One Last Thank You to Mountain Khakis

I know I've mentioned Mountain Khakis a number of times over the past few weeks, but as November draws to a close, I want to do it one more time. The company, which is based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, was generous enough to sponsor The Adventure Blog for the month and I am grateful for them doing so. It doesn't hurt that I also really like their products, and can unequivocally endorse their gear as well.

Considering we're coming off the Thanksgiving weekend here in the states, I'd also like to thank all of the readers who make The Adventure Blog a part of their daily or weekly routine. I appreciate you stopping by my little corner of the Internet as well, as you not only help to keep me going week in and week out, but you inspire me with your own adventures as well.

Tomorrow, things will return to normal around here, and the blog will have its familiar look once again. But there are may be some other changes afoot in the days ahead as well, so stay tuned for possible news on that front.

Thanks again to Mountain Khakis. I've been proud to fly their banner here over the past few weeks.

Video: Racing Extinction - In Search of the Blue Whale

This short film serves as a prelude to Racing Extinction, a new show that is set to premiere on the Discovery Channel on December 2. It follows a group of filmmakers as they set out to capture the first footage ever of a massive blue whale swimming alongside a human being. Before they ever left on their quest, they were told over and over again that they wouldn't be able to achieve their goal, and while it wasn't easy, they did manage to find those elusive animals, and record some of the most amazing footage you'll ever see. The short documentary is about 16 minutes in length, but well worth a watch, as it is not only very well done from a creative standpoint, it also shares insights on how we can help save species that are now nearing extinction.

Video: Kilian Jornet's Summits of My Life - Langtang Trailer

This past spring, mountain runner Kilian Jornet traveled to the Himalaya, where he had hoped to attempt a new speed record on Everest. But, as we all know, those efforts were cut short when a massive earthquake hit Nepal, devastating the countryside and leaving parts of that nation completely in ruins. In this video, we get a sneak preview of Kilian's latest film – entitled Langtang – which takes along with him as he explores the Langtang Valley following this natural disaster. The footage we see, even in this brief clip, is incredibly sobering, and a reminder of how powerful this earthquake was, and why Nepal continues to struggle with rebuilding. The full Langtang film will be available on December 12, and promises to be quite a powerful experience.

Langtang Trailer - Summits of My Life from Summits of My Life on Vimeo.

Scans Suggest Hidden Chambers and Passages in King Tut's Tomb

Back in August, I posted a story about an archaeologist who had proposed a theory that there may be hidden chambers inside King Tut's tomb, and that those chambers could in fact lead to the final resting spot of Nefertiti, one of Egypt's most well known female historical figures, whose burial site has never been found. Now, just a few short months later, researchers are saying that they believe that these secret passages may indeed exist, and could contain treasures that go well beyond those found in the boy-king's burial chamber.

Last week, archaeologists took ground penetrating radar into the tomb of Tutankhamen in attempt to peer beyond the existing walls in search of hidden passages behind two panels that may be secret doors. On Saturday, they announced their findings, which look very promising. So promising in fact, that Egyptian antiquities minister Mamdouh Eldamaty now says that there is about a 90% chance that another chamber sits hidden behind the north wall of Tut's tomb, and that there is evidence of another hidden doorway along the west wall as well.

The results of the radar scans lend credence to the theory that was put forth in July by British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves. He spotted the potential hidden chambers while reviewing the physical layout of the tomb, and extrapolated that the area beyond could be the resting place of Nefertiti, who was the Tut's mother in law. Since than, others have physically examined the tomb as well, and found evidence to support Reeves' theory. The radar scans were simply the next step in looking for further clues, and were necessary before any kind of excavation could potentially begin.

Reeves, who has been studying Tut's tomb for more than 30 years, says that he first got the idea that more hidden chambers could exist when he looked at laser scans that were made of the burial chamber back in 2009. They showed structural differences that weren't readily apparent thanks to the paint and other decorations that are a part of the walls. He also says that he believes most of the artifacts found in Tut's tomb were actually originally made for someone else. Most likely a woman.

He has further postulated that Nefertiti didn't just pass out of history when her husband – a powerful pharaoh named Akhenaten – died, but instead ascended to the throne herself. Reeves says he thinks she changed her name to Smenkhkare, and much like Hatshepsut, the female-pharaoh that proceeded her, ruled the country for a time.

Whether or not the hidden chambers do exist, and what treasures they might hold, is likely to remain a mystery for a bit longer. It'll take some time before a team of archaeologists can carefully remove the sections of the wall that cover the secret passages, as they'll go to great lengths to not damage the existing site. That will be painstaking work for sure, but once completed it could reveal a piece of hidden history that will be fascinating to behold.

For now, we'll just have to wait patiently for more news. If there are hidden chambers behind the walls of Tut's tomb, they have been locked away for more than 3400 years. They can wait just a bit longer to be revealed to the world.

Himalaya Fall 2015: South Korean Team Prepares for Summit Bid on Lhotse

While those of us living in the U.S. celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, the South Korean team on Lhotse was busy pressing forward with their efforts to climb that mountain. While there hasn't been a lot of news to report in recent days, the team has continued to make progress and they are now set to make one final push to the top later this week.

According to ExWeb, the Koreans managed to establish a new high camp at 8200 meters (26,902 ft) that will serve as the launching pad for this final summit push of the season. They built that camp amidst high winds over the past week following a failed summit bid earlier in November. The location of their new Camp 4 will provide more shelter and a better spot to rest before their summit push, making it somewhat easier to go for the top, weather permitting of course.

After establishing C4 last week, the squad descended back to Base Camp where they rested for a few days prior to setting out once again. According to reports, they left BC on Saturday and are now making their way back up the mountain. The plan is to be in position by Wednesday, and make an attempt on the summit on Thursday, December 3.

Of course, the weather will ultimately dictate their chances, and while things look promising for later in the week, high winds have been the norm at higher altitudes on Lhotse in recent days. Still, if Korean team can catch a break, they may yet stand on the summit this fall. And if they do succeed, it will be due to their determination and persistence. They've been on the mountain for weeks now, and have remained focused on their goal despite the fact that many other teams climbing in the Himalaya this fall have gone home without achieving much success.

Other than Lhotse, the rest of the Himalaya has gone most silent this fall. There are still a couple of teams out in the mountains attempting to climb some big peaks, but with winter now closing in quickly, most of the climbers are now looking ahead to the spring of 2016, with a few very hearty souls planning big winter climbs as well. I'll continue to keep any eye on the Koreans' progress on Lhotse, as it now looks like it'll be the last major expedition of the season, and will likely close down the climbing scene in Nepal before what promises to be a very interesting spring.

Stay tuned for more later in the week.

#OptOutside for Black Friday

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., and most of us are gearing up to have a few days off to spend some time with friends and family. Of course, Thanksgiving brings another annual tradition along with it – Black Friday. That's the day that holiday shopping kicks into high gear, most major stores offer significant discounts, and shoppers head to the malls in droves in an attempt to get an early start on their holiday shopping. In short, it is madness, and most sane people try to stay as far away from the experience as possible.

This year, outdoor gear retailer REI has done something that to many was unthinkable. The company has decided to close its doors on Black Friday, and actually give its employees a paid day off to go outside instead. Using the hashtag #OptOutside, the company has encouraged its customer base to do the same. As of now, nearly 1 million people have pledged to follow suit.

