The banking profession bold smell money which also does not lack of loans

The banking sector, making the Bank for many years, finally steps out of the banking industry, however, so far, I'm the same little of his former colleagues not to always cherish those dates work can say is "rolling Le beef cutlets". Itself made us of yesterday-"he stinks" and sensitive to individual customers. I started my career in the position of Bank business banking specialist Techcombank at-one bank that has always been my peers at the time as "extremely positive", but have fun and learn a lot of things.

The banking profession bold smell money which also does not lack of loans
Do banks, especially credit, do not avoid the temptation around. The head of the bank officers not before the temptation that has caused many consequences in micro and macro range. Recently, not hard to we can read many negative information related to banking. Therefore, here, I'm not referring to the bold negative "smell of money", which mean "love"-that's just the people who made the Bank the main legs can feel exhausted.

In the course of his work, I'm lucky to be worked on with the incredibly enthusiastic colleague, that until today, I still haven't forgotten the boiling air tub that day. We can stay to the very late at night, to help each other to make the account disbursements, guarantee or l/c. Complete a loan or grant to the customer limit that is both a coordination, interaction, even internal struggles from the mild to the acrimony of the Bank staff.

Motivation would help we can live with such a career? Me and the ex-colleagues, motivation is simply a thank you from the corporate customer that we're managing. Motivation is when you Director of client companies towards relieved when we got the loan disbursement to pay timely shipments on or pay for employees in the vicinity of Tết. motivation is when our capacity to be admitted, not in the amount that we receive , which is in the client's beliefs put on our shoulders, in the simple way we are loving them through each gear box or each calendar.

Our diverse clients from the business revenue of thousands of billions, hundreds of billions, to the small and medium enterprises. Every business has individual needs, we do not place more than one heavy one when standing before the needs of the business. I still remember one's former boss saying that I immensely respect: "we work with the familiar business then, open your mouth as tens of billions, hundreds of billions, but the delayed disbursement account just a few hundred million only can also influence the business". We've been so remonstrate when unintentionally despised the disbursement account or the customer has not large scale.

Having witnessed the production process, the business of business, see what their contribution to the economy although it is small or big business. In those days, plying in the banking industry, I have had the opportunity to be "up into the sea, forest, stair climbing, wading streams" to go to the appraisal enterprises with all trades. I learned to not at least from the way exposure, assessment, recognition, evaluation, and special issues, greater than all, is learned to empathize with and do business in a sincere way.

Until today, I no longer work in the banking sector, but for a Japanese trading company. My clients are businesses, Vietnam is importing the product due to the company I sold. And they all are having to use the method of payment from the Bank to match the requirements of the company party I. In this company, I received absolute trust from customers when for them, I was no longer merely the seller, that is a sincere, fervent advice to them on the loan, the bank service or method to which they should apply. The experience and the nature of the profession are accumulated through years of work at the Bank helped me a lot in the current work.

The industry would also have the hard ones, or private. However, in the banking industry, need enough "mind and games" can exist in a glorious way. I urge you are about to step into the banking industry, or just vulnerable to Spain will study the Bank trust on the positive aspects of this profession. I wish you success! From now to 30/9/2017, CafeF in collaboration with the electronic Newspaper young intellectuals writing contest "financial-banking Profession: truth and honor" to honor the values that the profession provide critical things, yet beautiful at the same time inspire new people to the profession.

The banking profession: chose then don't regret, went right to the end of the road

Who is considered the "Gentiles", I entered the banking profession as a coincidence. And then, from the casually, from the seemingly threat charm wage "by fate" that gave me a fierce love, for me the notion of what a very beautiful profession that public opinion always interested, check this out ... Over nearly nine years working in the industry, I understand more or less the thoughts of those in the profession "human trafficking". And in this article, I want to share with you, with you on the fret about HR-the core elements that make up the value for each bank.

