Thailand - Bangkok : #CafeHoppingBKK After You dessert cafe

Dessert Cafe - After You. The first thing you gonna notice about this dessert cafe is its super long queue. Being super kiasu Singaporean, of course queue right! #goodfoodofcoursemustwait lol The first time I visited this dessert cafe was with my girlfriends at Siam Paragon's branch and we waited for at least 1.5 hour standing outside the cafe. We took turn to shop around. Do not think they accept reservation, otherwise, why would so many people crowd outside the premises. #clevermove

Thailand - Bangkok : Maeklong Railway Market + Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Maeklong Station + Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Just days before our trip, I saw this floating market deal on one of the deals websites only for $26 per pax. I saw the same floating market prices on those local travel agents website was alot higher, not sure whether those local want to chop tourists or its really a good deal. I think its the former reason though lol. Anyway, always email the travel agent to confirm the dates before buying the deal! They were quite prompt in replying email too.

Thailand - Bangkok : #FoodHoppingBKK Som Tam Nua

Som Tam Nua - Winner of Bangkok best som tam in 2010. Here is the most raved best som tam restaurant in Bangkok. Not only the locals love to come here, this is one of the must eat restaurants for tourists. Our next table was a group of Singaporeans taking out their camera phone to take photo before eat. Singaporean's style #LetCameraEatsFirst. Of course, this restaurant's signature dish is this som tam. Som tam is a green papaya salad made from shredded unripe papaya.

#FoodHoppingSG : Cyclists' Heaven - Wheeler's Yard

Wheeler's Yard. Having a bf who loves cycling (probably more than me), this is like a heaven to him, okay to me as well that he can admire bicycles while I sip coffee. Perfect day for us! It is at a strategic location where cyclists can cycle around the industrial area and rest at this place for a cup of coffee. The exterior looks like its a warehouse until you enter by its side door. This concept is similar to Chye Seng Huat Hardware store. Can not judge thing by their appearance, indeed.

Thailand - Bangkok : A-Not-So-Chocolaty's Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville - Dining in the Park. This name is very very misleading. It does not sell any chocolate related stuff nor even the houses are made of chocolate (how I wish they are though!). When I heard this place recommended by my friend, I was very skeptical about going there. "Chocolate Ville"? No, it does not sound very intriguing at all. In my mind, it appears as a bigger version of Hershey chocolate shop at USS. I am so glad that I went there in the end as it totally proved me wrong 360 degree! It is a little out of town. It's around 30-45min cab drive from hotel which was near Platinum Mall depending on the traffic. We were welcomed by this european-feel windmill plus perfect weather, my mood and my eyes immediately brightened up!