REI isn't the only organization that has pushed to turn Black Friday into a day to enjoy the outdoors either. Gear company Outdoor Research has jumped on the bandwagon as well, as have some state and national parks as well. In Tennessee, all state parks will be free for visitors,  and Oregon is doing the same. In the state of Washington, Olympic and Mt. Rainier National Parks will be fee-free as well, and if you look hard enough you'll probably find similar offerings where ever you are too.

The point is to avoid the massive shopping frenzy and head out to enjoy the great outdoors, which is a great message to send. The holiday shopping will be there in the days ahead, but we don't always get a day off to enjoy being outside. So, if you're like me, and would much rather be on a trail than standing in line at the store, take advantage of this new unofficial holiday, and #OptOutside yourself. Chances are it'll be a far more rewarding experience.

Video: The Harmony of Fall

Autumn is a transitory season, fast moving and fleeting. It marks the time between summer and winter, warmth and cold. But for many of us, it is one of the best times of the year, as mountainsides are ablaze with all the colors of nature's palette, and the crisp air is refreshing and welcome.

Shot in Croatia and Slovenia, this beautiful video gives us a glimpse of the fall in eastern Europe. It is three minutes of amazing shots that celebrate the season, but also remind us that it will soon be gone. Enjoy it while you can.

The Harmony of Fall from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

Video: Wild Scotland

Think Scotland doesn't have epic wild spaces? This video will convince you otherwise. Shot with a drone in some of the country's most remote locations, it captures the landscapes of Scotland in beautiful fashion. The Highlands in particular look very enticing, inviting us to come explore their expanse. Sit back and enjoy, this short clip is only a little more than three minutes in length, but it is well worth the watch.

Wild Scotland from John Duncan on Vimeo.

The Adventure Blog 2015 Holiday Shopper's Guide (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted the first part of my 2015 Holiday Shopper's Guide with ten suggestions of gifts aimed at the adventure traveler and outdoor enthusiast in your life. Today I have even more gear ideas that the explorer or adventurer in your life will sure love.

Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL2 mtnGLO Tent ($350)
With its integrated LED lights, the Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL2 mtnGLO tent isn't just a great camping shelter, it is a fun place to sleep in the backcountry. This two-person, three-season model is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to assemble. It comes equipped with a rainfly, two doors and two vestibules, integrated media pockets, and more. And at the end of the day, those built-in LED's give create an ambient light that makes this tent even more cozy and comfortable inside.

Osprey Atmos AG 50 Backpack ($230)
Rated amongst the best backpacks currently on the market, the Atmos AG 50 from Osprey is comfortable to wear, offers plenty of capacity, and is durable enough to withstand all the punishment you can throw at it. On top of that, it comes equipped with Osprey's amazing anti-gravity suspension, which makes wearing this pack a joy, even when it is fully loaded. Great for camping, backpacking, or adventure travel, this is a backpack you can take with you just about anywhere, and know that it is going to serve you well.

Base Camp Power Solutions from EnerPlex ($350 - $1400)
For those who need plenty of power while on the go, EnerPlex has the solution. They offer a pair of lightweight generators that can be recharged by solar panel, and are a source of electricity even in remote locations. The Generatr 100 is small enough to be slipped into a backpack and carried anywhere, providing a charge for your smartphone, tablet, camera equipment, or even laptop. The larger Generatr 1200 is built for use in base camp, and is even capable of powering a television set or a small refrigerator. Best of all, this model is less than half the weight of competing products, which makes it far easier to use on extended expeditions.

GoPro Hero 4 Session ($300)
Acton cameras continue to be all the rage as more budding filmmakers capture their outdoor exploits. GoPro remains the leader of the pack, even though other camera manufacturers are closing ground. The new Hero 4 Session is a great choice because it is the smallest, lightest, and simplest camera that GoPro has ever produced. It shoots professional quality video, is compatible with the majority of GoPro accessories already on the market, and it is durable and waterproof out of the box. If you have a future action film director on your shopping list, they'll be thrilled to unwrap this camera.

Berghaus VaporLight Hydroloft Reversible Hoody ($220)
When it comes to innovative design, it is tough to top the VaporLight Hydroloft Reversible Hoody from Berghaus. This jacket takes the "reversible" angle to the next level, and not just for cosmetic value. With one side of the jacket facing out, it is a windproof layer that can keep the wearer warm while out on the trail. Turn it inside out, and the hoody becomes more breathable to help vent out excess heat. As if that wasn't enough, the jacket weighs less than 8 ounces, making it the perfect companion for trail running, winter hiking, climbing, and even mountain biking.

SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Messenger ($149, Free for a Limited Time)
The SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Messenger has been around for awhile, but it is still a great way for adventurers to stay safe while in the backcountry or traveling in a remote parts of the world. The device allows friends and family to track their whereabouts at any time, and it can send pre-canned messages to let everyone back know that they are okay. And if an emergency situation should arise, the SPOT messenger lets the user to call for help, even if they are way off the grid. And for a limited time, you can get the SPOT hardware absolutely free with the purchase of a qualifying service plan.

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight & Watertight .9 ($36)
Want to show your favorite outdoor enthusiast that you really care? Than buy them the excellent Ultralight & Watertight .9 first aid kit from Adventure Medical Kits. This compact and lightweight pack contains everything you need to take with you on a backpacking trip or while traveling abroad to treat common injuries and ailments. Inside the waterproof bag you'll find everything from band-aids and syringes, to medicines to kill the pain and silence an upset stomach. There are wraps and bandages, as well as moleskin for blisters, plus a few tools that could come in handy too. This is the kind of gift that really shows its true value over time.

Cannondale Habit Carbon 3 Mountain Bike ($3730)
Really want to spoil the mountain biker on your holiday list? Why not buy them a new bike? The Cannondale Habit Carbon 3 is an all-mountain ride designed for nimble performance on the trail, fast climbs, and even faster descents. This is a bike that begs to be ridden in all kinds of terrain, and with its dialed trail geometry, lightweight frame, and high performance components, it is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp ($30)
A good headlamp is always a handy device to have with you while traveling or even at home, and the Princeton Tec Sync is one of the best available right now, especially at such a great price. Tipping the scales at a mere 3 ounces, it is comfortable to wear and easy to operate. It can crank out up to 90 lumens of light, and offer a burn time of over 200 hours on its 3AAA batteries. On top of that, it features both a spot and flood beam, as well as red light LED. The wearer can dial in exactly the brightness and settings they need with the twist of dial, making this one of the most convenient headlamps to have on you in the backcountry.

Phiaton BT 330 NC Bluetooth Headphones ($179)
Anyone who travels regularly can tell you the value of having a good pair of headphones. They come in handy on long flights and they are great way to stay entertained while on the road. The new BT 330 NC headphones from Phiaton have two great qualities that frequent fliers will definitely love. First, they use Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music from a smartphone or tablet, and they come equipped with noise canceling technology to keep out background noise too. Music and podcasts sound crisp, clear, and vibrant, and these headphones are comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.

South African Mother-Son Team To Pedal Across the Atlantic

Yesterday I posted a story about a Frenchman who is preparing to cross the Atlantic on SUP board. Today we have word of another Atlantic crossing, this time under pedal power.

South African Davey Du Plessis and his mom Robyn Wolff plan to set out in the next few days, depending on the weather conditions. They'll leave from Cape Town with the intention of pedaling their custom made boat all the way to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Their journey will cover an estimated 6450 km (4007 miles), and is expected to take anywhere from 90-150 days to complete.

