10 silly errors that driver's insurance does not indemnify

According to the latest research by uSwitch, the British Insurance Association 2/3 of the driver in you have to give up her purse to pay some "silly", not in terms of the insurance contract table. uSwitch said, an insurance company can refuse to pay the cost of the crash, when they discovered the error immensely "absurd" and not in the rules insurance contracts. In every country, every insurance company, service packs have different rules. So, when taking any insurance package, drivers need to be cautious to read clearly the content, should ask the staff to answer your questions right the time decided to purchase it. Bring sandals, high heels are the common errors are not insurance when the incident occurred. Here are 10 common errors, silly that most motorists in the UK in particular and some drivers in other countries generally:

10 silly errors that driver's insurance does not indemnify
1. Wear shoes with high heels or sandals (flip-flops) when driving (25%)

2. Leave the car without locking the car, resulting in the theft (24%)

3. no maintenance on time (21%)

4. Forgot to renew a driver's (16%)

5. pet To roam freely, on the car (15%)

6. Car loan of your friends or family (14%)

7. no declaration changing careers (9%)

8. Attach more strange animals, decorative stone ... in car mirror (9%)

9. Forget to extend the new tax (9%)

10. the low estimate number of miles (kilometers) away every day (8%)

Meet 10 this "dumb" errors, the Member must leave his purse to pay out in the event of encountering accidents. According to a study by ABI, every year in the UK there are about 43,000 required being the insurance company refused to pay. The total amount spent in the British driver's self when the accident up to 114 million pounds per year.

The system of motor vehicle insurance data has not yet fully applied

Many insurers have yet to comply with the updated regulations, as well as the use of motor vehicle insurance data. (ĐTCK) According to the statistics of motor vehicle insurance Fund, Department of the Vietnam Insurance Association (IAV), as of last March, 7/2017 15/26 new casualty insurer comply with the updated data onto the database system of insurance of motor vehicles of the IAV. Specifically, 15 the insurer has updated the data in the first 6 months of the year 2017, the additional data at the same time of year 2016 include: Security, Bao Long, VASS, AAA, BIC, Bank Protection, Phu My hung, Hung Vuong, VNI, UIC, Tokiomarine Vietnam, Fubon, MSIG, Cathay and Liberty.

11 the insurer has not done the update is: Vietnam, PVI, PTI, GIC, Pjico, ABIC, MIC, BSH, AIG, Xuan Thanh and QBE. Motor vehicle insurance fund, said the Fund, monthly progress reports on the situation to use the system and update the data onto the system of insurance businesses posted as Chief Executive, as well as the supervision and administration of insurance (Ministry of Finance). Along with it's updated list of car brands, the new car (due to the insurers provided) into the system.

According to reviews of the Fund, the General practical use and operation of the database of the insurance business is still not in full compliance with the provisions of the regulation, as well as decentralization of management rules, using the database, leads to the goal, the meaning of the system yet to maximize the effect. Before this fact, the Board of the Foundation for that, it should have the test, reviews more closely by regulators is IAV, as well as the monitoring and administration of insurance to overcome difficulties and obstacles, help the insurer comply with good regulation database system to operate effectively.

The Board of the proposed Fund, since the third quarter/2017, IAV need publicly the insurer has not yet updated, or update incomplete information system database, help the agency manage to test base, reminders. Recorded from the casualty insurance business has made the updated full data, many also said that the perspective should strictly adhere to the plan update information system database of motor vehicle insurance, edit data in accordance to not encounter errors during the update process , increase the use of data mining, promote the efficiency of the system.

The IAV, in addition to monthly notices, the Association governing bodies recommendations allow updating the data into several phases, the first of which is to reduce the input criteria, just the basic required information in order to reduce the size of the file data, help more advantages in the data , as well as consistent with previous data of the insurance business. Along with that, the IAV also planned to connect the motor vehicles database with the database of the police, the check post. Specifically, the front will work with the traffic Police Bureau to share data related to the accident. IAV said, the program connects to the database with the traffic Police Bureau is expected to deploy in the coming September, costing about 1 billion/year.

"As of this moment, the traffic Police Bureau has finished construction projects to share information about the traffic accident in which a motor vehicle insurance Fund needs. Accordingly, will ensure the Fund provides information on vehicle number plates, vehicle registration certificate, and the name of the driver, on breach/accident/violation where the accident occurred, the police handled the last level (units released the minutes settle traffic accidents) the deadline for registration, and the cause of the accident... ", representative of the IAV for or.

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