The project Nine South Estates paradise living

The project Nine South Estates-ideal paradise. In August the year 2015, VinaCapital received on honorary award "good vacation apartment project for Vietnam" for The Ocean Apartments Gia Awards Awards. This award once again confirmed the name brand VinaLiving VinaCapital real estate market in Vietnam in General and the high-end real estate projects in particular. In the 1st quarter of the year 2016, VinaCapital will continue to maintain the value and reputation of his potential before the official launch of the project Nine South Estates South of Saigon. The project Nine South Estates with the same garden city villas 355 26 Riverside mansion will become a paradise life and great vacation packages for the modern family in the future.

I. Space project Nine South Green

To the project, residents will enjoy the entire space of peace, quiet, airy and immerse yourself in the natural green plate right on his side. Construction density only 29.76% of 12.9 ha, project Nine South gives residents in the fresh atmosphere and relaxation right in Vietnam's most modern cities. Besides the low construction density, the project Nine South is designed with 400 m-long walk along the river Rach 13000m 2 shrimp, Green River Park along the inner Green Zone 2 shortness help you make cool green life when choosing Nine South Estates do long-term settlement.

Villas and rates are extremely attractive. Followed the success of the senior project that VinaCapital have invested, the project Nine South continue stamped on a modern villas, most Add-ons and class, confirmed once again the name of the real estate development corporation. The design of the project Nine South diversity from classic style, which to modern will meet the lifestyle of both middle-aged residents and young residents. In addition, with the advantage of a prime location in Saigon South, the transportation infrastructure projects in key areas of the South, the project Nine South will surely is the ideal location to build a warm nest for the future employer.

The project Nine South Estates created attraction not only thanks to the level of the project and the prestige of the owner but also by extremely attractive price, only from 6 billion to a senior Villa. Because of that reason, even tranche offered for sale on the first 9/2015, 72, the first garden villas of phase 1 has been trading successfully, even more impressive, in phase 2, 85 Villa had more than 40% of employers and customers have deposits in early 2016.

II. Internal utility project zone Nine South international match

The project Nine South Estates is one of the few real estate projects in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM is designed as the model Compound. This is an advanced model that American-style villas are usually applied with the wall enclosures, security 24/7 along the Add-ons available in the internal zone. Two large utility area and facilities within the project include two pool 360m 2, chain restaurants, coffee shops, high-end events Centre, Club House, movie room, fitness center, sports ... full service guarantees culinary needs, entertainment, recreation and sports of all residents the project Nine South Estates. In particular, BBQ areas are arranged along rivers is an ideal location to your friends, family, gathering the weekend enjoy a picnic between green space and peaceful river winds.

The kindergarten with an area of over 5000 2 same playground both indoor and outdoors will help the future comprehensive development physically and mentally. The utility of the modern and diverse area content at project Nine South will nurture your nest for the value of life, and full of happiness. Luxury villas, high-class, green space, stringent security, amenities, neighborhood Cabinet ... the elements promises to take the project Nine South Estates became a paradise life and the ideal vacation. Immerse yourself in nature that still enjoy the value of modern living, civilised, high-class villas project Nine South Estates of VinaLiving owner-VinaCapital is the perfect choice for home of the future.

III. The Nine villas South Estates the perfect living space

Nine South Estates is the Villa with world-class design and integrate multiple Add-ons at Saigon South area already and are getting more attention on the real estate market. The project Nine South Estates promised to give the residents a green living space, modern lifestyle with world-class facilities. Overview the project Nine South Estates. The project Nine South Estates Home with Friends up to 12.9 ha including 381 class, Villa with garden city villas 355 26 Riverside villas.

The architectural design styles vary from 3 to 5 bedroom villas project Nine South Estates will bring satisfaction to the future residents, whether they are young or middle-aged residents. The future employer can choose for themselves the classical architectural styles, classical or modern sale to enjoy life at project Nine South Estates. In addition, the building density only 29.76% also are considered the highlight of the project with extremely wide living space open and airy.

- The owner of prestige: VinaCapital is real estate developer with a series of high-end real estate works like Azura apartment-Danang, sea Villas The Ocean Villas-resort complex in Danang Beach Resort, urban America – Nha Trang Dai Phuoc villas, Lotus-Dong Nai. With many years of experience in the field of development of construction, the project's are reaching the international level of the project. With Nine South Estates, VinaCapital continues to affirm the value and its mission when it has invested both in terms of area, the structural works, internal standard area utilities and class. Followed the successes from the previous project, Nine South Estates real estate projects would be full of attractive jewelry with reasonable rates and property design according to international standards.

- Location: Nine South Estates is adjacent to roads and Pham Huu Nguyen Huu tho Floor-two transportation lifeblood of Saigon South urban area. The project was present adjacent to the river stretches 400 m, is the direct connection point Hiep Phuoc port town-Home Friends with the downtown area. From Nine South Estates, you can move to the Western provinces, South through the Avenue Nguyen Van Linh, HO CHI MINH CITY-Long Thanh Expressway-Oil Seconds.

Senior civil utility area. With a total area of up to 12, 9ha, project Nine South Estates owns a lot of internal utility class area such as:

- Cool Waterfront Park has an open area of 13,000 sqm with views of the river cover staging more than 400 m and has over 6,000 m2 green area Cabinet.
- Two pools to overflow the banks of the larger 300m2 along with a sun-filled space facilities to help you enjoy comfort and rest.
- 2 luxury gym exercise area filled with the kind of relaxation and massage.
- 2 BBQ area in the clubhouse or the next cool waterfront created space party for residents and friends.
- Playground and nursery school system internal wide areas over 5,000 m2 of international standard.
- 9 protected areas 24/24 the international standard are arranged with the assistance of advanced camera system series.

In addition, you also enjoy the convenience of foreign attractive area in a radius of less than 5 km with the amenities of the area in District 7 as:

- Trade Center SC ViVo City.
- Trade Center Cresent Mall.
- Chain of Parkson shopping centre, Paragon, Lotte Mart, Coopxtra.
- 30 hole Golf in South Area of the city.
- Rmit International University, ton Duc Thang.
- Nail Friendly elementary school.
- Hospital Heart Center in Germany, FV hospital, Nha

Nine South Estates will be the perfect nest for the residents of modern civilization – when just enjoy a life full of comfort, luxurious newly into a quiet space to relax in the fresh air and greenery. Owning one of these upscale Villa Nine South Estates at Saigon South area to establish the worth living for family class!

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