When the hole for the mortgage loan to scratch cards

Related to 24,900 scratch card detection service MobiFone fake Cops arrested Quang Ninh recently, military Bank (MB) also sent statements to the newspaper said the Group also suspect objects are 300,000 mortgage scratch cards in the MB Ocean branch to business loans. The police checked the batch of fake cards were shipped from China via Mong Cai border gate in Vietnam-security investigation agency Photo provided. MobiFone card number includes many different denominations is faked with the intent to deceive the credit institutions.

When the hole for the mortgage loan to scratch cards
According to the Quang Ninh said, the audience was taking 300,000 this scratch cards to do collateral loans in about 35 billion. According to the Communique of the MB said, mortgages to business loans of group objects in the branch, including not only the MB scratch card which also has real estate and automobiles. MB are conducting reviews to clarify the value of assets related to the incident. MB confirms the view always comply with the due diligence process at the highest level and firmly handle any violations in accordance with the provisions of the law as well as of the Bank. However, the fact is that with 300,000 fake scratch cards are used as collateral for loans, the branch to MB has no effective evaluation measures to detect which is the scratch cards.

Loophole in using scratch cards do collateral

Obituary of MB also said 300,000 fake scratch cards is a distributor of MobiFone official scratch cards used as collateral. This agent has had dealings with MB for years and in this time period, they always make the right commitment, obligation to the Bank. Initial information shows the objects do fake scratch cards home banking fraud Center. But something worth saying is the evaluation of the scratch card recharge the phone is real or fake is not simple. Even when taking a random card out then try loading still successful because the code card is cloned from scratch cards.

From the Bank, with the number up to 300,000, the evaluation process of scratch cards based on the prestige and history of the transactions between the customer with the Bank, while the sitting series code of each scratch card and then compare with the data of your home network (here is MobiFone) is very difficult. Particularity of business of the dealer big phone scratch cards (provincial level) is to turn a huge amount of capital, amounting to tens of billions of Dong. The dealer will distribute down lower-level dealers to withdraw capital, but must have a very large initial capital for the purchase of a large amount of scratch cards to enjoy the preferential price, discount ... from the home network.

Dangerous than money gold

In terms of value, the actual phone card not cash, but hard to verify real or fake. If is land papers, papers of the car then the evaluation will much simpler, but with hundreds of thousands of scratch cards, the Bank itself also can not enough manpower for the lookup code verification, card series. Whether there is a process of coordination between the mobile network to the Bank to verify the code scratch card, you can only base on the sequence of the series code table in the card to match the beginning and end of the code range, not able to check out the entire 300,000 number of scratch cards.

So, allowing the use of a large number of scratch cards do collateral is a very risky decision, by counterfeit money or counterfeit Gold if is then very easy to verify, but with scratch cards are very difficult, even impossible if large numbers. This is the loophole that the scammers used to through the Bank's appraisal process. The incident is also an expensive experience lesson to the Bank review the evaluation process and property groups are used to his loan mortgage.

Warning fake market MobiFone scratch cards

Currently on the market have appeared fake scratch card status being smuggled from China. These tags do not have the ability to load money on the card account as true and can make users lose money oan, MobiFone is recommended. Users need to refill the spot buying to make sure the money was deposited. Previously, on 18/1/2014, Mong Cai border gate customs Bureau (Quang Ninh province) have detained a shipment of 24,900 scratch cards in unauthorized shipping MobiFone logo from China via the border gate in Vietnam. The Bureau said the shipment's owners fled soon after. Bureau had conducted contacts with MobiFone to proceed to verify and investigate the incident.

Reply to the press, confirmed this network MobiFone representatives undertook to check with the manufacturer about the aforementioned card batches and confirm this is false card card number. Typically, each scratch card by MobiFone with serial and 12 silver coated sealed code. 12 this code is only valid for a refill so can't fake this code is 12. This means that the only real card to load the new money also can't fake cards. Soon after, MobiFone had written notice to affiliates, agents and retail outlets to warn about the risk of scratch cards, require clear, dealers don't buy refill cards the origins are not clear, no bills, vouchers.

This network also recommends that users should only buy scratch cards at these stores, the official dealer of MobiFone, prestigious retail spots and get the Bill. When purchasing the card, users need to check carefully the card see also coated layers full of silver, covered 12 refill code or not. The customer should not receive the card scratched silver coated layer overlay code recharge, and after the purchase, should perform in-place of purchase deposit to make sure that the money was deposited. In case of detected fake scratch card, users should notify the store of MobiFone or call reflects to the switchboard of MobiFone by phone 18001090 (toll-free) or 9090 (free with postpaid and 200 VND/minute with prepaid) for instructions on how to handle.

Mirror scratch card, appropriating the 35 billion

The security agencies to investigate the Quang Ninh province have prosecuted the case, the prosecution accused 4 accused, out decides the 1 accused wanted to investigate the handling of the case fake phone card scam, appropriation of property. Announcing the results of the investigation service fake scratch card recharge your phone in Quang Ninh. Previously, on 16/1/2014, at the North Gate, gate customs Bureau Mong Cai discovered a woman transporting a crate catton with 24,900 phone cards labeling of home network MobiFone, in denominations of 100,000 VND/card. Suspect this is fake cards, Mong Cai border gate customs Bureau have conducted up the minutes on hold. N.t. A publicity got themselves into every handbag hire and crates by catton youth say rental 2 paper advertising.

Evaluation on the card number, the information centre of the Mobile 5 conclusion, 24,900 in denominations of 100000 cards/card is the card not the Fair offers on the market, are produced. The process of the investigation, the police discovered the Quang Ninh province Nguyen Van Chung object 4 (34 years, Tan Binh, Hai Duong), Pham Van Duat (33 years, stay in Hai Duong), Tran Viet CUONG (33 years, stay in Chile, Haiphong), Katie (36 years, stay in Hai Duong) had faked acts of scratch card recharge MobiFone with many different denominations.

The police checked the batch of fake cards were shipped from China via Mong Cai border gate in Vietnam-security investigation agency Photo provided/TTO. The fake scratch cards was conducted in China, then unauthorized transport of Vietnam through the gate. The objects purchased by calling card operators MobiFone with worth about 400 million, then scratch card and get the code pin code to enter into the computer brought to China caught termites with a private printing plant here in the mirror up many times. In addition to the number of cards confiscated at the gate, a large number of fake cards have shipped trót reached about Vietnam. The object was to use this card as collateral in a branch bank in the loan amount to about 35 billion. According to the representative, this card number MobiFone not sold out should not affect the customers buy scratch cards MobiFone on the market.

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