The mother-son crew are obviously in for a big adventure out on the high seas, but they are undertaking this epic journey to help raise awareness of how man is causing the mass extinction of life across the globe. Through our own actions, we are having a deep, and lasting, impact on the planet that is resulting in a sever loss of life that will be irreversible. Davey and Robyn hope to bring this cause to the forefront of world issues through their efforts. You can find out more about his issue at

If Davey's name sounds familiar, its because he made world-wide headlines back in 2012 when he attempted to travel the length of the Amazon River, but was attacked by gunmen, shot, and left for dead. His story was a brutal reminder that not all of the challenges that we face while traveling through remote areas are due to Mother Nature. Other humans can still be a major threat too.

Davey and his mother intend to set out before the end of November, so they are starting to run low on days. But they are prepared to be begin when the weather allows them to, and they know that the ocean may not be all that accommodating to their schedule. They'll make their Atlantic crossing in  a boat that has no sail or motor. Instead, it has been outfitted with a specially created pedal drive that will allow them to make progress as if they were pedaling a bike. The boat was also made from sustainable materials to help make it safe for the environment as well, and it it is outfitted with the standard equipment you would expect on an ocean crossing, including water purification system, GPS navigation, and emergency radios.

Good luck to Davey and Robyn on this voyage. It should be an amazing one.

Video: Finland in Timelapse

We've seen some impressive timelapse films over the years, with several of the Scandinavian countries being well represented. But somehow Finland seems to get left out of the fun, as I'm not sure I can recall ever posting a video from there in the past. But that changes now, as this is a beautiful clip shot in the Finnish landscapes, giving us an all-too-brief glimpse of what the country has to offer. The scenery found in this four-minute video was shot all over Finland, starting in the north and ending in the south. In between are some spectacular images of a place that is breathtakingly beautiful.

FINLAND | Timelapse from Riku Karjalainen on Vimeo.

Video: Matterhorn Obsession with Herve Barmasse

Earlier this year the Matterhorn celebrated the 150th anniversary of its first ascent. This video was made to honor that occasion, and it features climber Hervé Barmasse sharing his thoughts on a peak that has been so integral to his life. For Hervé, the Matterhorn is not just one of the most iconic peaks in all of Europe, it is his home mountain. One that he has known since he was a teenager, and one that remains important to him, even as he has scaled much bigger peaks in other parts of the world. Hervé has put up more first ascents on the mountain than any other climber, and in this video he shares his relationship with the Matterhorn, while giving us incredible insights into a peak that has been important to the mountaineering world for nearly two centuries. Powerful stuff.

Frenchman to Attempt Atlantic Crossing on a SUP Board

A Frenchman by the name of Jarossay Nicolas has set quite a goal for himself. In January, he intends to launch a specially built stand-up paddle board from the African Coast on which he will attempt to become the first person to SUP across the Atlantic Ocean. He expect to spend 75 days at sea as he paddles towards the Americas, covering approximately 4000 km (2500 miles) of open water.

The key to his survival on the Atlantic Ocean is the 21-foot long, custom built SUP board. Large and ponderous looking, it has never the less been built to help him survive for two-and-a-half months at sea. It features a host of high tech gadgets to help with the crossing, including GPS navigation, emergency beacons, radios, and a water purification system that is capable of producing 3.5 liters of fresh water per hour. The board also includes a 7-foot long storage compartment that will be packed with freeze dried food for Nicolas' meals, and an emergency suit in case he experiences bad weather along the way. It is even large enough for the man himself to squeeze inside in dangerous situations.

It appears that the Frenchman will be paddling alone and without a safety boat on this voyage. He will be in daily contact via satellite phone with a friend back home, but will not have the luxury of a boat following along to help avert disaster. Should he run into problems, he could be days away from anyone who could assist him. Tropical storms are less common during the time of year that he'll be crossing the ocean, but they can happen, and this tiny craft would have a difficult time surviving such an onslaught.

You can find out more about the SUP crossing of the Atlantic at Nicolas' official website, and on Facebook. Big thanks goes to the Gear Junkie for sharing this story.

The Adventure Blog 2015 Holiday Shopper's Guide (Part 1)

Do you have an adventure traveler or avid outdoor enthusiast on your list this holiday season? Are you struggling to figure out what you should get for them? I've got more than a few suggestions for the best gear for hiking, backpacking, climbing, or just plain having fun around home. So, without further ado, I present The Adventure Blog's 2015 Holiday Shopper's Guide (Part1).

Ex Officio Storm Logic Vest ($125)
It's hard to find a more versatile piece of outerwear than the Storm Logic Vest from Ex Officio. Not is it comfortable to wear, and will keep your core plenty warm, but it comes equipped with seven interior pockets, each designed for a specific purpose like keeping your smartphone close at hand, protecting your passport, or storing your sunglasses. If that wasn't enough, the vest even transforms into a travel pillow for use on those long flights to your next destination.

Limefuel Rugged Portable Battery Pack ($85)
Need portable power to keep your smartphone and tablet running in the backcountry? Than checkout the Limefuel Rugged, a battery pack that is built to survive in the worst of conditions. This waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof product has a built-in battery that packs a whopping 15,000 mAh of power. That's enough to recharge your iPhone nearly eight times over. With dual-USB ports you can charge multiple devices at once, and the Rugged is even capable of powering a full-sized tablet. Just the think for the modern adventurer on the go.

Sugoi Zap Run Jacket ($170)
Have a runner on your list? Want to keep them warm, dry, and safe on their winter workouts? Than the Sugoi Zap Run Jacket is the way to go. Made from water resistant fabrics, this jacket reflects light on an insane level, making the wearer highly visible, even on very dark nights. It also comes with two hand pockets, a chest pocket, and a headphone management system built right into the collar. Sugoi's signature quality is a given of course.

Holiday Clif Bars ($15 box 12)
Clif bars are a staple of in the diet of many outdoor adventurers, and it is easy to see why. They're good for you, easy to carry, and provide a burst of much needed energy at times too. Plus, with so many flavors to choose from, everyone will find at least a few that they like. But during the holiday season, Clif Bar always introduces some special seasonal flavors that are only available for a limited-time. This year those flavors include hot chocolate, iced gingerbread, and spiced pumpkin pie. Get 'em while you can.

Cold Weather Buff ($20-$25)
I've been a big proponent of Buffs for years because they have so many uses while traveling or on an outdoor adventure. The super-versatile headwear can be worn around the neck, as a hat, balaclava, face mask, and more, and really should be a part of everyone's wardrobe. Better yet, the company has a line of Buffs specifically designed for use in colder weather, providing extra warmth for our favorite outdoor winter activities. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, this makes a great stocking stuffer too.

Mountain Khakis' Original Mountain Pants ($85)
Looking for a pair of pants that you can wear on hike, traveling the globe, or to the office? The Original Mountain Pant from Mountain Khakis can fill that role, and than some. This is the article of clothing that put the company on the map, and has continued to be one of their most popular products for years. Comfortable, packable, and easy to keep clean, these pants are ready for adventure.

Eddie Bauer Kara Koram 0º Storm Down Sleeping Bag ($549)
When you're camping, backpacking, or traveling in remote settings where the temperature can drop surprisingly low, having a good sleeping bag is the key to staying comfortable. The Kara Koram 0º bag from Eddie Bauer isn't just good however, it's great. Packed with 850 fill water resistant Storm Down from DownTek, this bag is ready for the worst of conditions. Warm, comfortable, and lightweight, this sleeping bag is perfect for backpacking, climbing, and cold weather camping. It is also available in 20º and -30º version too.

