The temple is famous for the beautiful and unique in Cambodia

Cambodia is the country of the temple Tower, so if you are intending to here that ignore the most famous temples of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge should not be ignored, as you have yet to come. Discover the beauty, originality of the Temple will be an enjoyable experience that you never forget. The most famous Cambodian Temple beautiful, unique. Direct contact with biju Nair 0911.46.33.89 hotline number or with the Triangle Bar number 01283.98.69.98 for advice on the specific tour. The most famous Temple in Cambodia was beautiful and unique. Xem them nhung ngoi den noi tieng tai campuchia

The temple is famous for the beautiful and unique in Cambodia

1. Phnom Bakheng-tourist attractions in Cambodia to sunset

This is one of the most famous temples in Cambodia's AngKor, located at the unique pole, is the center of the first Khmer Kingdom. Famous temples in Cambodia is carrying Hindu temple architecture of a temple mountain built in the 9th century. 65m high temple consists of 6 floors and 108 small towers around. Due to the favourable located is the Summit of a hill so Phnom Bakheng became the attractive tourist spots in Cambodia to see the sunset.

2. The most beautiful temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Angkor Wat is the largest and most beautiful temples in Cambodia, this is also the symbol of tourism in Cambodia. Built in the early 12th century on a 200 ha of land, the temple is the climax, is the crystallization of the ancient Khmer architecture. Outside the temple is covered with reliefs of epic description of India and the Hindu's gods. Unlike the temples in Cambodia and the other is deserted after the decline of the Khmer Empire that Angkor Wat rise to become one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Cambodia. In 1992, the complex of Angkor Wat was recognized by Unesco as a world heritage site and also from this is the new beginning for the tourism of Cambodia.

3. Angkor Thom-great temples of Cambodia

Travel Cambodia should go play? Khmer Angkor Thom means great cities, this place was built in the late 12th century on an area of width to 9 km square. Inside of Cambodia's most famous Temple has many small temples from the previous century. At each corner of the temple has a shrine is built of sandstone and worship Related to World Music. The whole point of this temple is cross-shaped and oriented to the East. If to AngKor Wat you'll see unique then in AngKor Thom is the focal point for exotic architecture, great Majesty.

04. Banteay Srei Temple-the Temple of the great rock peak in Cambodia

The Temple of Banteay Srei was the study reviews is one of the most famous temples in Cambodia-. The temple has the 3-layer architecture with the outer layer is the stone bridge, the temple gate, the middle layer is the moat, the main port and the class is in the temple and the library. The temple has countless delicate bas-reliefs, detailed, carve on red sandstone and laterite. The temple was the place where the God Shiva in the North and the God Vishnu to the South. However, only a small cluster of temples of AngKor architecture but this is always a fascinating temple the most tourists in Cambodia.

5. The Temple of Ta Prohm-most unique Temple in Cambodia

Ta Prohm is located east of Angkor Thom points specifically to this place are the people and tourists for the nickname is pretty impressive temples in Cambodia's temple was not, trimmed branches to let the forest covered throughout the centuries until it was discovered for the first time in the 9th century. Ta Prohm is also the largest temples in the AngKor complex when it includes 260 statue, 39 towers and 566 building. Easy to catch the ancient tree grows crawling up on the roof, creating beautiful and unique landscape are extremely rare. Two ancient trees which are recorded as tree Ficus religiosa tree cotton and rice.

06. Banteay Kdei-impressive Buddhist temples in Cambodia

Banteay Kdei is one of the famous attractions in Cambodia, located in the southeast of Ta Prohm and East of Angkor Thom, the temple was built in the mid 13th century. This is an impressive Buddhist temples of Cambodia. Built in as Ta Prohm and Preah Khan, but with smaller scale and the decorations while few but extremely precise and refined. Due to the ravages of time and the restoration embellish has not really promptly should this temple are degraded quite serious, but it's still always carries the nostalgic and sophistication not often form.

The information related to tourism in Cambodia may interest you: With those who love travel to Cambodia in General and favorite of Khmer traditional culture in particular, the list of the most famous Cambodian Temple of beauty and originality will be incredibly helpful hints for you to explore this beautiful piece of land. To Cambodia without the fascinating temples, also considered as not to go there. If you have any queries about the Cambodia tourism and travel to other locations in general please send comments to we are glad to assist you.

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