South Korea began to survey the THAAD's impact on the environment

The South Korean Government on 12/8 has started the official survey on the impact of the missile defense system last stage height (THAAD) of the United States of America with the environment in the area of Seongju, South of the capital Seoul, 300 km. missile defense system last stage height (THAAD) of Americans deployed in Seongju , South Korea on 28/7. Photo: Yonhap/VNA. According to South Korean officials, Ministry of defence and the Ministry of the environment of this country will coordinate the investigation of electromagnetic radiation and noise from THAAD.

We had 2 missile launchers and X-band radar is in operation at the base of The u.s. forces in Korea (USFK)-formerly a private golf course. Since March, the 12/2016 function of South Korea also are conducting a survey of its impact on the environment in the THAAD "small scale". 12/8 morning, a group of 30 ministerial officials, researchers, local officials and journalists have come to the area of deployment of THAAD by helicopter. After verifying the results of the reviews, the group will formally announce the THAAD's impact on the environment.

2 days earlier, South Korea has delayed a formal survey conducted due to the bad weather and the activists and local residents protested the deployment of THAAD in the area. After weeks of discussion, the South Korean Government has decided to conduct a further survey of the impact of THAAD. Expected, this evaluation process will take months. Unlike a small scale environmental assessment, are considered the only form of large surveys, usually for large scale construction projects such as the construction of residential or industrial area, requires a public hearing. Thus, many people have predicted that the deployment of THAAD in Seongju (-giu-disabled) will not be completed this year.

Under the agreement, South Korea agreed to provide 700,000 m2 of golf in America of Lotte in Seongju, 296 km southeast of Seoul, to deployment of THAAD. THAAD includes 6 mobile missile launchers, interceptor missiles, 48, a radar and a unit whose task launcher and missile control. Two interceptor missile launchers and radar systems currently operating in the town of Seongju, Seoul about 300 km to the Southeast, and recently there have been 4 more of the THAAD launcher was taken to a u.s. military base near the town.

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