Skins A400 Starlight Running Tights ($160)
Keep the runner in your life warm on those winter workouts with these running tights from Skins. Form-fitting, yet very comfortable, the A400 Starlight tights are designed to help the wearer perform better and recover faster, while also staying highly visible in low light conditions. The reflective power of the fabrics used in these tights is very impressive, and will increase safety out on the road too.

Suunto Traverse GPS Watch ($450)
The Traverse is the latest GPS watch from Suunto, delivering all of the features you would expect in such a timepiece, in a new, thinner form factor. The watch features improved navigational capabilities that make it easier than ever to find your way, its barometric sensors will alert the wearer of changing weather patterns too, giving them an alert on incoming storms, as well as data on sunrise and sunset times across the globe. Connect it to a smartphone to receive notifications, or use it as a fitness tracker. With a battery life of over 100 hours with GPS activated, this is truly a versatile watch designed for the outdoor adventure lifestyle.

Lorpen Hiking Socks (Varies)
Yes, I know what you're thinking. Socks are a terrible gift that are often the butt of holiday jokes. But Lorpen makes great technical socks that are perfect for the outdoors, including their T3 Light Hiker ($17.99), which is made from a blend of three fabrics designed to keep the foot comfortable on long walks. For those who require a bit more from their performance socks, the Trekking & Expedition Polartec/Primaloft ($69.99) model is the way to go. Billed as the "ultimate sock for high altitude expedition use" this is a highly technical sock to be worn inside mountaineering boots in rigorous alpine environments. Whether you're buying for a trail runner, hiker, backpacker, skier, or all of the above, Lorpen has a sock that can meet their needs, and make their feet very happy in the process.

That's all for part 1 of my holiday gift buying guide. I'll be back tomorrow with even more suggestions.

Antarctica 2015: Bad Weather Has Everyone in a Holding Pattern

The 2015-2016 Antarctic season is slowly starting to get rolling, but bad weather is once again causing problems for a number of teams. In the case of some of the South Pole skiers, it is preventing them from even reaching the ice, while others are struggling to make progress towards their goals. It is a long season though, and these delays are not completely unexpected, although they are never the less frustrating.

Henry Worsley is experiencing this to the fullest at the moment. Not only did he have to patiently wait out a long delay in Punta Arenas before he could even begin his solo traverse of the Antarctic, he is now caught in a massive snowstorm on the continent itself. For the second day in a row he is tentbound while he waits for the weather to calm down. Considering the fact that he is already on a fairly tight schedule, and only has enough food and fuel to barely get him through the 80 days he expects are needed to complete his expedition, any days spent in one place are costing him time and resources. Hopefully the storm will fade out later today, and he can return to skiing towards the South Pole, and finishing the first stage of his expedition. He still has a very long way to go.

Meanwhile, several other teams are still stuck in Punta and waiting for a flight out. The four-man squad of the Shackleton 2015 Live team loaded their gear on a plane on Saturday, but continue to wait for the call letting them know that it is time to fly out the Union Glacier camp. Similarly, the three-person team that includes both Emma Kelty and Khai Nguyen are in a holding pattern too. In an updated posted to his blog yesterday, Khai reports that conditions at the camp are good enough for planes to take off, but not for landing. So, they wait for an opportunity to fly to the frozen continent and begin their expeditions to the South Pole.

Yesterday, the Ice Project team arrived on South Georgia Island after sailing 1200 km (745 miles) from the Falklands. They'll now do a bit of prep work before they set out for their traverse of the island, following in the footsteps of Shackleton, who did the same thing back in 1916 as he made a last ditch effort to save all of his men who had been stranded in the Antarctic after their ship – the Endurance – became stuck in the ice and was later crushed by the pressure, before sinking to the bottom of the ocean. The Ice Project crew will recreate that historic march across South Georgia, while bagging a few peaks along the way. They should get underway very soon, and will eventually sail back to the Falklands as well.

As December approaches it is now time for the climbing teams to start arriving in Punta Arenas too. Most will be traveling to Mt. Vinson, the tallest peak on the continent at 4892 meters (16,050 ft). They'll face the same weather delays and challenges, although flights out to Union Glacier tend to become a bit more regular as the austral summer rolls along. To that end, the Madison Mountaineering squad is already en route to South America, and will be gathering in Punta Arenas over the next few days, and will spend some time there before departing for the frozen continent. We'll keep an eye on their progress in the days ahead too.

That's the news from the Antarctic for today. Weather delays continue to be the major story, but hopefully things will improve soon. It is time for more teams to hit the ice, but Mother Nature keeps getting in the way. Perhaps we'll have more to report later in the week.

Thanks Again to Mountain Khakis

As we start another week here at The Adventure Blog, I once again wanted to extend my appreciation to Mountain Khakis for sponsoring the site for the month of November. I appreciate the support, and have been very happy to have them onboard for the past several week.

If you're not familiar with MK and their line of products, now is a great time to change that. With the holidays now just around the corner, you'll no doubt be searching for the perfect gift for the adventure traveler or outdoor enthusiasts on your list. Mountain Khakis has plenty to choose from, for both men and women, including their signature line of pants of course, but also shirts, jackets, and a complete line of accessories, amongst plenty of other things.

Do me a favor and click on over to the Mountain Khakis website to checkout everything they have to offer. Chances are you'll not only find something to help out with your holiday shopping needs, but you'll probably find something for yourself too.

Video: Capturing the Silence of the North with Photographer Morten Hilmer

Danish photographer Morten Hilmer goes to great lengths to capture his amazing wildlife photos. Morton routinely ventures into the Arctic completely on his own, enduring harsh conditions, sub-zero temperatures, and difficult terrain just to get the perfect shot. In this video, we travel with him to get a sense of what it takes to be a world class photographer. As you'll see, he faces a number of challenges along the way, but the results can be incredibly rewarding.

Silence of the North from Morten Hilmer on Vimeo.

Gear Closet: ECOXGEAR EcoPebble Powerbank Bluetooth Speaker

There is no denying that technology has brought a level of convenience and enjoyment to nearly every aspect of our lives, and that includes the outdoors. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets have put a great deal of information right int he palm of our hands, not to mention plenty of options for entertainment, navigation, and communication. It has gotten to the point now that we rarely leave home without these gadgets, whether we're setting off to run errands around town, or flying to the far side of the planet. 

One of the more popular accessories for these smart devices is a Bluetooth speaker, which allows us to listen to our favorite music, news reports, or podcasts while on the go. And over the past few years, few companies have produced speakers that are more well suited for the active, outdoor lifestyle than ECOXGEAR. Their products are rugged and durable, easy to use, have been designed to take anywhere with us. But of all of their devices that I've tested so far, none compare with the new EcoPebble Powerbank, which brings some much appreciated new options that make it a more valuable both at home, and on the road. 

For many of us who like to travel light, carrying a Bluetooth speaker on our adventures is a luxury that we often can't often afford. After all, these devices do take up extra room in our backpacks, and add unnecessary weight. But ECOXGEAR has decided to counter these arguments by making a device that is more versatile and useful, eliminating some of the reasons why we might not want to take a speaker with us when we hit the road. In this case, the Powerbank not only cranks out our favorite tunes, it also has the ability to recharge our other gadgets, and comes equipped with a built-in flashlight capable of producing 200 lumens of light when necessary.

