What is the transfer request in English ?

Philippe Coutinho has sent the request to assign up to Liverpool to be CHRISTOPHER DESRIAC left the CLB, moving to the Barcelona shirt. So, the "transfer request" is? "Transfer request" is the method that Coutinho are using to leave Liverpool. It is the formal request by English players sent onto the CLB, which expressed the desire to leave the team to sign with other teams. This is usually the last measure that players use.

However, not every transfer request is forced to sell the CLB players. It is simply the expression of the will of the player. In some cases, "transfer request" is also used to make it clear to the CLB that the player wants to be CĐV departure rather than the CLB want to sell the player. Through the years, there are quite many players use this method to be coming to the CLB that they desire, including Chelsea became Alonso (from Liverpool to Real Madrid), Fernando Torres (Liverpool to Chelsea), Luka Modric (from Tottenham to Real Madrid), Robin van Persie (Arsenal to Manchester United), Marouane Fellaini (from Everton to Manchester United) and Gareth Bale (from Tottenham to Real Madrid).

Coutinho filing up to Liverpool to Barcelona please CHRISTOPHER DESRIAC

Just few hours after CHRISTOPHER DESRIAC, Liverpool confirmed as definitely not sell Philippe Coutinho, the Brazilian midfielder was again proposed the aspiration is to go with the home team to Anfield. In the early hours of this morning by now, Fenway Sports Group (FSG, Liverpool's owners) notice expressing definitive stance about not selling Coutinho, despite receiving 90 million offer from Barca. FSG said: "we want standpoints regarding the transfer of Philippe Coutinho".

"The definitive opinion of the CLB there is no proposal for Coutinho will be reviewed. He will still be a member of Liverpool when this summer's transfer market closed ". But just hours later, Coutinho had "major blow" to the FSG's statement when sending email to Liverpool's senior officials expressing aspirations are gone. Although sources from Liverpool, the home team to Anfield still very tough and emphasising this Coutinho's assignment will not change anything.

In interviews before the new season shelf, coach Juergen Klopp revealed Coutinho will not attend the opening match England 2017/18 against Watford due to an injury. Brazilian midfielder also open appearances play-off Champions League with Hoffenheim on the following week.

Liverpool rejected the proposal Monday of Barca bought Coutinho

The Norwegian news agency of news sheets like BBC, Guardian along insisted Liverpool just refused the figure 100 million euros (90 million) that Barcelona put out to ask buy midfielder Philippe Coutinho. This is the second time Liverpool denied the price Barcelona place to ask buy Coutinho. 100 million euro figure includes 85 million euros (76.8 million) in cash to be paid in advance and 15 million euros (13.5 million) fee will pay back. However, Liverpool once again affirmed Coutinho is not for sale. COACH Juergen Klopp himself also confirmed the Coutinho departed Anfield is not possible.

Before that, the first proposal worth 72 million that Barca offer in July has not been accepted. Not just difficult in the negotiations with Liverpool, the other disadvantage for Barca is the Coutinho does not require TEAMS to be left off. ĐKVĐ King's Cup teams currently are in the process of finding a replacement striker Neymar has moved to PSG. In addition to Coutinho, Barca are also eyeing several other names such as Paulo Dybala (Juventus) or Ousmane Dembele (Dortmund).

The House believes in the possibility of Coutinho joined Barca

A series of recent moves that in Europe indicate business Philippe Coutinho to Barca is very feasible. Barca are doing anything to get Coutinho. The dispute rages as the CHRISTOPHER DESRIAC Liverpool insisted will not sell Coutinho. Thus, although very like to settle in "peace", the Spanish press claimed Coutinho are pressed onto the upper floor The Kop to activate the transfer. A driving force in helping the Cule more confidence in the viability of this contract comes from the population of the fish.

The House that in bulk discount rate Coutinho joined Barca from 11/8 (latest 8 eat 11) to 2/5 within 24 hours. It shows the ability of Brazilian stars joined Barca are great if know business Neymar to PSG also has 4/11. Spokesman of the Ladbrokes, Callum Bunce admitted: "Barca is the ideal destination for all the top players and the players believe that Coutinho affair will finish soon." In addition to Coutinho, both Ousmane and Dembele Thomas Lemar also were candidates in Barca's shopping list. Possibility to Camp Nou Dembele is 4/11 (4-11), while that of Lemar's 4/1 (1 4).

Klopp confirms never sell Coutinho

Before rumors about Barca interested Philippe Coutinho, coach Juergen Klopp reiterated points The Kop will never sell its brightest star. Klopp aims very high in the coming season. In it, the first job is to keep your feet be the pillars as Coutinho. Currently, Liverpool are a must to keep the leg is anti Coutinho before Barca's desires. The Kop is said to have rejected the first proposal worth 72 million of the home team, Camp Nou. When a reporter asked whether Liverpool have the back service Naby Coutinho Klopp, if Keita incensed: "You ask the question in a strange way.

If Coutinho not sold, there is nothing to explain. Nothing new at all, we will not sell Coutinho ". Talk about ambition this season, Klopp continued: "of course we will fight for. Last season, that was the goal but we just ordered 4. You never start a season without ambition. I think Liverpool are his goals as well as a good team ". "We were not lucky in the previous season and hope everything will change this year. We must labor had to achieve what you want. Up to this point, everything's fine and now it is time to express ".

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