Theft of electric cables are carrying the load: danger and risk

In the past, in the Highlands appear more stolen electric cables are carrying the load. This situation is not only dangerous for the main object of theft, but also lost much power load and cause major economic damage to the electricity sector. Dak Lak power company (PC Dak Lak) said, from the beginning of the year, the province had occurred more than 10 thefts of electrical equipment, damaging hundreds of million. Specifically, on 7/6, in Ea, district of Krong, despite TBA are operated, the thief was desperate to cut a cable at 4 total length 32 m, worth about 15 million, causing loss of power more than 400 local clients.

Theft of electric cables are carrying the load: danger and risk

Previously, on 3/6, in TBA T28 in Hoa Hiep district, Township Residents Kuin also happens cut thief 1 cable carrying the load, 1 neutral aluminium cable, 8 m long fiber each. wire neutral loss led to the voltage rising area, damaging many household electrical equipment. The mobile device theft incidents not only cause a loss of power, affect production-business and living of the people, but also cause major economic damage to the electricity sector, even potentially risk losing safe with the object of theft.

Need serious treatment. To reduce the theft of electricity, the power company were working with local authorities, the competent authorities, at the same time mobilize the masses join the guard electricity works; coordination test, stop, take measures to handle the objects of stealing electronic equipment. In particular, some power company also apply mechanisms to reward, encourage people to give information, denounces the crime of stealing electronic equipment. PC Dak Lak Province has issued regulations rewarded extraordinarily for the cases detected, notify, or caught, denounces the object of theft ... Bonus level depending on the specific case, as well as the value obtained; in it, the lowest level is the same for individuals and 500,000 2 million contract for the collective.

According to the Safety Board, Vietnam electricity through burglaries showed the culprit quite professional, have knowledge about electrical engineering. Although electricity has hung the signs warning of the dangers in the substation, but the desperate still stealing objects, despite threatening. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct the trial in the case of theft in the form of electricity, the widely propagated on the mass media in order to enhance deterrence.

Cut the theft of cable are the electric conductivity in the Highlands

Range of service cut the theft of electric cables in a number of Highlands made electricity enterprise "headache", also the customer tears because of power loss and damage to electrical equipment in the House. The first half of June, Dak Lak Province power company continued to receive reports of burglaries of conductive cable. 3.6 day, in substation (TBA) T28 symbols in Hoa Hiep commune, h. Cưkuin, occurs in 1 copper cable theft cut electricity, 1 neutral aluminium cable, 8 m long fiber each. The loss of the neutral wire voltage leads to increased area, doing fire damaged many household electrical equipment. In TT. EA Drăng, Ea Hleo, h., 9.6 days happen service neutral wire cutting crooks of TBA led many households to "weep" because of damaged electrical appliances due to the voltage increase.

Also on 9.6, a burglary occurred at the station in Cuôr Township T37C sign G, h. Cu Mgar. Mr. Doan Ngoc Dung, Director of the Mgar Residential electricity, said thieves used public power plier tợn apples cut 3 strands of copper conduct electricity from low voltage electric cabinets down vase piles of TBA, every length 8 m fibers. Earlier, in the morning, more than 7.6 400 households in the countryside Loc 1 (Ea Township, h. Krong) suddenly lost power. Krong power check, discovered at TBA T135 notation this area cut cable plastic wrap. The thief does not interrupt your TBA, which is desperate to cut a total of long cables at 4 32 m, despite the strong currents are run through.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Deputy Chief Inspector of the French electricity company-Dak Nong, also said that thief electric cable condition occurs in the province several years ago are showing signs of resurgence. Morning report newsletter, 21.5, two electricity workers Krong Emancipation (Dak Nong) quickly to sign TBA T47, spotted a man who cut the cable are the electric leads and neutral cables of TBA. The thief then arrested, the incident was created and handed over to the relevant authorities continue to investigate, handle.

According to the inspection Room power company Dak Lak, from the beginning of the year the unit recorded about 15 service stolen materials, the electrical cable on the province, mainly copper cable, worth more than 200 million. In 2016 also happened near 10 burglary power cable. Power company was the synthesis of the incident, the newspaper economic security-Dak Lak Province public security to coordinate the investigation. So far, however, authorities still had not found the perpetrators the burglary on. According to Mr Nguyen Van Vinh, Chief Inspector of the French electricity company-Dak Lak, burglaries showed the culprit quite professional, there is understanding of the cell, especially when life is often considered theft in more powerful equipment and power lines are active.