If you've ever used one of ECOXGEAR's other speakers, you probably already know what to expect from the Powerbank in terms of build quality. The device is built like a brick, and feels nearly indestructible in your hands. It has been ruggedized against the elements, and is IP67 rated. That means it is waterproof, dustproof, and impact resistant, making it a great choice for use not just around home, but the backyard and campsite as well. In fact, the speaker is so durable, I wouldn't hesitate to take it with me just about anywhere. 

As with any modern Bluetooth device pairing is a simple affair that takes just a few seconds. Within a matter of moments you'll have audio being wirelessly fed to the Powerbank, with sound quality that is crisp and clear, even at higher volumes. Audiophiles will probably find fault with the way the speaker performs, but the vast majority of us will find that it delivers solid performance with our favorite tunes, particularly for use in an outdoor environment.

Most Bluetooth speakers have a relatively small battery, which gives them somewhere between 8-12 hours of playtime depending on the device. But the Powerbank gets its name from the fact that it has a massive 10,400 mAh lithium-ion batter, which can keep it belting out music for up to 50 hours. That is impressive in and of itself, and means that it can probably get you through most of your adventures without needing a recharge. 

But that massive battery isn't just for keeping the speaker powered up. The Powerbank also has two integrated USB ports that allows it to transfer power to other devices as well. For instance, it can recharge most smartphones up to four times, or cameras as much as eight times. It'll even power-up your full sized tablet once too. That means that when you carry this speaker with you, you're also bringing a portable power source for your other devices too. 

ECOXGEAR has also integrated a speakerphone into the Powerbank, which allows you to take calls right from the device when it is pared with a smartphone. This is a handy feature to have around home, and extends the usefulness of the device a bit further. This isn't a feature that I use often, but it is nice to have in a situation where you want to have a conference call, or allow the whole family to chat at the same time. 

The Powerbank's built-in flashlight feels a bit like an add on that isn't altogether necessary, but it is also nice to have in a pinch. As mentioned, the light source is 200 lumens, which is plenty bright for use around a dark campsite, or for emergency purposes at home when the power goes out. It won't replace a trusty headlamp of course, but it is certainly nice to have in a pinch. 

Despite its high level of build quality, enormous battery life, and level of versatility, there are still a few issues with the Powerbank. For starters, it is not only built like a brick, but it is about the size of one as well. If you like to travel light, you'll probably still have some qualms about taking this speaker with you, particularly since it weighs 1.4 pounds. That's a considerable amount of weight to add to your pack, although its increased functionality does help to offset that to a degree. 

I also found that the range on the speaker's Bluetooth chip wasn't particularly impressive. In theory, Bluetooth should have a range of about 30 feet (9 meters) or so, depending on conditions. Some devices even have greater range than that. But if you wandered more than 15-20 feet away from the speaker while carrying the audio source, the sound quality dropped off and began to cut out. I ended up leaving my smartphone next to the speaker most of the time as that ensured a good connection, but if I carried the device too far away, it left others without any music to listen to. 

Despite a few nitpicks like these however, I really like the Powerbank. It is a fun device that is truly built to survive in the outdoor. Because it is on the heavy side, I'll certainly pick and choose the times when I'll want to carry it with me. But it is a very well-built device that offers a number of features that I truly appreciate while on the road. The fact that it can not only play audio sources, but also recharge my other gadgets, is a big plus, and the flashlight is a nice bonus that adds convenience. 

The EcoPebble Powerbank is available now for $99.99. It offers solid audio performance, outstanding battery life, and useful features that go beyond what most other Bluetooth speakers can provide. That makes it easy to recommend this device for anyone looking for some backcountry entertainment around the campfire, and it would be a great gift for the adventure traveler on your list this holiday season. 

Team Seagate Wins Adventure Racing World Championship

Last week, the Adventure Racing World Championship was held in Brazil, where the top teams from around the world went head to head to decide just who is the best in this grueling endurance sport. The teams tested themselves on a course that was 720 km (447 miles) in length, and after seven days of nonstop racing, it was a familiar team that stood atop the leaderboard.

Team Seagate from New Zealand was the favorite coming into the event, and they did not disappoint. The squad took first place at Patanal Pro, the host event for this year's AR World Championship. The Kiwi's finished with a time of 6 days, 16 hours, 44 minutes, which fast enough to put them seven hours ahead of second place team Haglöfs Silva of Sweden. Third place went to team SAFAT, also of Sweden, who finished another five hours back.

At the start of the race back on November 15, there were 30 teams set to compete. Only five managed to run the entire course, with 17 other teams continuing on a short course, while 8 others retired from the event. Two additional teams continued on unranked after losing one of their four-person squad.

As usual with adventure racing, the ARWC required coed teams of four to trek, mountain bike, and kayak through a remote course using only a compass and map to navigate between checkpoints. In this case, that remote course ran through the Patanal region of Brazil, which is the largest wetlands area in the world. The dense forests found there are reminiscent of the Amazon, although the terrain varies to a higher degree.

Congrats to the champs who have proven once again that they are the top team in the world. Hopefully we can lure them to come compete in Expedition Alaska in the future.

Winter 2016 Climbs: Nanga Parbat Will Be Busy, K2 Will Be Empty

Last week I shared the news that Spanish climber Alex Txikon would lead an expedition to Nanga Parbat this winter in an effort to complete the first ascent of that mountain during the coldest, most difficult season of all. Turns out that group won't be alone, as ExWeb now reports that as many as five teams could be on the mountain, all trying to achieve the same objective.

In addition to Txikon's mix of climbers form all over the world, there will be a Polish-Pakistani team attempting the Rupal Face all on the Schell Route. That squad is already in Pakistan and according to ExWeb is preparing to acclimatize now ahead of the actual official start of winter on December 21.

Meanwhile, the team of Elisabeth Revol and Tomek Mackiewicz will be back on the mountain this year, along with Arslan Ahmed. They will be attempting an alpine style ascent along the Diamir side of the mountain. Reveal and Mackiewicz spent considerable amount of time scouting the route last year, and are hoping to return to complete unfinished business.

ExWeb doesn't have many details yet, but they are also reporting that Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger will be on Nanga Parbat this winter as well. Their route, schedule, and plans have yet to be revealed however. Hopefully we'll get more word on their intentions soon.

And finally, Adam Bielecki and Jacek Czech will acclimatize on Ojos before heading over to Nanga for the season. They'll be the fifth confirmed squad on the hill this winter, although ExWeb doesn't have any information on their intended route yet either.

At 8126 meters (26,660 ft) in height, Nanga Parbat is just one of two 8000-meter peaks that have yet to be climbed in winter. And while there will be quite a few teams attempting to put up the first winter ascent of that mountain, at this time it appears that there are no plans for anyone to attempt the other unclimbed eight-thousander this winter. That peak is K2 of course, which is perhaps the most dangerous and deadly of all of the big mountains. It's summit remains elusive in the best of weather conditions, and in the winter it is nearly unclimbable. I'm sure some day someone will reach the top, but it doesn't look like the winter of 2016 will be that time.

Of course, we'll be following these expeditions closely as the winter season approaches. This just might be the year that someone finally summits Nanga in winter.

How to get rid of acne - How to Eliminate Acne with Honey

How to get rid of acne - How to Eliminate Acne with Honey

Acne! Everyone must have felt in life. Although generally acne occurs when we were teenagers. Characteristics stubborn acne scars make us always feel sad when exposed acne. Besides acne also caused a decline in confidence.

