The project Nine South Estates villas launches prepared Nine South model

The project Nine South Estates-more than 500 construction workers 4 villas Nine South Estates model under 3 different architectural styles and 6 villas to prepare for launching the project. According to the representative of the owner, next 4 villas Nine South Estates will complete interior and exterior parts, investors also built more homes in other form 6 rough exterior finishing inside like the current state of the House helps clients have complete insight about the buried his settle.

The project Nine South Estates villas launches prepared Nine South model
Currently the Villa is in the project Nine South Estates has perfected the crude part, completing parts and exterior paint. That parallel the interior parts are also being constructed 60%. The entire interior and exterior parts of the Villa area to be completed in the first quarter, 2016. Amenities in the area overall Cabinet villas Nine South Shore overflow pool 2ha template, gym, outdoor play area for children, barbecue, Garden, lighting, drainage system ... has been completed. Part decoration, Interior and exterior equipment for swimming pools will be finalized at the end of the month 1/2016.

To create a landscape for the whole project, green tree types are also the owner of the nursery area right in the project. Each internal roads at project Nine South Estates will be a different type of tree planting, creating diverse flora within the project. Sale Villa Nine South Estates from 6 billion/units (including taxes). Hotline: 0903978900 on the website of the Nine South Estates. The project Nine South Estates is adjacent to the axis of the street Nguyen Huu tho, District 7, HO CHI MINH CITY.

This is the transportation lifeblood in the Saigon South urban area, direct connection to Hiep Phuoc Port town-with the district Center HCMC, radiate away the Western provinces, South East through the Avenue Nguyen Van Linh, HO CHI MINH CITY-Long Thanh-Dau-. Built according to the model compound (closed barrier wall systems, security 24/7, full integration of the utility Cabinet living quarters), Nine villas South Estates including 381 Villa attached to the land, of which 355 Garden City villas and waterfront villa with 26.

The Panorama project Nine South Estates under construction. To meet the needs of many customers, the owner has selected many styles of different architectural design from the bedroom to the Villa 3-5 in Nine South Estates. Accordingly, classical architecture, classic luxury, the old will suit customers. Also the Villa designed in a modern, minimalist style is the choice of the young residents. Vinacapital's asset management group and leading real estate development in Vietnam, with a diversified portfolio worth up to 1.5 billion dollars. The company has developed many advanced real estate under the VinaLiving brand the country as Azura apartment-Danang, sea Villas The Ocean Villas-in Danang Beach Resort, urban America – Nha Trang Dai Phuoc villas, Lotus-Dong Nai.

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