Life Insurance - Functions, Characteristics, Types, and Goals

Life Insurance - Functions, Characteristics, Types, and Goals - How Life Insurance Important? Does everyone need life insurance? the answer is: YES ...... is a must and should be soon. Do not be postponed. If we want to appreciate what is given by - his, people should keep trying. Because we will never know what will happen in the future, do the anticipation by having life insurance.
In choosing us to be observant and insurance tailored to our needs. There are Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, Insurance Education. There are so many choices, but the best option is already packed into one.

Lots going on a family must accept the bitter reality of life. The father as head of the family breadwinner at the same time to fall ill and died, leaving his wife that does not work and two small children. His son just turned 3 years and 5 years. Life remains to be served, but the wife would be very difficult to raise the cost of two children.

Keep your family from the above risks by having life insurance. If the family - at least his father - already have life insurance, would have been materially more ease the burden of the family left behind. Because it was in the hospital is certainly not cost you a bit. It could be to spend the assets owned.

That means if you already had life insurance can be said you already have Income Protection and already planning for the future of the family finances as per the agreement with life insurance policy issuer. You will definitely get the appropriate reimbursement claims from health data are given according to actual conditions. No health data engineering.

Financial planning is not something you do once and forget. Then there are many people who buy life insurance policies even more to 5, for the sake of a cherished family. To his wife and children. (Each family member can have an s / d 2 policy) Financial planning is a process for those who are single or not family. Never since his health was still good and have put off Life Insurance. The younger the age you are, the better to protect themselves immediately, have Protection and Investment Income for financial planning in the future.
The father must work hard at any time and anywhere. Continuous work sometimes forget to pay attention to health. Family for the sake of his wife and child - any child will do. But do not forget to place something on the father's health, its impact will be more difficult again. Can say it's useless in the work of many years, if the income results obtained have not set aside for self-protection.

See was the smile of children - children who need parents. They need life, to school, have cost if it gets sick.

Family life will always change and family financial planning should follow the changes in family finances. Force planning is supported by a wise investment. Investment in its most basic sense is, put your funds to get bigger results. Insured & making money investing is most important means of improving your ability to love, love their families and keep wealth.

With an account you have insurance, then you have insurance at the same time to INVEST in your future and family.

Regulatory definition:
"The company is a life insurance company provide services in dealing with risks associated with the life or death an insured person "
Definitions applicable:
Life insurance is insurance that provides kinds financial transfer of losses for the disaster that can occur in humans

Functions of Life Insurance
• Media Protection
- Provide compensation to the heirs when the insured dies within period of coverage
• Media Investments
- Provide compensation to the heirs or the insured when the insured remains live up to a certain age or until the end coverage period.

Goals of Life Insurance
• Individual life assurance, usually an insurance policy This spirit can be issued in a particular value example, Rp 10 million or more with premiums paidis an annual, semester, quarter monthly AAU
• Group life assurance is life insurance usually issued without any medical examination on a group of people under one policy where each parent of the groups receiving certificates of participation
• Industrial life assurance, premiums are generally paid paid weekly at home has policy to agents

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