Causes of Acne

How to Eliminate Acne with Honey
How to Eliminate Acne with Honey
Acne can happen to anyone, including parents and teens. However acne in adolescents has become a very common disorder. What is the real cause of acne? In the world of skin health cause of acne is not known or can not be analyzed specifically. But here are some common causes are often assumed to be the cause of acne.

how to remove acne with honey

Hormonal imbalance
Problems increase in hormones common in adolescent girls as the cause of acne during menstruation. This is due to the high levels of hormones that cause acne androgen and progesterone levels. As a result, the oil glands to produce more oil and this makes the oil glands are very sensitive.

Hormonal changes drastically. Acne that occurs in pregnant women due to hormonal changes occur very rapidly.
Genetic. Some other facts also revealed that older people with severe cases of acne can be down to his son.
Cosmetic use. Too often wear makeup and allergies in some cosmetic ingredients.
Stress. Thoughts are depressed are also believed to cause acne.
Dietary habit. some foods are not good consumption of such foods cause acne, fat and contain a lot of oil.
Acne Skin Disorders

Acne is a skin irritation with shapes such as lumps or inflammation under the skin. Acne occurs on the channel the oil glands in the skin. There are different types of acne as a small pimple that can disappear without treatment or acne that can cause inflammation. Already inflamed acne usually requires special care to avoid infection.

How to get rid of acne naturally using honey widely applied. Honey became one of the substances which have excellent properties to restore the skin when exposed to inflammatory conditions such as acne. Honey has a wide variety of content and compounds that affect the health of the skin such as:

antioxidants that destroy bacteria and germs that cause acne,
moisturize the skin
cleaning the skin
accelerate the healing of acne
Here are some of the benefits of honey mask to treat acne.

Honey has natural antioxidant that acts to kill bacteria and germs that cause itchy pimples on the skin.
how to get rid of acne with honey contains a natural antiseptic that can kill bacteria and cleanse wounds on acne.
Honey has an osmotic nature so that it can clean the wound, the wound to absorb water and release hydrogen peroxide acne that works to heal wounds acne.
Honey has acidic properties that are very effective to prevent and reduce bacterial growth.
Honey contains anti-inflammatory that works to stop inflammation in the wound.
Honey has the special substances that make sticky so that it can be used to attract dirt and dust from the skin.
Honey has natural probiotic substances and can be useful to reduce acne and stop a possible new acne.
Honey moisturizes the skin so the skin becomes more delicate, not greasy and cure acne quickly and naturally.
Here are some ways to get rid of acne with honey.

1. Natural Honey Mask

There are different types of honey that we could find. One is the natural raw honey or honey are taken directly from the beehive. If you have this honey can be used for the treatment of facial acne, how:

Take a few drops of natural honey
Apply directly to all parts of acne or facial with a soft cotton
Let the honey for about 45 minutes
Once dry or sticky and thick skin then rinse with cold water or ice water
Perform this treatment a few times and see the difference your face
You can use raw honey for 3 times a week.
2. Mask Honey and Fruit Pala

Nutmeg is usually used as a spice in cooking. Nutmeg aroma very fragrant and distinctive proved to have excellent properties when mixed with honey. How to remove acne with honey can wear pure honey or honey from bees that live in longan fruit. Here's how:

Take a few tablespoons of honey
Mix the nutmeg that is already in the puree to be a mask for acne prone skin
Apply to all parts of the face
let up for 30 minutes
After all ground nutmeg and honey settles on the face then wash face with warm water
Apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type
Do this treatment twice a week
Look at your acne can be lost and no scar.
3. Mask Honey and strawberries

Strawberries contain vitamin C and antioxidants are very high. A mixture of honey and strawberries will be a very good nutrition to eliminate acne from the skin. Here are some ways to eliminate acne with a mixture of honey and strawberries:

Take strawberries that have been cleaned. Make sure you wear freshly picked strawberries or recently picked.
Puree strawberries until the pasta or mask
Take 3 tablespoons of honey a natural or other types of honey and mix with crushed strawberries
Apply to all parts of the face that had been cleaned. And leave for about 30 minutes
Clean your face with warm water so that the pores and acne is clean and does not cause infection
Do this treatment for two months for 3 times a week and see acne disappear and your face becomes very clean.
4. Mask Honey and Sugar

One way mengaatsi Bekes how to remove acne on the face is clean all parts of the face with an object that is a little harsh. A mixture of sugar and honey is very effective to open the acne and acne scars on the skin peeling.

You can wear these masks, rubbing gently. Perform massage with honey and sugar to mask the area around the pimple. This method can be used for acne that is already a bit old or new acne will appear. Do this treatment for one week once.

5. Mask Honey and Turmeric

Saffron or turmeric meeting was also very effective for treating acne. How to remove acne with honey and turmeric berasald ari content of antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory so it is very effective to remove acne.

Here's how to treat acne with honey and saffron.

Take four spoons of honey and pour in a small bowl.
Add half a teaspoon of turmeric that has been processed into a powder. You can find turmeric powder in places that sell herbal products but use pure turmeric powder that has not been mixed.
Use this mask to all parts of the face and apply for about 10 minutes.
Clean the face with warm water and wipe with a soft towel so that the surface of the face is not too dry.
Do this treatment twice a week to obtain optimal results.
6. Forest Honey Mask

In addition to implementing the various ways the above then you can also use natural honey. You can choose the type of honey from bees that nest in the plant fruit or honey types of natural forest.

Apply honey on all parts of the face at night
To stay comfortable should apply slightly and evenly to all parts of the face
Let the honey to survive until morning
Clean the honey from the face after waking up
Clean with warm water so the face becomes more comfortable
This treatment can be done every day, if you want to get rid of acne fast.
Other combinations Honey Mask

Basically the honey to remove acne treatments can be done with a variety of mixed materials. How to remove acne with honey used with a combination of ingredients that contain high antioxidants such as;

lemon juice
egg whites
Aloe vera gel
olive oil and apple
You can also eat honey 2 tablespoons every day to treat acne from the inside. Honey contains antioxidants, vitamins and various types of minerals that can heal wounds and renew the body's cells are damaged.

Tips to Prevent Acne
Acne Skin Care Ways
If you have very sensitive skin it can protect or perform maintenance cberbagai way to prevent acne. Below are some tips to protect skin lightly so as not affected by acne:

Not too often consume foods that contain saturated fat
If you have acne that is pretty much it while avoiding all kinds of food that is grilled or fried
If out of the house and facing air pollution and excessive solar heat then use the product to protect skin
Avoid rubbing the skin too hard when treating skin waja
Balance your food intake acne removal containing vitamins, proteins and minerals that are good for the body
White water consumption according to the needs of the body and do light exercise regularly.

