The beautiful and famous tourist sites in Cambodia you should visit

The beautiful tourist attractions, famous in Cambodia you should to. You are traveling to Cambodia? Today will share information about the beautiful tourist attractions, famous in Cambodia that you can't miss. Let's explore the Pacific Center point to tour Cambodia and attractive landscape in Cambodia! If you have any questions about where to play, dine near the tourist, please send the question to us will answer most quickly for you. Contact the hotline number 0911.46.33.89, Tam Thanh Nguyen you to sign up for tours. The beautiful tourist attractions and famous in Cambodia you ought to. Xem them dia diem du lich dep va noi tieng

1. Angkor: mentioning the well-known tourist destinations in Cambodia is not able not to mention Angkor. This is a beautiful complex of wards, with extensive architecture built by the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 15th and also should name for Cambodia's tourist industry. It has a temple of Angkor Wat to the rock faces of the Bayon, create unique and impressive for visitors.

2. Sihanoukville (Kampong Som): Is a port city with the beautiful coastal resort of the Gulf of Thailand. Here, you are not only soak up the wonderful space in this place but also see the beach in blue, the same white sand all also very interesting. Besides, Sihanoukville is also attractive tourist attractions in Cambodia for the short trip you are on.

3. Preah Vihear: located on the high cliffs of 525m on the Dangrek mountains Khmer Temple is legendary. This is one of the oldest structures from the century XI, XII the most beautiful so far. When visitors come here will be visiting admire the architecture of the temple as well as the sculpture on sandstone were sophisticated.

4. Gold-Silver Pagoda Pagoda: one where the scenic tourism in Cambodia, which Vietnam is coming to visit for the Temple of the Gold-Silver Pagoda. Here you will see the Buddha eyes are inlaid in gold, silver, diamond ...

The silver pagoda, also known as the Emerald Buddha Temple or Wat Preah Morakat is one of the most famous temples in Cambodia. The Temple took the name is owned by Silver Pagoda 5329 silver paving to pieces, especially every piece of silver here were people where this is craft. Moreover, the Temple also kept many religious treasures with over 1650 items of value. Located between the Centre of the tower is the Emerald Buddha statue (people for or, this statue was made of emeralds or Crystal noble), is the Buddha Maitreya is 90 kg net yellow and tagged 2086 diamonds (25 carat diamond on the Crown and a 20-carat diamond mounted in his chest). In addition it also has a Buddha statue sitting in Śarīra placed a small Tower of gold, silver, along with the treasures of Queen Kossomak Nearirith, treasures contributions of noble and Royal families.

5. The National Museum of Cambodia: considered the archaeological museum and the history of the land where these destinations and attractions in Cambodia. Whether the center of Khmer Rouge history tend to be complex of Angkor and the associated Museum in Siem Reap obscured the place still has the Khmer art collection is the largest in the world. Besides, the Museum is also home to display and store the collections, archaeology, religion and the Arts from the IV century to the XIII century, the world of the ancient Khmer.

6. Island of Koh Rong: Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Rong Island Sea about 20 km from the city of Shihanoukville and is also one of the interesting tourist attractions, famous in Cambodia that you should not miss. To go to the island, you will have to cool the 2 new Sea cruise to the island. Opposition to the noisy, bustling and vibrant city of Sihanoukville, Koh Rong back to the quiet by the wild beauty along with your line in the water Extractor. You will feel like living in a "paradise" so, certainly it will not make you be disappointed to here.

Koh Rong Island-one of the famous attractions in Cambodia. Tourist spots in Cambodia are beautiful and attractive, isn't it? Hopefully with the famous tourist destination in Cambodia should not miss that share on here will help you to choose where the fun sightseeing in Cambodia more interesting. In addition, tourist trips to Cambodia favorable, you can consult the additional articles: Cambodia's tourism experience, details.

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