Status control wasteful medical insurance fund

Social insurance (BHXH) Vietnam has just warned the increase in extraordinary cases lasted on the examination, treatment, cure, causing waste to fund health insurance (HEALTH INSURANCE). A number of solutions to control this condition was given but the deployment still difficult if not already have standard examination and treatment procedures as well as unified regulating average number of days a treat. Dialysis for kidney disease people cycle the side at Vietsovpetro Medical Center.

Status control wasteful medical insurance fund

A mothers have children cut the tonsils in a specialty hospital in Hanoi, the son and fret the other patients are in the hospital treat a week, meanwhile, cut the tonsils in a different hospital, patients only stay two, three-day treatment and be home prescription drink. The mother did not know the reason why there is this difference, but definitely time consuming and more patient care costs. The exchange of the work with a cadre of HEALTH INSURANCE examiner, we learned, the status "experienced" on different treatment between medical institutions is increasing, making it difficult for billing evaluation work.

The clinics tend to last long day treatment than the General Hospital. For example, the case of lay often in the medical stations, communal hospital Hanoi, hospital favourites T often in hospital for three days, then in the production of pediatric clinics in the province, City: Soc, Da Nang, Yên Bái, Tien Giang, Hai Phong doctor in hospital on average more than five days. On the average treatment in TB clinics of 17.2 days but at the specialty hospital of tuberculosis the Tuyen Quang province, Quang Tri, Thua Thien-Hue, Ha Giang, BAC Ninh, lang son fold 1.5 to more than 2 times ...

The cause of increased hospitalization day overkill as mentioned above, according to the Vietnam BHXH is due to Circular 37/2015/TTLT-BYT-BTC adjusted money increased bed than before, many health facilities have for sick people long to be paid a lot of money from the HEALTH INSURANCE Fund beds. Money is low rise beds 195%, is the highest 540% depending of the faculty. Not a few cases of normal ill still be assigned aggressive resuscitation beds lie because this is the type of bed has a fairly high amount, from more than 200 to 300 thousand Dong/day. The last treatment date, sick people often used the tonic to "rationalise" the time of treatment. Statistics of Vietnam BHXH said, in the first six months of the year, the HEALTH INSURANCE Fund to spend money and the money of the bed up to 9,214 billion, during the same period last year was 740.7 billion. The extended day treatment for patients not only cause wear and impact of HEALTH INSURANCE Fund money bags of sick people because some group of people the disease still must pay 20% or 5% on the total cost of treatment.

Though many cases lasted on the treatment has been discovered but the current difficulties are yet to be unified on reasonable treatment between BHXH agencies and medical facilities. Answered on a case of medical facilities stretched downlines on tuberculosis treatment in comparison with the above, Mr. Le Van Hoi, Deputy Director of the hospital said the favourites T Lung, Central Hospital after the diagnosis of tuberculosis is proscribed, switch back online under treatment. Only those cases under treatment is not online, the new hospital. Usually, tuberculosis treatment at provincial, district line approximately two months of treatment and four months of conservative treatment, maybe even eight, nine-month case custom levels and disease the drug ... So, the bottom line longer hospital treatment is normal.

Many suggested that the Ministry of Health issued a full technical examination process, cure the disease. Currently, the Health Ministry only issued was about 30% of the technical process of examination and treatment in total 17 thousand technical services. Mr. Duong Duc Tuan, Director of the Center for the assessment and payment of most northern route for that, previously, in the service of rehabilitation engineering, the Ministry of Health issued a circular 11/2009/TT-BYT, in that, the average number of days specified for a treatment of some diseases , group of diseases, very convenient for billing. But currently, the rules that no longer apply, the doctor decided on number of treatment leads to difficulties for the management of the SOCIAL INSURANCE Fund.

Before your eyes, without technical examination process, healing, BHXH Vietnam will test the average inpatient treatment of diseases in the medical establishment than the common ground across the country, for each age, from then on, only on the payment of reasonable treatment and payment of the extraordinary case. Deputy Chief medical insurance (Health Ministry) Phan Van Toan assert, the coming, the Ministry of health will organize two missions, along with the verification go Vietnam BHXH case export to determine the cause of the technical fault or misuse of HEALTH INSURANCE funds, which concentrate the long case.

The shortening of the day average treatment is the goal striving of the medical industry. Need to specify specific cases to analyze causes, clarification of responsibilities. The sick person should be assigned to the logical, science does not affect health, causing waste of time

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