Do Thai travelers need a visa for Vietnamese?

For Vietnamese travelers, there is no need to apply for a visa while traveling in Thailand for the time being. But you have to be sure, is a Vietnamese nationality, and passport must do in Vietnam nhé. As for the Overseas Vietnamese must review it, I'm not sure what the law changes or not? So you need to check the information again, to give specific information before booking Thailand tour 5 days 4 nights today!

Many Vietnamese tourists, when doing passport to foreign countries, still asked Pacific Center is required to apply for a visa to Thailand or not? In essence, you are in the list of 30 countries that are visa-free entry into Thailand, and Vietnam is already on that list, so for Vietnamese nationals, you are refundable. Peace of mind. As for other countries, it is possible to pay a Thai visa fee ranging from US $ 45 to US $ 65, depending on the time of updating information at the Thai customs office.

However, there will be Vietnamese visitors who have made Foreign Passports, which is a foreign party, and still have Vietnamese citizenship, this form will be different. However, on their side, we rarely see Vietnamese tourists like this, and book a 5 day / 4 night tour of Thailand. Since they already have diplomatic passports, they will usually work and work overseas. Pacific Center also did not meet the status, visitors to register as Foreign Affairs Passport [DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT]

It is also interesting to note that when families with babies, usually under the age of four, are less likely to notice a separate passport for a baby. So, the father or mother usually give the baby his or her name, for travel purposes. This is very handy, and extremely convenient for babies as a child. But later, when the age of 11, Pacific Center advised to re-do the passport of the father or mother separately, and baby again.

Since 11 years old, most of the registration for Thailand 5 days 4 nights tour, is calculated as the tour price as adults already. Then there is no reason for the baby to share with his parents for trouble when entering the customs airport Thailand. For quick and convenient, you only need to separate two passports is most convenient. If your child is under the age of 11, a passport with three or three mothers is fine, okay? Do Thai travelers need a visa for Vietnamese?

This time, is the golden time to travel to Thailand for 5 days 4 nights. Therefore, you do not hesitate to contact Tam Pacific Pacific to register for a tour at this time. If you need to tour Thailand, also contact him always, to send the program to you, with Zalo, Viber, or Facebook Messenger easily. The speed and convenience, always placed on top for all customers, when registering for tour with Pacific Tam at this time. xin visa danh cho nguoi viet nam

In the past, the entry into the kingdom of Thailand looked very easy, but since the Thai king's death, the entry into Thailand is being tightened to the countries of the world, not only Vietnam we. However, according to the reality, for Vietnamese when traveling to Thailand, there is no need to apply for entry visa to Thailand. However, for the check in at the airport of Thailand, depending on your attitude when doing customs procedures in Thailand as well?

There are still Vietnamese tourists who are denied entry. This is still happening, but it is not the fault of tour operators, which is usually the fault of today's customers, but most likely for those of you traveling alone. The kingdom of Thailand, usually refused entry, because it does not prove the purpose of going to Thailand? And if you want to travel self-sufficiency in Thailand, or go through that settlement must still prove when the customs of Thailand ask you.

According to Tam Pacific's experience, you need to prove the following documents, in order to complete the procedures for entry into the country of Thailand today. In addition to the papers, BAHT money is a must have, and a little money in US dollars, ok ok then you, and below will be some basic papers for you:

- Return air ticket or road ticket at Cua Khau.
- Hotel booking confirmation.
- Thailand tour program of your company in Vietnam, or your self-funded program.
- Copy of ID, Passport, Visa
- Map of Thailand about Bangkok, capital city of Pattaya, ...
- Immigration declaration of Thailand.

That is the experience of his own Pacific Center, and if you go to Thailand often, then surely you also have their own set, the travel experience Thailand is empty right? So, do not worry when you first go to Thailand, as well as do not worry when you go alone to Thailand with family and relatives. Pacific Center also flies through Vietnam from Thailand.

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