Thailand - Bangkok : #CafeHoppingBKK "Kids' Playground" Mr. Jones' Orphanage

Mr. Jones' Orphanage. The name of this desserts cafe sounds a little sad and creepy but the quirky decoration has made itself the most welcoming orphanage ever. Mr. Jones, well done in giving it such an intriguing name. When you walk in the cafe, it is almost as if you enter another world that separates you from the noisy and messy environment outside - a long wooden train tracks that runs around the whole cafe, teddy bears dangling around and piles of cakes on a big dining table in the middle of the cafe. The visual digestion has already half filled up our stomach already.

Thailand - Bangkok : Asiatique The Riverfront

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront. First I knew about this newly set up night market was from a cab driver and my girl friend wanted to go to Patpong but the rest of us were like "Hey boring...". Then the cab driver overheard us so introduced this Asiatique to us. Asiatique is the largest lifestyle outdoor shopping mall in Bangkok by Chao Phraya river which opened on May 2012. Barely 2 years, it is now the most upscale riverside night market and may be the trendiest landmark in Bangkok. #ISayOne. So this is my second trip to Asiatique and this time I chose to take water transport instead.