The sturdy pride-reliability-safety more than 4,000 car Mitsubishi being recall Vietnam

Mitsubishi brought VMS 2017 criteria "durable-reliable-secure", song, more than 4,000 models of Japanese cars being recalled in Vietnam due to a system error the rearabsorbers, can cause loss of safety for the user. This morning the Vietnam register, give notice, summons 4,218 airport Outlander Sport and Pajero Sport of Mitsubishi to fix the fault system of the rear shock absorbers, can cause injury to the user. Proud ' durable-reliable-safe ', but 4,000 car Mitsubishi being recall in Vietnam. (Photo: Free Dance).

Out of more than 4,000 car Mitsubishi being recall there were 943 Outlander Sportand 3,275 the Pajero Sport. For model Outlander Sport, the model number GA2WXTHHL vehicles produced in the time period from the year 2014-2016 and model carsbearing GA2WXTSHL is produced from the year 2014 to 2015 will be located in an recovery this time. Meanwhile, the Pajero Sport (including import cars and assembled in the country), are produced from 2011 to May 6/2016 will be summoned again to check the safety of the vehicle.

Advance information on Mitsubishi, Vietnam confirmed, the main cause of this is due to summon strikes part of outer tube absorber lid door on this model due to corrosion anti-corrosive coating is incomplete, resulting in risk of snapped out and hurting people standing around the door opening time. Causes of this condition is due to reduced care against the door behind the gas-filled, the lid of the tube outside the front fork against the back door may be rusted because of corrosion resistant coatings are not enough paint.

The use of reduced care against the rear doors were rusted in the long run will cause breakage due to this distended tubes out. This will cause the people stood aroundthe car injured by shattered pipes, made piece of couch tube or can make the doorafter the car fell down suddenly during use, risk of causing injury to the user. Also according to the manufacturer, the model is in an be recalled will be checked and replaced for free at all the airline's maintenance center. Time check and replacement take place about 30 minutes. The recovery period is expected from now until the end of 1/7/2019 (about 2 years).

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