (2016). And he did not expect the Palm side of the audience while continuing to promote horror elements with personal imprint. As if in Lights Out, the audience witnessed the monster Diana unleashed raging, in Annabelle: Creation, which is a powerful supernatural entities. Among many psychic horror, the evil power to appear and spread horrors with no purpose, clear object. But in the new work of Sandberg, it's premature to reveal his goal: the human soul.

This pushes the audience's interest from the stress of waiting his view will be punk out stars soon shifted to fear, when the protagonists group became the "prey" of demons. The array of horror pieces in Annabelle: Creation very good and progress over the episode three years ago. The demon behind Annabelle ever expose in the year 2014. But in Annabelle: Creation, it became even clearer with the formation of scary, causing associated Satan by nhẻm black skin, sharp teeth, and a pair of horns on the head.

What's more scary is the monster not only enter each Annabelle, but also many things, different people in the family's home in Mullins. Plus the ability to move flexibly, the audience can hardly guess getting out of it. "Support" for the devil is also the scenes focusing on hidden corners of each room, each long corridor sequence, viewers like yourself into feeling totally isolated of the characters in the film. The audio portion of Annabelle: Creation is also very worthy of praise, at, at silence, helping lead the viewer feelings effectively.

The interesting from two girls the main characters

With regard to the demon in the film are the immature girl, same fiber Charlotte little experience dealing with demons. They obviously weak physically, but again proved strong on faith. The most prominent group is the two girls Janice (Talitha Bateman) and Linda (Lulu Wilson). Double buddies shouldering responsibility lead story, with Janice's first half and Linda is the second half. Both are proven strength in acting though was very young age. The two girls Janice and Linda (left) doing very well the task to lead the story to the audience.

In particular, this is the next success of Lulu Wilson in line following horror film Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016). The courage of the character Linda in the face of the devil created the choking climax, but at the same time have a little something funny and charming by baby she still had those thoughts, act very close Gander of the children's age. 109-minute length, Annabelle: Creation of simple scripts part ownership. In fact, anyone who has watched the works in the universe The Conjuring will hardly feel the surprise before several causes fear and how to resolve conflicts at the end of the film.

One unfortunate point is the relationship between Janice and Linda appeared at the beginning of the film, but gradually fell into oblivion and not be used to resolve the conflict of the story. In addition, "the land" for the four remaining girls, or even cirrhosis of Charlotte, is not really reasonable. Overall, Annabelle: Creation is still some vulnerability in terms of the script. But the horror film in array is done very well and can help fill the weaknesses. The film obviously has a lot of progress compared to the set of Annabelle (2014), and can help the audience more eagerly waiting the next works in the universe The Conjuring.

Annabelle: Creation premiered nationwide from 11/8 under the title: Devil creatures, Annabelle.
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