The characters behind the blockbuster grossing horror Annabelle: Creation

The same people who stand behind the horror blockbuster Annabelle: Creation. With those words cheered by international critics as the same mass audience's reaction after the early showtimes, Annabelle: Creation is the most feared of the works this summer. However, fans do not feel surprised that by the movie which was insured by a team of quality production of urbanisation in the horror genre. James Wan-"Prince" of the horror movie world. James Wan creates series of haunting works.

Not yet have a Director in Hollywood history to create a universe of her own horror, except James Wan. At the age of 27, Asian filmmakers are both known to the world only by a class B budget finishing 1.2 million-Saw (2004). James Wan quickly turns the Saw horror series becomes the longest currently, stretches with 7 episodes and a total turnover of nearly 900 million USD. Unique storyline, the same terrifying images the expensive lessons made the bloodiest series of films on the big screen.

James Wan directed rare Asian shines in the film capital of the world. But James Wan's talents don't stop there. He began to turn to spirituality, horror genre focusing obsessively viewers mind. In 2010, only 1.5 million of capital, says the Insidious work. The film quickly became a nightmare for the audience when the exploitation of infinite realms filled with evil spirits. Currently, there are 3 part movie Insidious series, and the fourth part is expected to debut early in 2018.

James Wan on the film "The Conjuring". James Wan reached the pinnacle of his career with The Conjuring (2013). Although it does not contain much violence and blood picture but the film was censored in the US Bureau classified R (for viewers aged 16 and up) by the obsessive awe of it. By classic motifs, James Wan constantly creates the mental torture segment of viewers. The work received very high reviews from music critics. The Conjuring no longer stop in a movie, which broaden into a cosmic horror with horribly evil characters, including witch doll Bathsheba, Annabelle, demons and Demonic Valak Back Cuffs (The Crooked Man).

No one else, James Wan who brought true ghost doll Annabelle onto the big screen, turn it the dread in the hearts of the audience. Annabelle: Creation continue to be James Wan implementation monitoring. He is also the mentor to the haunting footage of audiences both in the dream. David f. Sandberg-directed born to do a horror movie. Just "Hi" cinema a year ago but what David f. Sandberg do shows he is "James Wan Monday" of Hollywood. Before launching his Lights Out (2016), Swedish Director has produced several short films with funding nearly in the number 0, which is Closer (2013), Orange Lights Out (2013), Coffer (2014), Attic Panic (2015), ... Lights Out short film ever to help David won Best Director of a horror film contest entitled who's There.

James Wan (left) and David f. Sandberg (right) on "Lights Out". Just by the simple frame without much interference effects and dialogue, he spread a nightmare for anyone who has ever viewed through film. David f. Sandberg took material from life to spin the story fascinating and unique. Objects and characters in horror movies he looks not too scary but capable of causing lasting obsessions. In particular, the minimalist sound along the deadly silence is the "ultimate weapon" making the Viewer to adrenalin.

David f. Sandberg makes new breakthrough of the character of Annabelle. Get out of the horror film-making talent David f. Sandberg, James Wan has given him the opportunity to put the Lights Out onto the big screen. Successful than expected, exploiting the fear of darkness in each of us to make the iconic Ma lights off creepy. James Wan continued over the Director Annabelle: Creation for David. And once again, he did not disappoint the fans, even brought pictures spooky scary Annabelle doll for ever. After this work, international critics in favor of calling David f. Sandberg as "masters of horror".

Joseph Bishara-manipulates emotions of audiences through the "magic" sound. Music is one of the important factors in a horror movie. The macabre tone always causes the audience to hair-raising horror every time. Annabelle: Creation the participation of composer of this movie series grossing-Joseph Bishara. He is also the composer, sound editor for famous works such as the Master of the Horrors, Insidious series, The Conjuring, V/H/S, ...

He played keeper demons in many famous horror films. More interesting, this professional musician Member Devil character on the big screen. He is the Demon Face (Lipstick-Demon Face) in sections 1 and 3, Insidious witch Bathsheba in The Conjuring. More particularly, in Annabelle: Creation, he will embody the devil of Annabelle. With the experience of his evil, Joseph Bishara would cause the audience to keen. Does embody the demon of Annabelle spooky to some degree? Own a renowned production team, no doubt, Annabelle: Creation is exactly screams AWE for this summer. Annabelle: Evil creatures, premiered in theaters across the country from September 11.08.2017.

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