One more North Korean citizens crossed the sea of asylum in South Korea

The Council Chief, army of South Korea said at 1 a.m. Friday (11/8), the South Korean military has been a rescue North Korean people on the sea near the island of Gyodong (Incheon City) on the West Coast. This person has crossed the sea to seek asylum in South Korea. The military are conducted to verify the identities of people in the North speak on, the investigation on the engine and the road running.

The population of the North is a young men in their 20s, are soldiers of marine forces Korea's detection by thermal sensors while on duty guarding, and instructed people attributed the row as prescribed. Before that, on 1/7, a boat carrying five civilians have crossed the boundaries of the military court (NLL) in the waters to the East toseek asylum in the South.

Postponed plans to measure the electromagnetic waves, noise from THAAD base

The South Korean Defense Ministry on Thursday (10/8) announced plans to back the measurement of electromagnetic wave and the noise from the base interceptor missile (THAAD) high medium in Seongju (North Gyeongsang province) by the violentopposition of the local population and adverse meteorological conditions. Initially, the Group conducted the work measurement of expected use of helicopters from a nearby military base to base THAAD in case people blocking the entrance. However,heavy fog had made progress on the base by helicopter THAAD becomes difficult. The Defense Department still has not decided to schedule the measure in the coming time.

Earlier, the civil organizations oppose deployment of THAAD has held a press conference and criticized the Government is intended to legalize the work of environmental impact assessment on small scale for the deployment of THAAD through the work of census field measurements. The organizations are asking the Government to immediately move the THAAD from this area. In a related developments, the South Korean Defense Ministry said a general officer in the U.S. Army stationed in South Korea will officially apologize for the behavior of the American soldiers to carelessness during the THAAD equipment deployment in April. On 26/4, when the US Army transported the equipment of THAAD into the base, some soldiers were laughing loud and videotape the process the people stand opposed, leaving most peopleindignant.

South Korea survey the THAAD's impact on the environment

QĐND Online-the South Korean Government on 12-8 has started a formal survey of the impact of high-altitude interceptor missile (THAAD) last phase of America with the environment in the area of Seongju, 300 km of the capital Seoul to the South. The Ministry of defence and the Ministry of environment of South Korea will coordinate the investigation of electromagnetic radiation and noise from THAAD. We had 2 rocket launchers and radar bands X-band are active in U.s. military bases in South Korea. Since, 12-2016, South Korea also conducted surveys of the impact of the THAAD for environment, but in the "small scale".

South Korea began to survey the THAAD's impact on the environment

The South Korean Government on 12/8 has started the official survey on the impact of the missile defense system last stage height (THAAD) of the United States of America with the environment in the area of Seongju, South of the capital Seoul, 300 km. missile defense system last stage height (THAAD) of Americans deployed in Seongju , South Korea on 28/7. Photo: Yonhap/VNA. According to South Korean officials, Ministry of defence and the Ministry of the environment of this country will coordinate the investigation of electromagnetic radiation and noise from THAAD.

Break the terrorist drug factory in Hung Yen due to 1 women

First District, Hung Yen province Tourism cooperation with the functional forces destroy a successful sale, unauthorized production of drugs by a female executive. According to the information on the people's police newspaper, the evening of October 8/8, the first District Tourism cooperation with drug crime CSDT Room, Van Giang district, Hung Yen province has successfully eradicate narcotics convictions. Function forces took emergency Vu Thi Kim Ngan (35 years old, in the village of Tam, Meaning Township head, Van Giang district) about purchase behavior, illegal narcotics production.

Awarded project Committees eradicate drug production base

On this afternoon, 9/8, Director of public security of Hung Yen province has promptly praised, encouragement and reward of 20 million for district First Police Brigade because broke successfully drug convictions, arrests of honeysuckle, A Universe object in Space Meaning Township, Van Giang district of purchase behavior, illegal production of drugs in large quantities. Next time follow up specialized court struggle, economic ĐTTP police Team-First district drug Tourism in collaboration with the police on drug crime investigation police Hung Yen province has discovered and ordered to examine emergency shelter object's Vu Thi Kim Ngan , in the Sense, Van Giang.

Reveal the secret behind its large drugs factory in Hung Yen

To conceal drug manufacturing operations and deal with the relevant authorities, armed with the "eye of God" around the House and in the drainage pipe. Information from public security Hung Yen province said the Unit recently collaborated with the First District Tourism destroy drug production drives success with scale and large number of villages in Tam KY, Meaning Township head, Van Giang district. Accordingly, on the night of 8/8, 9/8, Kamaishi district First Police Brigade has coordinated surprise Hung Yen province public security to examine emergency "factory" drug of Vu Thi Kim Ngan (SN 1982 in Tam Hamlet, Meaning Township head, Van Giang district).

Breaking the yard drug production crisis by the male head of the hell

Examine the home of Vu Thi Kim Ngan, police discovered dozens of drug product stamping moulds, 1 dryer products and various tools relating to the production of drugs. Chinese cheongsam by drug production. The instruments relating to drug production. Hung Yen Province police said, the first District Tourism cooperation with the criminal investigation police about the drug mobs were a drug manufacturing facility, the largest sum ever in the province.

US investigating after diplomats fall sick in Havana

WASHINGTON — US and Canadian officials were investigating Thursday after diplomats posted to Havana fell ill, amid reports that they may have been targeted by a mysterious sonic weapon. US officials refused to directly blame Cuba itself for the "incidents", which appear to have begun last year, and Havana insisted it is working to protect the US mission. A State Department spokeswoman would not detail the nature or number of the injuries, but she confirmed that a number of US diplomats had returned home for treatment.

Two arrested as Europe egg scandal spreads

Viet Nam News. BRUSSELS - Dutch investigators arrested two suspects on Thursday over Europe’s widening tainted egg scandal, as Denmark announced that 20 contaminated tonnes had been sold there. Danish food authorities said boiled and peeled eggs, imported from a Belgian supplier, had been found to contain traces of the fipronil insecticide that has seen millions of eggs pulled from supermarket shelves across Europe.