16.6 days, Ho Chi Minh City police Dalat (LAM Dong) said recently the decision to extend detention to investigate for Nguyen Van Thang (22 years old, native of Nghe An) and Ocean Optics (age 23, p. 7, da LAT City) about the theft of property. Previously, on 13.4, when Promoted, pros are burning power cable copper core in the Holy Graves get older (now the sports culture project in Lam Dong Province, on the Soviet Nghe Tinh) being caught. Exhibits obtained approximately 82 kg 3 phase power cable copper core of the waste water treatment plant of da LAT, many cable cutting tools ... estimates of the damage caused by Sharp, caused approximately 400 million. 15.4 days, da LAT City police to prosecute the case, the prosecution accused arrested detention 2 months for Positive behavior, Sharp cut the theft of electric cables. According to the Ho Chi Minh City of da LAT, from March until 1.2017 captured, Promoted, make more than 10 service cut the theft of electric cables on the Ho Chi Minh City of da LAT.

The Ho Chi Minh City (Quang Binh province) on 16.6 also said it had decided to prosecute for vu Hong Wins (27 years, Home Power editor) on charges of "theft". Previously, on 9.5, Dong Hoi City police caught Wins are cut cable theft of electric lighting system in the flyover road Lê Lợi. From January 9.2016 to win after being caught has made 17 service electrical lighting, cable theft cut cord on the power of the city, with 770 m electric cable and electric wire, 840 m worth a total of more than 92 million.

Used truck cranes thief 2 roll the power cable 500 million, 5 arrested

After the discussions and planning, 5 object into the field control protection, use crane trucks take away 2 roll of medium voltage power cables worth about 500 million. The scene in the work place were the subjects used crane trucks take away 2 rolls of cables worth 500 million dong. Information from the 8th Division, the Criminal Police Department of Hanoi police (PC 45) said, this unit has captured 5-emergency entry object control, hands tied 2 protect and steal 2 electric cables worth 500 million at 00 h 30 9/3 morning in Hamlet 2 me Linh commune, Tien Phong – Hanoi.

Earlier signs also reported, on 9/3, two days 00 h 30 guard duty in the field in the hamlet 2, then suddenly the Group robbed to control knife, tied up and used truck cranes blatantly take 2 medium voltage power cables worth about 500 million. After the police in the investigation, reconnaissance had 5 relevant subjects include: Bui van Ha (b. 1971, stay Sagging La-East England-Hanoi); Chile As Luan (SN 1979, stay set in Navy-Dong Anh-Hanoi); Nguyen Van Trung (SN 1984, stay Golden-Hoang Hoa-Hoa); Pham Chi Hieu (SN 1985, stay set in Navy-Dong Anh-Hanoi); Nguyen Van articulated verses (SN 1976, stay set in Navy-Dong Anh, Hanoi).

Through the struggle, exploitation, the subjects received stubs due to lack of money eating goal should have conferred and plan thoroughly for the thief 2 roll the power cable. The evening 8/3, informs we have to rent a car and crane who buy 2 cables power on. Then they assigned, Central market, classical (Sea Set-– Hanoi) buy the wire though, adhesive tape, gauze ... to 23 h on the same day, ride the air transport in Central London, to the scene then saw the shack has 2 protection is Nair (B. 1969) and Nguyen Quang Uyen (SN 1986) are housed in makeshift Shack to look 2 cables. After observing, they call for the same cause to tastes and articulated verses.

About 00h10 9/3/2016 day, the torch used articulated verses stand sure front of curious, Rotating knife still Shack into control and user wired drums though Yuan, while China and The British control. After the control 2 protection, motorcycles carrying out Galaxy grab articulated verses welcomed Nguyen Van Minh (b. 1990, at building company number 6 – Kim Dong Anh-Hanoi-Effort) to drive cars into the crane to crane 2 power cables. Also Tastes and London remain keepers 2 protection. The robbers were 2 power cables coils, both 5 objects download the car to sell for A Perfect Tan (SN 1970, stay the town from son-BAC Ninh) for 147 million contract. Then they pay the rent the truck cranes, divided equally for each and leave.

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