Best acne treatment - Benefits of Tomatoes To Face Acne Mask - Skin and Beauty

Best acne treatment - Benefits of Tomatoes To Face Acne Mask - Skin and Beauty

Best acne treatment  - Tomatoes, fresh red fruit which has the Latin name Solanum lycopersicum esculentum lycopersicum syn come from the mainland United States, specifically South America and Central America. Tomato plants have a height of about 1 to 3 meters and the plant life short. The tomato is a vegetable and used as a complementary fruit vegetables. Tomatoes have a variety of colors ranging from yellow, green, to red. Tomatoes also have a variety of sizes from small (commonly known as the public at large as cherry tomatoes and used to make chili) and tomatoes were the size of ping pong balls or less commonly mixed into processed vegetables and salad. Here are the benefits of a tomato mask for skin and beauty as well as treat acne.
Benefits of Tomatoes To Face Acne Mask - Skin and Beauty
Benefits of Tomatoes To Face Acne Mask - Skin and Beauty

1. Facial skin bright

If we want to have a glowing skin, bright, anti dull, no need to buy a wide range of beauty products that have not been proven to be effective. Better use of natural materials are cheap and safe, without side effects when applied. Tomatoes are loaded with vitamin C is beneficial brightens the skin and makes it glow. It is very easy. Only by slicing tomatoes into thick circles, then gosokkanlah the tomato slices on the face. Do it regularly in order to obtain satisfactory results.Best acne treatment .

2. Makes the skin pores so small

The pores of the skin / face continues to bring dirt makes it even greater. If the pores getting bigger, what happens is the skin that looked clean and fresh glow. The use of masks tomatoes can be useful to make the pores so small, so the impact on the skin clean, beautiful, and healthy. How to make it is to smooth the tomatoes first and then mixing the delicate tomato with lemon juice as much as a teaspoon. Then apply gently to face and gently massage, massage, let stand for approximately fifteen minutes. Finally, clean the tomatoes in the face mask with warm water and then ended with a disposable wash cold water to close the pores open due to the warm water Sewer earlier, so dirt does not stick back on the face.Best acne treatment .

3. Getting rid of acne on the face

The content of the tomatoes that have a property to repel acne, making the skin bright and black spots acne scars disappear is acid, vitamin C and vitamin A. The trick is to wear a mask tomatoes regularly (1-2 weeks) in the face for approximately thirty minutes. Cleaning the same as those already discussed above is wearing warm water that ends with a cold water rinse.Best acne treatment .

How to expel acne

4. Skin so smooth

Has a smooth and soft skin is a dream of every person. Face so looks more healthy, bright, beautiful. No need to spend in the unuk get delicate facial skin. Simply by wearing masks tomatoes mixed with honey to taste mask similar to the texture of pasta. After the mask so, can be directly applied to the face while giving a gentle massage, then mask diberihkan. Avoid out of the house after this treatment so that dust and dirt do not re-settled in our face is clean.Best acne treatment .

5. Preventing cells become damaged

To prevent damaged skin cells and ward off free radicals that cause wrinkles and skin looks older than it should be (premature aging) in addition to masks tomatoes, increase the consumption of tomato juice after lunch.Best acne treatment .

6. Making white

Cream of tomato can help make the skin look more white. How to make is to mix one teaspoon of yogurt, oatmeal, tomatoes and 2 teaspoons finely, then smeared onto the skin and leave for about twenty minutes, then do the cleaning.

7. Protect the skin so as not to burn

Burned skin due to sunburn can be overcome by eating tomato paste every day as much as five tablespoons. Skin that is already burned can be overcome with the consumption of this tomato paste. To benefit more, the skin elastic, soft and fresh, wear a mask tomatoes (two teaspoons of tomato fine) and one teaspoon of yogurt, and apply to the skin after doing the activity.

8. Overcoming oily skin

Face gleamed because of excess oil production, making the skin look unhealthy and bright. Oily skin that is not immediately cleared will have an impact on the appearance of blackheads and pimples. To overcome this, wear a mask tomato mixed with cucumber juice. 2 tomatoes blender until smooth add 4 tablespoons of cucumber finely / juice and apply on the face (applying it to the face can use a cotton). Allow it to dry, the last clean the mask. Regularly doing this treatment, can make the oil in the face of uncontrollable and helped shrink the pores of the skin.

Other articles on oily skin
9. Caring for the skin

Tomato seed oil is useful for treating the skin. This oil can fend off free radicals trigger premature aging. Wear a tomato seed oil to massage the skin is desired (eg disposable facial massaging tomato seed oil). Do this ahead of us sleep, and wash off after we wake up in the morning.

10. Protecting the skin from ultraviolet light attack

Tomatoes can be used as a natural sunscreen. Lycopene, which owns antioxidants in tomatoes is a fortress skin from ultra violet rays. Drinking tomato juice before going to work on a regular basis is useful to create healthy skin. Dialamai skin problems due to exposure to sunlight often include scaly skin, dull and dry.

How To Make Tomato Mask

1. Mask tomatoes with the addition of lemon and oatmeal

Benefits: cope with oily skin, acne, nourish the skin.

How to make :

Tomato and lemon washed beforehand;
Cut the tomatoes and add to blender;
Add the lemon juice and oatmeal taste;
Blend until smooth and well blended;
Apply as a mask, by settling for approximately half an hour to dry;
Wear clean water;
Perform routine once a week.
2. Mask tomatoes with the addition of cornstarch

Benefits: soft and smooth skin, relieving acne, oily skin.

How to make :

Tomatoes in a blender until smooth with no extra water;
Add one tablespoon cornstarch until it looks like pasta;
Oles in the face, flatten, the last rinse water use.
3. Mask tomatoes with added sugar and lime

Benefits: taut skin, making pores smaller.

How to make :

Tomatoes and lime washed;
Tomato blender until smooth and then add powdered sugar and lemon juice to taste;
Stir well;
Wear a face mask;
Wait for about 20 minutes until dry;
Cleaning wear warm water that ends with a cold water rinse.
4. Mask tomatoes with added honey

Benefits: removal of blackheads, acne, dark spots, brightens the skin.

How to make :

2 fresh tomatoes are washed, blended;
Add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir well;
Apply as a mask, leave on for about half an hour to dry;
Wear a clean water rinse.
5. Mask tomatoes with the addition of liquid milk

Benefits for skin rejuvenation.

How to make :

Tomatoes that have been washed further small cut, add a little water, then blended;
Strain the tomato juice, take the juice;
Mix tomato juice and taste of pure milk (whole milk can be found in supermarkets);
Store in the refrigerator until cool;
When it is cold, it can be smeared into the face of a brush or cotton;
Allow approximately 15 minutes to dry;
Rinse with clean water and do not contact with eyes;
Perform routine once a week.
To obtain maximum results, and will, do regular maintenance due to the benefits of the tomato mask for acne and facial skin will feel when done regularly.

Benefits of Coffee For Face Acne Treatment

Benefits of Coffee For Face Acne Treatment

A. Benefits of Coffee for Face and Skin

Coffee is the seeds - seeds that contain caffeine which can be utilized for world health and even beauty. The caffeine content in coffee is not only beneficial to neutralize drowsiness. In the world of beauty, caffeine serves as vasorestrictor that will tighten and shrink the blood vessels. This causes the skin will feel softer and are very effective in helping reduce seluit skin. Coffee can be used as the basic material for the manufacture of beauty products as organic acids, minerals, potassium, magnesium, and iron in it.

Benefits of Coffee For Face Acne
Benefits of Coffee For Face Acne
You need to remember, do not consume foods made from coffee, because it is one of the foods that cause acne, only use for the exterior or natural scrub. Here are some benefits of coffee for facial acne:

Ward off free radicals
Coffee contains two substances, namely antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols that can prevent free radicals. The skin is exposed to free radicals will experience premature aging. For the use of coffee contains anti-oxidants can prevent skin wrinkles prematurely (premature aging) by keeping the intake of antioxidants in the body.

