"Sex Thailand Pattaya sex" will not be famous anymore?

Why is Thailand sex sex capital no longer famous? When Thailand's "VUI VU" program launched in mid-July this year. So the main purpose that the Thai government, aiming at, is to make the city of Pattaya famous for sex tourism, becoming a clean city in the tourist paradise of Southeast Asia in A few more years. This is also true when a lot of foreign visitors turn their Pattaya beach resort into a new name, "City of Sin" or another name, "Kinh Do World of Sex" Became the most famous in Southeast Asia. This irony, a bad image for Thailand in the future. So, the authorities in Thailand are trying to change the face of Pattaya city as soon as possible before this bad brand affects an entire ecosystem in Pattaya.

However, the change from the moment, has created many difficulties for the Thai government, where to turn the text into reality, turning a place into a clean one in a short time, the more difficult more than ever. By the city of Pattaya has brought a lot of net profit for this country, and it is the foreign tourists who want to find a safe place in sex, also mention the two words "Come to the city. Pattaya, "then you will think about the change of this new face.

According to Pacific Center or delegation to Thailand for 5 days and 4 nights, see the sex tourism industry in Thailand, can not really thrive with other tourism in the kingdom of Thailand. And the number of prostitutes managed, perhaps up to 120,000, according to the UNAIDS report, does not matter if you are evaluating all girls who want to make money sexually. This Thailand, is completely wrong and most awkward compared to what we witnessed.

It's not your own, but everyone is desperate for Thailand to have no bad image about illegal sex, and the crowds in Pattaya will become clean. , In front of the eyes of foreign tourists today. But if this is the case, the sex tourism industry in Thailand will start to face even more hardships, as Walking Street in the ghost town of Pattaya is the focus of the tourism industry. This calendar.

Everyday, honest girls make a living with a small amount of money every day, equivalent to 305 baht, to earn a few times the money, forced prostitutes to play, And make every invitation attractive to foreign visitors to their area. The bargain from the travel industry, has created an unprecedented precedent when it comes to the city of Pattaya today, if you want sex, want to enjoy come to the city of Pattaya in Thailand, the failure That distortion, which brought quite a scandal to the city of Pattaya today. kinh do tinh duc

City sex pattaya. Pacific Center believes that with the HAPPY ZONE campaign (Thai name can be called "Fun Zone" or "Fun Zone") by the Thai government at the moment, is really necessary for Pattaya city. In the future to come. Illegal prostitution and illicit sex trafficking in Thailand will be pushed back quickly, with government support from the Thai authorities. And if every foreigner sees their actions wrong, then the tourist destination in Pattaya City will develop in a different direction, and bring about much higher economic value than sexual harassment. this lesson.

Walking Walking Street in recent months, you will see sales of bars and discotheques in Pattaya are severely reduced, thanks to the right direction of the Thai government in the war. This HAPPY ZONE in 2017. However, the number of foreign tourists to this city of Pattaya is constantly growing, and according to the definition of 6 male tourists to entertainment, there are also about 4 female tourists want to explore sex in How is thailand Not yet?

If the recent crackdowns are more aggressive, many bars are torn down, prostitutes in Pattaya are fined, and the risk to foreigners arriving is higher. But it is this strong determination that Pacific Heart www.baogiatour.com is confident that future Happy Zone campaign will succeed and this will be replicated on all fronts in other cities. In the kingdom of thailand later.

A safe environment for all foreign visitors will be established, and safe sex will be better deployed and further strengthened. And in the future, people will take another break and say about Pattaya City later. And Pacific Center believes that, the future of visitors to visit and entertainment in Pattaya, no longer associated with the case of prostitution, or call girls, or pornographic unconscious Again, which will be a civilized and clean city, in the eyes of foreign visitors, as well as Vietnamese tourists near and far.

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