Forms of Car Insurance

Car owners can take out three different car insurance: a motor vehicle liability, a partial cover insurance and a waiver. Speech is simply from the car or car insurance is meant mostly the former, because the insurance is a compulsory insurance, which must be completed for each car. The other two policies provide optional additional protection.

The liability insurance takes over when third parties collect legitimate damages claims against policyholders after an accident. It pays for:

    1.Personal injury
    2.Damage to property
    3.Damage to property

Teilkakso insurance covers damage to your own car. For example, these include:

   1. Fire damage
    2.Elemental damage
    4.Short circuit (approximately by Marten bites)
    5.Breakage of glass

A fully comprehensive insurance includes mostly the partial cover insurance services, but beyond. It includes the following:

    2.Damage caused by own fault
    3.Failure of an opponent's liability insurance (such as hit and run)

The conclusion of a comprehensive insurance is particularly useful when the affected car is new or only a few years old. To find the optimal protection for your car, you should compare the different car insurance, weigh on the other models - some with higher deductibles.

A special feature under the insurance for the vehicle is the so-called Mallorca police. This is a supplementary insurance for rental cars from abroad. She can be completed not only for Mallorca and worthwhile if the own car insurance does not provide sufficient protection. Before graduating, you should perform a car insurance comparison.

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