You have to buy insurance for his adolescence?

Your steps out in the world, stepped into the brilliant of his youth? Is the dream? Let's live. Let's go a lot. Please arrive a lot of strange lands. But let's do our best and try to learn. If not, you will long regret. Youth at the very short, if any rong play without your "reserved"-the knowledge, capital, career life. I would just like a boat sailing on the sea, without a clear direction, and don't know when I will run out of fuel, would have to stop, would have worried and helpless look attractive life passed out there.

We are always encouraged to become those guys dreaming to groundbreaking, live different lives, master his life, go anywhere, follow your passion, live your life completely. But when the dream is done, remember to make them. Don't let your dreams are just dreams. That's how you for his dream, buy insurance for adolescence and probably his life. Let's try to have a clear career path, and to seriously pursue to the end.

Backward, lag, be wiped only a few commas. Learning is how to you don't get eliminated. It also is a way for you to get rich, is the way to create knowledge assets for themselves. And you know, you can lose money. But the knowledge property in forever in you. On a lot up. On a more comprehensive and profound. Don't let yourself backward, lag and then wiped out his dream life. Don't stop learning, whether you were out of school and go to work. Learn more expertise, work out the soft skills, foreign languages, expand network to have more "which makes them unable to" career development.

This fierce world than you think. Competences not enough to become prominent and seize the great opportunities in life. You need foreign language. You need English. You need the ability to communicate in English fluently as saying the mother tongue. If lack of English, will miss a ticket insurance for his career and his life. We always have a dozen reasons to justify the not good at English. We're too busy? This language is too hard? The fact, if we really want to learn, there's always a road to success. The problem is that we want to do, have resolved to do or not!

Young couples rushed to buy insurance love forward to pay tens of million

However, fewer young couples would be entitled to pay by not ensuring contract terms is to marry within 3-13 years later. China Youth Daily on the news than the 16.2 15,000 people have registered to buy "love insurance" provided by e-wallet service company Alipay in Valentine (14.2) years now. This company provides the insurance package worth about 14 USD, $43 and 72 USD. Under the terms of the contract, the couple can only receive the corresponding amount paid is $291, 873 USD and $1,455 if they married during the period of 3-13 years.

This means that they will lose the money to buy insurance as if the initial break up or get married before 3 years. "I don't buy that for you daughter or, hopefully this will be a big surprise for her when we got married after 3 more years for" Duong Huy, he, who buy high-value package for said. "The money will be enough to give the wedding full of flowers as her constant dreamer of water," he said, adding the coat. Companies in China have provided insurance services love in 2 years with very diverse forms of compensation. China Life insurance company is committed to pay 10,000 Flower Pink for married couples after 3 years if buying the package worth $43. This package is still off for some in the audience that has students.

Answern insurance companies also offer insurance package worth 58 USD and pay a heart-shaped diamond for married couples after three years of signing the contract. The China Daily newspaper identified more people thought the time of 3 years is very easy but a report of the insurance service had to 98.39% shows Huize couples split up before this time. With the ratio 1.71% married, have at least the couple was paying for insurance because they married before 3 years. "We live in a society that has a fast pace and the majority of the couples that I know usually marry within a year after they met," a 30-year old man named Liang Spirit identification. He also said that the insurance package love can attract more students. "The world today has too many things unknown and I think that's the appeal of love. It's ridiculous if people try to marry just to influence coverage, "according to a commentary on the social network about service love insurance.

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