Vinaliving launches new project for the Saigon South area in the year 2015

Vinaliving honored to receive the award at the international property in 2015. At the International Property Award 2015/2016 month 5/2015 VinaLiving past was honored to receive the three noble Prize for all three categories. This is the top events in the world specialized in the field of real estate, in order to honor the project developer, the brand and the best distributor in the Asia-Pacific region. This is the 13th VinaLiving was honored to receive awards at this prestigious event since the first award in 2011. With the win in 3 categories, including "best golf development" be given to Vietnam Danang Beach Resort, "the best Villa project in Vietnam" was awarded to Dai Phuoc project Lotus and "best marketing brand in Vietnam" was awarded to VinaLiving. In addition, VinaLiving also was honored to receive the award for Asia Pacific: "best Golf Development Award" for Danang Beach Resort.

Vinaliving launches new project for the Saigon South area in the year 2015
Besides, VinaLiving is also proud to announce that both the project "The Beachfront Enclave of The Ocean" and "The Ocean Villas Apartments-stage 1" resort complex in Danang Beach Resort were sold in the year 2015. In addition, the results of the project Azura has surpassed expectations with more than 92% of the apartments have already been sold out. The Point of a project to another resort complex in Danang Beach Resort also has complete stage 1 in the year 2015, and phase 2 expected to hand over at the end of the year 2016 quarter 2.

Other facilities within the project include a large outdoor pool, Park, playground for children has also improved. The Dunes Golf also achieved impressive results over the past year with more than 50.000 round of play. In the year 2015, Dai Phuoc Lotus project has also developed and expanded on the large outdoor pool along the park adjacent to the Marina at the resort Villa. To ensure Dai Phuoc Lotus became one of the best villas in Ho Chi Minh City, the works were planned development in the year 2016. In addition, between the city centre and villas will also be very convenient khichính seat is planning to contest the expanded infrastructure in the next few years.

VinaLing launches new project for the Saigon South area in the year 2015

In early 2015, VinaLiving has officially owned residential building projects in Saigon South. After the process of survey research, the brand Nine villas South Estates were selected for Advanced residential area on the River in Saigon South. Du an Nine South Estates is the garden villa with modern design and neoclassical on 12.9 ha area include includes Garden City villas 355 and 26 villas with waterfront area from 221m2 up to 400 m 2, design from 3 to 5 bedrooms. The project includes various utilities and services such as 24/7 protection, gym, gardens, children's play area, swimming pool and community room with cinema and the other utility stores. In particular, the owners of Nine going South Estates will certainly feel the crisp, quiet peace in the space with more than 13,000 m2 of lush Waterside parks dreaming along river direction perspective will include a jogging track and exercise equipment.

Nine South Estates City Center 9 km and just a few minutes from the Center of the car. At present, more than 500 workers are still working day and night at the project. Part of infrastructure is also being conducted with the model home is expected to launch in Q2 in 2016. Recently, VinaLiving has offered the project Nine South Estates in Ho Chi Minh City in September and October in Hanoi in the year 2015. 72 the first garden villas of phase 1 has been successfully trading in the event. Followed the success of phase 1, VinaLiving and the official agent recently offered for sale stage 2 with 85 villas and 40% more South Nine customers have deposits in early 2016.

Nine South Estates will officially launch in the year 2016, and is expected to be completed and handed in 2018. We are really proud to receive the interest, in favor of the customer. That is a worthy reward for the efforts of the entire staff in the course of a year. In order to deserve the trust and support of you and actively contribute to the building of the new municipality are modern and solid infrastructure in VinaLiving, Vietnam will continue efforts to bring the best real estate products, true to our long term commitment : "Enjoy life value". Source: VinaLiving

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