The reasons you should invest in the Nine villas South Estates

With a prime location just 9 km from the Centre of the city, a world-class design with reasonable price, Villa Nine South in prestigious VinaLiving owner-VinaCapital worthy of one of the luxury villas at Saigon South area that you should own. Investor credibility VinaCapital's asset management group and leading real estate development in Vietnam, with a diversified portfolio worth up to 1.5 billion dollars. The prestige and class VinaLiving brand-the brand real estate development in VinaCapital was confirmed with the top project in Vietnam like Azura apartment-Danang, sea Villas The Ocean Villas-in Danang Beach Resort, urban America – Nha Trang Dai Phuoc villas, Lotus-Dong Nai.

The reasons you should invest in the Nine villas South Estates
The Nine villas South garden and Villa Nine South River. 72 of the Villa is a was a successful transaction on the open first sale 9/9/2016, VinaLiving owner-VinaCapital have continued to assert the project Nine South Villa is the attractive investment opportunities not only help you own a property associated with the soil has the potential for high return rental , which also owns a new lifestyle, future investment for your loved family. The Nine villas South include the Villa garden and waterfront villa with world-class design, modern facilities will bring you an authentic life style, the perfect living space. Architecture design of classic style and modern Villa's Nine South very suitable for middle-aged clients and younger residents.

Reasonable price with world-class mansion. The project Nine South is being offered for sale and are ready to debut officially on quarter of 2016, Nine villas South starting price from 6 billion (including taxes). The Nine villas South just 9 km of the city centre, adjacent to the Center and is adjacent to the axis of the street Nguyen Huu tho important routes in the Saigon South area. The Nine villas South with reasonable price along the international utility is not only attractive investment opportunity but also gives you a perfect nest. Invest in villas, lucrative investment along VinaLiving-VinaCapital. In addition, Nine villas residents South also enjoy the convenience and attractiveness of the project such as:

- Waterfront Park-with an area of 1.3 hectares including active sports area entertainment, outdoor play area and BBQ for the whole community
- BBQ Area for partying with friends and family
- 5,200 m2 nursery school-international zone

The investor of the project Nine South Estates?

The investor of the project Nine South. The real estate market in recent years has turned her strong. Along with the shifting demand from the East to the South zone of the city with the project's scale property investors. One of the projects the caliber when mentioning the property market in Saigon South area is the project Nine South Estates-luxury villas waterfront area facilities, world-class. A key element to create prestige and the distinct values of the project Nine South Estates from the brand owner's VinaLiving-brand development real estate projects of VinaCapital reputation.

Vinacapital group developed one of the leading real estate project in Vietnam. Vinacapital possesses strong financial resources, seasoned management team experience, strategic vision and is a prestigious brand. The real estate project of VinaCapital are clearly shown to be lifestyle and values for the future as The Ocean Villas-sea Villa district in Danang Beach Resort, Azura apartment Danang, urban America – Nha Trang, ... Hold the value of that standard, with the project Nine South Estates at the Saigon South, VinaCapital will bring the international living space and difference for the future.

VinaCapital investment portfolio size. Vinacapital assertion is a property investment and development potential with the full range of high-end real estate projects around the country. The real estate project level, and the reputation of VinaCapital including as: Azura apartment (Da Nang), Dai Phuoc waterfront villas Lotus (Dong Nai), urban America – Nha Trang, Da Nang resort complex Beach Resort, and is closest to the project Nine South Estates-blue villas with 381 apartments include a garden city and 26 villas 355 Waterfront villas located in Saigon South. The project Nine South Estates predicts will bring a new successful VinaCapital in his portfolio.

The project Nine South green villas class

Vinacapital and VinaLiving brand-value and separate class. With strategic vision, VinaCapital VinaLiving brand has such a reallocation confirmed name on the real estate market. From the prepared initially to introduce VinaLiving brand in real estate exhibitions in Da Nang Beach Resort to a series of projects to the next level appears with his ensure credibility from the VinaLiving brand, VinaCapital have built VinaLiving into a top brand in Vietnam real estate sector. With VinaLiving, the value of the design dedicated to the lifestyle and culture of a new generation of Vietnamese people are always put on top and is shown in detail in each of the real estate project. The project Nine South Estates is a commitment with the market on VinaLiving's credibility and success in the construction brand of VinaCapital.

Vinacapital-the owner of the prize. Vinacapital group is not only the scale and prestige in the fields of investment and property development, but also confirmed by a series of awards from the water off the continuous international for many years. This not only confirmed the quality of the project's in the water but also the opportunity to VinaCapital reaching into the international market. Only in the year 2011, VinaCapital have owned two international awards "best golf development" and "best marketing" project for Villa Ocean Villas is located in the holiday complex of Da Nang Beach Resort from Asia Pacific Property Awards-the part of the International Property 17 years old.

Between the year 2015, this group continues to be honored at Asia Pacific Property with 3 Award for Da Nang Beach Resort-best golf development "Vietnam", Dai Phuoc Lotus-"the best Villa project in Vietnam", VinaLiving-"best marketing brand in Vietnam". In late 2015, this group carries on two prestigious awards "project the best Vietnam holiday apartment" for The Ocean Apartments, "honorary award for Vacation villas project" to The Point, are part of the complex of Da Nang Beach Resort at the Vietnam Property Awards. List of awards from international to domestic's is the most obvious proof demonstrates the level of branding and the value of the projects implemented VinaCapital.

For that reason, the project Nine South Estates became more attractive and offer the value of a warm nest, utility class. The project Nine South Estates are expected to create a name for the VinaCapital echoes. Vinacapital-investor's project Nine South Estates is a solid commitment for the customers of the same class design green living space of the Saigon South Waterfront villas. If there is the need to find a luxury villas with attractive rates or an investment opportunity in the future the project going Nine South Estates is where residents directed to.

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