Minimizing Risk of Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is influenced by two factors namely internal and external. Internal factors can be derived from what is consumed. In fact, with coffee consumption can reduce the risk of skin cancer in men and women. While external factors can be derived from activities outside environment that makes exposure to sunlight on the skin directly over a long period of time.

Refreshing Skin
Mix coffee powder which has been made into a cream can be frozen in the freezer that freezes. Then wipe gently like wearing a cream or lotion. Typical aroma of coffee grounds can also make the mind to relax. Relaxed and calm mind will also be reflected on the face look more fresh.

Eliminating Cellulite
As difficult as the skin can certainly interfere with your appearance. To reduce menyemarkan even cellulite. Coffee grounds waste is usually only used as it is here can be used to support your appearance. The trick mix coffee grounds with olive oil and apply on the skin. For optimal results you should use plastic wrap or so mix coffee grounds with olive oil can penetrate well. Then let stand for 5-10 minutes and wash using cold water.

Eliminating Dark Spots
Combine powdered coffee with baby oil with a dose that is not excessive. Apply on the skin that has black spots for 5 minutes. Perform this treatment regularly to obtain optimal results.

Stains or eliminate acne scars
Mix coffee powder which still has small grains and then apply on the skin. Do massage in a circular motion and then leave to dry. After cleaning, wipe the block of ice for refreshing the skin for a few minutes.

Peel Peeling or dead skin cells and tighten the skin
Dead skin cells that accumulate jikak not be cleaned or lifted will also cause skin problems such as acne and facial dull. Use coffee grounds combined with egg white to get tight skin and helps the process of peeling or flaking of dead skin cells.

Tona Brighten Skin Color
Which serves as a bleach mixture here that is whole milk. Pure milk contains high moisturizer that can brighten skin color toned. Other substances such as lactic acid also can make the skin feel softer. Mix coffee grounds with milk and apply as a face mask.

B. The content of the coffee beans

Coffee is not just plants seeds - seeds are processed into drinks alone. But various content contained in coffee has a variety of benefits to the human body. Here the content of the beans:

Protein and Amino Acids
Aliphatic acids (carboxylic acids)
Chlorogenic acid
Fat and derivatives
C. Benefits of Coffee for Facial Acne

One of the causes of acne that excess oil glands so that pores - clogged skin pores. Facial acne can not only be solved with cosmetic containing compounds kimia.Kulit exposed materials or chemicals such as mercury can indeed get rid of acne instantly, but there are dangers that cause tissue damage kulit.Kopi can be used as a natural acne removal without risk exposure to chemicals. Some elite class cosmetic products even use coffee as a main ingredient to get rid of acne in the form of a cream or skin lotion.

D. Benefits of Coffee Scrub for Face Acne

Coffee can help eliminate acne scars and blemishes on the skin. Dead skin cells left behind and accumulate on the skin will clog pores - pores and trigger acne. Blockage of pores - pores that cause inflammation of the skin and make acne more and more. By applying the scrub on the face of dead skin cells will be lifted and the revitalization process helped by good skin. Dry skin will be easier to peel and thus appears scaly and rough. This can cause premature aging of the skin. For that use coffee scrup containing anti oxide can prevent these skin problems.

E. How to Use Coffee Scrub

Scrub can help remove dead skin cells on the skin, but if its use does not match then scrub the rules can have an impact that is not good for your skin beauty. Here's how to use:

Mix coffee powder with water and apply evenly on the skin
Once spread evenly, massage gently in a circular motion and let stand 15 minutes
Use cold water to rinse then dry using a towel face
Gently pat all areas of the face and apply a moisturizer to keep the skin moisture
 F. Tips usage Coffee Scrub

Choose a coffee powder which still have grains - tiny grains that can be used as sccrub. When doing massage (massage) in play should be done slowly so that coffee granules do not injure skin tissue. Milk or honey can also be added as a compound for optimal results. Avoid massage or finger pressure activity in the area of ​​facial skin as this can cause acne in other areas. Discharge from the acne contain bacteria that will cause similar inflammation on the skin of the other. pasta dose comparisons are used to scrub the 3: 1. With the provision of three teaspoons Sendoh can be mixed with one teaspoon of honey or milk.

G. Benefits of Coffee Mask for Face Skin

Coffee mask can be applied singly or in combination with other ingredients such as chocolate milk or honey. This combination can be tailored to the needs and skin type. This mask can remove dead skin cells and helps tighten sagging skin. The use of coffee to the face mask will also make the skin appear clean because it contains anti-microbial that is contained in the mask of coffee. For dry skin, should combine olive oil with coffee powder to obtain moist skin.

H. How to Use Masks Coffee

To make a mask of coffee needed some extra material in accordance skin problems possessed. Suppose for tona whiten skin color, you should add milk into it. The skin will ternutrisi skin colors become brighter. In addition, the lactic acid contained in milk can soften the skin.

Here's how to use:

Mix three teaspoons of coffee powder with a teaspoon of olive oil or pure milk
Apply the mixture evenly to the face
Massage gently with circular movements in five minutes
Allow the mask on 15-20 minutes or until dry
Clean using cold water
Other masks for facial acne:

How to make a tomato mask for facial acne
Benefits of honey mask for acne
I. Usage Tips on Face Mask Coffee

Masks coffee consists of coffee grounds still have grain - small grain and potentially damage the skin tissue when rubbed or pressed too hard on the skin surface. To avoid this you should pay attention to what it should and should not be done during use coffee mask.

Avoid chemical substances to be used as supplementary material for the risk in the form of skin damage and even cause acne. Other complementary ingredients such as honey, milk or olive oil is a natural substance that can be combined with the coffee powder. keep clean brush or a hand that is used to put on a mask of coffee in the face. Brush or dirty hands carry bacteria that can be attached to the pore - pore.

J. Anything Mixed Materials Mask Coffee and benefits?

Different materials are mixed would have properties or benefits differently. Natural ingredients that have been mentioned above are complementary materials in order to get multiple benefits from the use of the coffee itself. The content of caffeine in coffee is a substance that easily absorbs into the skin and can be combined with other natural ingredients. So what are the other mixed materials that can be combined with coffee grounds? The following will describe any natural material that can be combined with coffee for beauty treatments.

1. Milk

The content contained lactic acid in milk that can make your skin softer and maintain skin softness. Nutrition and moistuizer therein can also make the skin become more toned bright and shining.

2. Natural Honey

Natural honey is a mixture of materials that can prevent allergy or kill bacteria on the face. Honey contains compounds such as vitamin C, katalse, pinocembrin, chrysin which serves as aktioksidan that can moisturize the skin for a long time. Read also: How to get rid of pimples with honey

2. Lemon

Lemon juice can be used as a natural ingredient in the use of coffee. Lemon contains vitamin C is high so that the dead skin cells can be lifted. Vitamin C can help the process of formation of collagen that can rejuvenate the skin.

3. Olive Oil

Coffee powder combined with olive oil is able to moisturize the skin optimally. Mix olive oil with a ratio of 1: 3 using coffee powder. Read also: How to get rid of acne with olive oil

K. Suggestions

In this article has been presented to us what are the benefits of coffee and even coffee grounds for skin beauty. Even the coffee grounds can also be used as a basic ingredient skin care combined with other natural ingredients such as milk, honey, oil and lemon zaitum. The use of coffee as a scrub that rely on grain - small grains on the coffee grounds if it is not done properly it will hurt the skin surface. Referring to these problems, we recommend the use of coffee as an ingredient treatments should also notice how the use of existing.