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You are planning a trip to Cambodia in the coming period, in addition to the issue of transportation, lodging, hotels, dining, you're Cambodian tourism enquiries should buy anything about gifts, where to buy? to calculate the amortized cost. So today the center of the Pacific will give you hints about souvenirs, gift, possibly Cambodia along with the addresses of shops in Cambodia and the quality, the prestige to you just choose the map comments back to save Max. Travel Cambodia should buy anything about gifts, where to buy? The map should buy on making gifts in Cambodia? Travel Cambodia should buy anything about gifts and where to buy? Xem them kinh nghiem du lich kohrong saloem

01. Bandana (Krama)-gift cannot be ignored when the Cambodian tourism

Bandana sure not too familiar with you and with the people of Vietnam in General. So why travel Cambodia back to purchase bandana? It's a question of when you read here is not. Bandana in Cambodia in Vietnam other than you. The gift of self in Cambodia is made of good quality materials and so much more in Vietnam, not only that the colors are also extremely rich not the monotony of black and white as in our country. You can choose the Green striped scarf, white, striped, plaid red white red black ... With a population of Cambodia tourism in General and the people of Cambodia in particular dust travel then this gift is unique in Cambodia could not ignore. About the price of this scarf is also quite cheap only about 1 USD/PCs, if you buy more then don't hesitate to bargain for better prices.

2. Map of the silver-rich and intriguing gifts all tourists to Cambodia

The main silver jewelry or gift purchase for when traveling to Cambodia. Silverware here was to follow the traditional technology from the early years of the 11th century not only that sophisticated styling of traditional Oriental culture of the people of Cambodia. You might consider selecting for themselves the jewelry such as bracelets, necklace or interior decorations ... sure your friends and relatives will immensely enjoy the gift carries possibly Cambodia. You should also note the silverware here often 70-80% silver is silver combined with other alloys.

3. The product sculpture-gift was loved in Cambodia

The small beautiful items made of sculptural art traditions of local people became the favorite gift of tourists in Cambodia. These products are made by hand extremely meticulous in hours, by the States. Although centuries passed but still carving craft is maintained and extended thanks to the development of tourism in Cambodia in the past time. The sculptures are the most popular tourists such as: Buddha statue, Apsara.

4. The specialty in Cambodia-the gift of delicious popular, attractive and most popular in Cambodia

With the question "what should the Cambodian tourism as a gift?" then the answer is usually bought the famous in Cambodia. Stroll through a round you can choose for themselves the famous delights in Cambodia to buy about include:

-Sugar: a thot not famous in Cambodia is sugar made from the tree. Sugar has a pale yellow, delicious taste very good. A kilo of sugar thot not district in Cambodia have reviews from 2-3USD. If you are a gourmet, please buy liquid sugar, yes because they are delicious authentic Cambodia.

-The dry Solid: mention the delicious dishes in Cambodia can not not to mention solid meat dry. As a country of religious they not only don't eat snakes which they also worshiped animal pleasure. But due to the number of reptiles was too great a quantity not less immigrants has turned them into attractive dishes for Cambodia. You can buy specialty in Cambodia in many places with this 6-15USD/kg.

Dry Cow: refers to the beef-dry not only in Cambodia but in Vietnam are also extremely popular. Dried beef here is usually soft and sweet than to buy in the country. Besides the seasoning to marinade the meat also is traditional Cambodian people should they carry a very special taste.

-Beef sausage: similar to dried beef, the beef sausage was also the official special gift purchase when to travel to Cambodia. You should consult the reviews before buying yourself an average they have price 6-15USD/kg.

5. The shopping in Cambodia, cheap quality, reputation

After the entire gift things should buy when traveling to Cambodia then you should also know where to buy them or the other is the prestigious shopping addresses in Cambodia. Shopping experience in Cambodia, you can buy souvenir items in the Russian market or central market, if buying the specialty then you should leave to the market Chợ O'Russei market or the Olympic Games. In addition to the traditional markets then in Cambodia has a lot of the other trade center but the price here is usually much more expensive than the market. When going to the local market, you should prepare the mind can bargain to get the items you want with the most affordable price.

6. Some shopping, traditional market in Cambodia you should to is:

+ Central market: Is one of the largest and busiest in Phnom Penh. Address: Neayok Souk, 855 Phnom Penh. Opening hours: 7 h 00 am-18:00 pm

+ Fair Toul Tom Pong (also known as the Russian market): this is the best place to find those items include woodcut souvenirs and rocks, objects of different rites, silver, and copper coins. Address: 163, Phnom Penh (close to Mao Zedong). Opening hours: 7 h 00 am-17 h 00 pm.

+ Olympic Market: the Cambodian people's traditional market where you can find everything you need. It also reviews cheap shopping address for Cambodia. Address: 286, Phnom Penh.

+ Sorya Shopping Center: high-end shopping center in Cambodia you can find any items would here from civil, electronics, souvenirs, clothes ... address: nº. 13-61, South of Phsar Thom Thmei, Trasak Phaem (St. 63), 12208 Phnom Penh. Opening hours: 8:00 am – 22 h 00 pm.

With the suggestion above about travel Cambodia should buy anything about gifts, where to buy? Surely you've had the answer for myself. Cambodia travel plans to add ease and simplicity you refer: Cambodia travel experience 2017, The beautiful tourist destination, attractions for Cambodia 2017 when about do not forget to comment feel the reality of you. Wish you have a happy and smooth trip!

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