9 Add-ons in the project Nine South Estates

VinaCapital project consists of 381 town Villa luxury villas and Gardens along rivers in the Saigon South area will provide more internal Add-ons community service area population. HCM have no less advanced projects, bring more attractive option for the client. However, to decide an immigration designation is ideal and perfect life enjoyment besides the balance between world-class design and attractive price, the project needs to have other factors to convince customers. The most prominent project Nine South Estates are 9 outstanding utility.

9 Add-ons in the project Nine South Estates
More than 13,000 m2 waterfront park for green space. In the countries of the world, the green space in the city has always been a focus with standard density of 20-30 m 2 of green on a person. However, in HO CHI MINH CITY and Hanoi, this rate is quite low, it makes the customer must concern when deciding to buy homes and invest. Therefore, the Nine South Estates has reserved a lush living space, airy with views towards the river stretches 400 m, more than 13,000 m2 waterfront park and more than 6,000 m2 Green Park District Cabinet.

Photo perspective Riverside Park area. 400 m jogging along rivers. The project not only possesses the unique open design, but also harmonization with open space more than 13,000 square meters of river frontage is covered with green. You and the whole family will feel comfortable when walking or running together on the road to fitness River stretches for 400 m. Two pools to overflow the banks. So that customers can enjoy maximum relaxation moments and relax after a busy day of work, the project brings a 2-wide banks to 360m2 in the same area. What's more comfortable feeling soak in cool water to remove melted away the tired, fun party delight children and delimiting the busy life.

2,000 m2 outdoor regulators created the landscape natural delivery. Next to the waterfront park with 1.3 ha, the Lake 2,000 m2 moderator cool tent layout and array of Green Lake landscape, good Feng Shui for whole communities of the project. Two set of gym. With young, dynamic people, keep the spirit and the body is always in a State of full of energy is very important. Thus, this project has integrated to 2 internal area with full gym exercise equipment. This is the ideal place to help you and your family can work out every day for a balanced, energetic stature without having to go far.

Two BBQ areas for partying with friends and family. In addition to 2 's gym and fitness exercises, the BBQ area 2 also brings the practical utility. This is where the residents can be proactive in arranging plans to have fun with the family on weekends and holidays, occasions a party outdoors with friends right in the clubhouse neighborhood Cabinet or next to the romantic waterfront. A playground for children. To provide a healthy playground, airy for the children, the project will create children's games area community area within the Green Park area of 6,000 m2 cabinet with the games rewarding, interesting. This is not only the space for comfortable play, which is also home to the family rapprochement.

5,200 m2 international preschool school district. Besides the amenities are modern, self contained, the Nine South estates also available nursery school system 5,200 m2 area Cabinet reached international standards, facilitate comprehensive development physically and intellectually for the little angel. 24/24 Security. Security guaranteed top area is the prerequisite in a residential community. A total of 9 points 24/24 protection in 9 positions are reasonable layout, science and closely monitoring camera system. Residents living in the Nine South estates or visit will absolutely be guaranteed privacy and absolute safety.

Senior Villa area project Nine South Estates include the Garden City villas and 355 26 Riverside villas. Full scale projects up to 12.9 hectare but building density only 29.76%, the attractions of the project. Nine South estates is just 9 km from Ben Thanh market, within a 4 km radius has full amenities such as: financial center Phu My hung, Vivo City, RMIT International University, international school of English, American, Candana ... House model and the utility has completed more than 70% ready to launch formally in the quarter of 2016 with 4 sample homes, landscapes, children's play area, swimming pool, area community ... Does the project owner preparing to open up some position of phase 1 (1 c 1 d &) for customer care possible. To get detailed information about the price and other incentives, customers may contact the hotline.

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