Unsolvable problems reduce electrical safety violations of the subdivisions EVN

Minimize electrical safety violations is always a "difficult problem" of the unit directly under the EVN. Let's listen to the sharing of experts, leaders of the unit on this issue ... Professor, Institute of Tran Dinh Long-Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam electricity: Need more strong hands in dealing with the violation. The relevant provisions have been brought into the State electricity Law, the Decree on safety cell with very detailed rules and, in particular, accompanied by the form processing. However, the fact, the violations remain extremely complex evolutions, causing serious consequences. Typically, the issue touches on the crane truck line 500 kV Di Linh-Tan Dinh 22/5/2013 afternoon caused blackout hours in 22 provinces, into the South.

Unsolvable problems reduce electrical safety violations of the subdivisions EVN

Causes include accidental and unintended. Significantly, now handling the incident infringed on the still mild, form processing is not yet adequate to dangerous levels as well as not yet sufficient deterrence. So, next time, I suppose, the electricity sector needs to coordinate with the local authorities strengthen inspection, timely detection of the infringement, from which guide units, people make improvements, reduce the breaking point out HLBVATLĐCA. With the serious incident, severe penalties are needed, apply both administrative fines and criminal charges against violators and all object management agency violated the ...

Along with that, the power industry and the relevant authorities should promote advocacy, mobilization, stars for the Organization, individuals found to be heavy consequences caused by the violation; mobilize the people to perform well on State regulations about safety ... at the same time, should put the programs into the school, help students capture the specific provisions, no kite, or play in the area of safe guard corridors of high-voltage grid (HLBVATLĐCA).

Mr. Tran Written Ngai-President of Energy Association Vietnam: strengthening cooperation with local registration. Safe corridor protection grid is not just the responsibility of the private power industry, but also the responsibility of the local authorities, of the people living around these areas. By the people, protect the safe corridor grid not only contributes to ensure supply of safe, stable production, business, people's life but also to protect the life, health and property of themselves and their families.

With regard to the level of local government, especially social administrative unit is near the close, with most people. So, to do this job well, the power industry should proceed to sign the cooperation on the protection of the safe corridors for high-voltage grid with the local authorities, especially the country level, the social level; which needs to extract a portion of funds to local governments perform. Fact, the grid stretches throughout, while the labor force of electricity back to the limit, can not be present regularly on online to check and handle the offense. Also with the permanent funding authority locally, near a population should the catch the violation would be easier. When discovered the incident, local authorities will promptly report the power sector to coordinate, handle. With the incident violated many times, need plans handle end points, even apply at all forms of coercive HLBVATLĐCA area ...

Mr. NGO Duc dung-Deputy Director of the high-voltage Grid Company Hanoi: many cases deliberately violated. At present, the situation of local HLBVATLĐCA violations of the capital remained complicated happenings. On the one hand due to the speed rapidly increasing urbanization, buildings to condominiums and population structures are built, bettering the in and close to the corridors of safe protection grid; on the other hand a number of units, people still deliberately violate the regulations of the State on HLBVATLĐCA. There are many cases, power sector many times to propagate and explain directly at the scene, have text sent to investors, recommended safety measures when construction and not constructed works in HLBVATLĐ, but the investor or people still deliberately violate.

Over time, the company has promoted advocacy in many forms as from the fall, the announcement on the loudspeaker, the message board of the ward town..; Insert the electrical safety warning sea, the Sea provides information in grid works; do roadblocks, barie, sea height restrictions warning means; alert stamping spot directly controls the means to control people always pay attention to ensure the distance to the grid. Besides, ITS STAFF, the company also regularly check the cord route corridor, tight trimmed the trees high in and near HLBVATLĐCA, in order to ensure a safe electrical grid when the rain, storms ... However, to the work of this truly effective, we need the on the of the departments, local governments, industry, the press, the media ... to the owner, the people understood the level of danger as well as severe consequences when violating the safe distance of high-voltage grid Since then, strictly regulated.

EVNNPC: resolved to reduce the number of points in violation of safe guard corridors of high-voltage grid

On the morning of 20/7/2017, in Hanoi, the Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) has an online conference work to minimize the violation of the safe guard corridors of high-voltage power grid Corporation. The Conference took place under the chairmanship of the Deputy Director, Deputy Head of the Steering Committee to minimize the violation of the safe guard corridors of high-voltage grid (HLBV ATLĐCA) by the Corporation with the participation of the members of the Steering Committee, the head of the same expertise near the bridge at the point 30 subdivisions.

The Association is organized to assess the work of electrical safety and protection of a safe corridor for high-voltage grid throughout the Corporation, the assignment of specific responsibilities and tasks for the members of the Steering Committee, which aims to resolve 50% of reduction targets reached breaking point HL ATLĐCA and to the BV of new violations. According to the Safety Board EVNNPC, relating the year 2016, throughout the existence of the 2350 EVNNPC violations of safe corridors for high-voltage grid, accounting for nearly 50% of all EVN, while the number of violations has fallen slightly (10%) than in 2015, but only within six months of the year has increased to 2017 2872 violations , this shows the management HL BV ATLĐCA more exist should fix.

Overview of the Conference. The Conference has seriously point out the subjective and objective causes of violations lead to spike in the first 6 months of the year 2017 and focus the discussion in the process of implementing the provisions of the law on protecting the safety lobby on the grid the , especially the coordination between the local authorities and the power sector in solving the breaking point of the corridor grid. The goal in the year 2017, the whole of the Corporation will lose 50% of HLATLĐCA violations and not to the number of new violations. To achieve this objective, the Corporation requested that the power company, the high-voltage Grid company Northern scrutinize breaking point report local authorities handle right to limit accidents, ensure the supply of safe, stable.

Applied engineering solutions, renovate, upgrade, the underground power grid down to delete the service violates the hallway. simultaneously need to continue enhancing the propaganda to people to raise awareness of the dangers as well as the damage to people, property and the influence due to the interruption of the electricity supply due to the violation of the corridor grid. He Balances Clever High-Deputy General Director of EVNNPC, said, the next time the unit should promote propaganda with the simple form understandable to people receptive, and Community Relations Committee should enhance the information, post on a Website, print media to disseminate propaganda work to minimize violation of HLATLĐCA. EVNNPC youth need to put content to minimize violation of HLATLĐCA on action programmes, in cooperation with the organized propaganda, tightly trimmed the tree to prevent the incident, accident ...

EVNNPC Deputy Director Cao Minh Balance also requires 3 units have not yet established the Steering Committee to minimize violation of HL ATLĐCA need immediate, established BV the Steering power company-level 4 (the electricity) must also establish steering minimize breach HL BV ATLĐCA. He also assigned the minimum norms for each unit must make reducing offending works HL BVATLĐCA, breach the gap phase-ground; minimize tree in and out of the HL BVATLĐCA. The results of the work to reduce the number of violations of ATLĐCA BV HL is the evaluation criteria, complete the mission work of the year 2017.

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