First, the majority of bank employees are losing "combat power" after a period of work in the Bank. It's the fact that I believe you, you all feel in your staff or colleagues. On the first set foot in the Bank, I noticed his eyes sparkling for each of you. But their enthusiasm, experience a gradual decline, diminishing ... (of course, except for a very few very positive factor). The day before, the recruitment of the very strict Bank and parked on the working in the Bank's big honor.

April 8/2008, I filed an application to the Bank, after several examinations, interviews in both English and Vietnamese, I get accepted to do administrative staff on April 2/2009. So, our generation-those who step into the ring by more banking examination will understand and appreciate the work than you 9 x. Because today, the Bank more open recruitment, the beans into the Bank when it just through a few minutes of interviews that need not apply! Even the Bank's remaining national priorities straight students kind of good. For the cherished work and combat strength reduction part has the cause from here (?).

After the school day the very "good boy", diligent and hard-working, after a few years, when there was little experience, the more you complacent or with what I already have and then new, not perfection. So idly by? In my subjective is because power and spirit of each individual's work, interwoven with objective reasons are the following people who look ahead and learn what not good. Thus, each bank staff required, professional passion to not lose its image.

Second, Bank staff often have psychological "stands the mountain looks impassable mountains". Are there stable work at A Bank, you still see the salary bonus, Bank B, C, ... and then crashing out of boredom, laments in a negative way. That there is this paradox, A bank employee was working in the thuồng urge to Bank B; While Bank staff B C bank looked about again, Bank staff C again dreamed of working in A Bank, ... The vicious cycle that has created the "migration" of so many in the banking industry.

Dear you! Basically all banks in Vietnam are operating on a common platform on legal and macroeconomic policy. So, whether you are A Bank staff, Bank B, ..., the final rules you still have to do the work and compliance with the regulation is almost the same. So that, when experiencing a little hard, a little bit of pressure at work, no small part of people in the industry looking looking for a new Marina. I don't comment right and wrong about the "break up". I just wanted to share with you that everything began again both step back, except to jump the objective reasons or because of new career development direction. On Tuesday, Bank employees often myths about the true ability of ourselves. A lot of you, after a few years of accrued little experience or are assigned in a position not to replace that "Star" mentality.

And from here, "the stars" misidentify this off slowly, tears and back to aggressively seek a certain horizon. I want to say to you that the banking profession, is of the collective coordination and cohesion. Naturally, I do not deny the role of eminent individuals have important flavor to the business unit's results. However, finally with the banking industry, "one should not do the Martin wing spring"; because where there is need of collective strength. Can you be the Bachelor, master degree graduated from the prestigious school. But before self reviews about themselves, the people who do the Bank should review what I did for the Agency; take a look at hundreds of thousands of Bachelor's, masters are King doing hard workers in the industrial zone. And that is the most accurate measure of your worth in the unit. And I want to say to you that, in the banking profession, no position is irreplaceable.

On Wednesday, Bank staff often whine more than action and have positive thinking to overcome the pressure. On the forums, people still ca n about my drudgery of Bank staff. But in this life there are tasks that gently ladies? Like many other bank employees, I also have to work on 12 hours, Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays are still online ATM, ... But to me it is his mission to deserve more when the Bank's wages. So, if you have chosen the profession of banking or the banking profession chose you, you don't regret now, don't lament that let's have more positive thoughts for the job.

Thursday, seemed to be the main organ of speech, social networks are worsening the image of the American Bank (?). In the hundreds of thousands of American banks, know how many good things, how much the mirror about talent and Germany degrees who do the crab legs are the less major bank Messenger. But only a few "worm", the social network for spread, and take pictures of what this noble profession. All trades in this life are noble, and the banking industry. Thus, those who were, are and will embarks on the banking industry, then take pride in his profession. As you imagine, without banks ... then the society will return to the stage of history? And the final thing, this article, I look forward to you, the siblings do not now sorry to have chosen the profession of banking. And anyone who's really sorry is as sorry now, let's boldly step out of the industry and find yourself a horizon more suitable. Once we receive the Bank's salary, be avoidable and dedication deserve to go to the bottom of the road by the mind and enthusiasm.

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