Social network Facebook almost banned in Thailand

Not only Vietnam, which recently market information Facebook social network barely suspended in operation in the Kingdom of Thailand is seriously a joke anymore. However, if this condition is true, the place sure travelers guide Thailand and the head of the delegation of the travel company that can communicate with each other, with online communication tools is Messenger for Facebook to Exchange daily business, and contact with other advertising services. Social network Facebook almost banned in Thailand.

Mạng xã hội Facebook suýt bị cấm hoạt động tại Thái Lan

The needs of people and tourists, like to use Facebook to be able to exchange the work together, the minimum must be met. However, have to depend on the characteristics and environment of countries that want to develop Facebook today. Not only many world, but also have to consider the laws in order to later to avoid the hassle of not want to occur. Thus, to grow in a sustainable manner, it is based on many factors depend of adjacent. Business is to know the development on the customer's minimum necessities, but still ensure the legality of using the applications for customers in the country.

I. Facebook almost banned in Thailand

Due to the receipt of the decision of the Court was delayed, Facebook promptly close the address "illegal" before the deadline that requires water authorities. According to Techcrunch, the week before the Committee's ruling military has asked Facebook to close 131 pages with content "security threats, insulting the Royal family members" would otherwise be banned permanently. As of the previous 12/5, Facebook has removed 178 out of 309 web address was specified and the Court did not address 131 handle. However, after the deadline at 10 am on 16/5 (about 11 h a.m. hours of Vietnam), the social networking site is still accessible. Many users expressed concern about the move overruled requests from the administration of the social network coming from America and start thinking about a future without Facebook in Thailand. The Association of Internet service providers in Thailand said they followed the orders of the Government preparing to disconnect with the content delivery network (CDN) that originated from Facebook's servers.

Facebook's ad in a trade center in Thailand. Photo: AFP. The work was finally not happen under this dimension. BBC guide to sources from the Thai authorities said they have yet to act because the decision from the Court was not sent to Facebook's representative promptly. Takorn Tantasith, Secretary General of the telecommunications authority of Thailand, said then that the Facebook has also had a number of "action" and the address has been blocked 34 access. "We have the necessary documents from the Court to prevent 34 URL right now. If they cooperate, 97 remaining URL will also be blocked, "said Takorn statements after his visit to the headquarters of a group of Internet service providers in Thailand to check Facebook compliance with requests from the Government or not.

"When the Government of a country believe something on the Internet violate their laws, they can communicate with companies such as Facebook and ask us to restrict access to that content. When we receive such requests, we must look to determine whether specific content really violates the local laws or not. If we determine that it is true, will prevent that service does not exist in the country or territory concerned and inform the person trying to access that why it is limited, "Facebook then also put out the statement.

The site is not accessible after Facebook made the block content. AFP Photo. Facebook is not the only company to do this. Google and YouTube has deleted at least 469 sites to meet the requirements of the Government of Thailand recently, according to a report of The Nation. Facebook is the largest social network in Thailand. The company has opened a representative office in the country in January 9/2015 and currently has about 45 million monthly users. The number of postings on this social network of Thai people also many 3 times the average worldwide.

II. Social Network Facebook can be blocked in Thailand

With the refusal to remove the post was said to be contrary to the provisions of the law of Thailand, Facebook faced the risk of being blocked in the country. The Association of Internet service providers in Thailand (TISPA) has put out the warning statement will block Facebook if the world's largest social network does not remove the article has bad content, and tag the intercept malicious web site content threatened national security and users in Thailand. According to TISPA, the Thai Government asked to block all access to Facebook in the country at 10:00 on 16/5 when social networks do not comply with the deadline locked block website addresses with content contrary to the provisions of the law of Thailand. On 12/5, TISPA sent this message via email to Facebook's Director in Thailand. Bring away from hoi chan the bi tai Thai co Facebook Lan-I 1. TISPA said the Thai Government had asked Facebook removed a total of 309 articles with content that is considered contrary to the provisions of the law of this country.

However, until the time of the deadline, about 130 of which post has not been removed from the social network. The Court of Thailand has signed the Decree sanctioning Facebook representatives in Thailand if the article has bad content on toxic, rest are not deleted from the social network. This is not the first time social network Facebook is blocked in Thailand. 5/2014 month, users in Thailand have been unable to access Facebook for some time. However, the Agency completely deny the relation to prevent access to the user's social network.

III. Facebook face the risk of blocking access in Thailand

The Association of Internet service providers in Thailand (Tispa) statement, the Thai Government is requesting organization must immediately block all access to Facebook in that country in October 16/5. The pressure derived from the planet's largest social network refused to remove the post download the rules of the law of Thailand. Facebook, Thailand, blocking access. Tispa said can disconnect the system transmitting the content (CDN) from Facebook's servers, if this social network does not comply with the deadline locked block URLs or remove the bad article from the page on at 10 am on 16/5, as requested by the Thai Government. Tispa minutes 12/5, and the Internet portal provider (IIG) sent an email to notify the Director of the Thai Facebook about this.

According to Tispa, the Thai authorities have asked Facebook to remove a total of 309 posts separately, with content that is considered against the law. Song as of late last week, 131 of these post are still accessible on Facebook. The Criminal Court of Thailand has signed a decree forcing this social network to delete bad articles exclusive rest, if not Facebook's representative in Thailand will be sanctioned. Facebook was blocked access in Thailand soon on 22/5/2014, but local officials denied related to the incident. The incident is considered a test at that time.

On 6/5, the millions of Internet users in Thailand also suddenly unable to access network services of Google, Gmail and YouTube. 3 companies that provide Internet service in Thailand said the incident was due to "maintenance error", the song most of public opinion are not storage. Facebook, Thailand, blocking access. Based on the IP address, Facebook users in Thailand can be seen on the message if this social network blocked access. The Government of Thailand, including Prime Prayut Chan-o-cha had called for setting up a single Internet portal for the country to control the network operations easier. 15/5 Board minutes, promote national reforms in Thailand (NRSA) also suggested Prime Minister Prayut immediately formed a Committee dedicated to the network, allowing the army and other government agencies have access to all of the network and computers connecting to the Internet in the country without the approval of the Court.

Thailand is one of the countries with the most Facebook users in East Asia. In 2015, when Facebook started to open a representative office in Thailand, an estimated 34 million people coming in are using this social network every month. This figure could rise. Thousands of small businesses in Thailand are based on Facebook as a marketing channel. So, if the Government blocked Facebook as threatening, the move would create a huge influence. However, the Government does for network operations and rectify the decision appears to be going strong hands handled the contents were considered bad.

IV. Thailand threatened strong hands with Facebook

Member Somsak Jeamteerasakul Thai authorities asked Facebook to close but still visit. Military Government threatened to use the law against Facebook, if the giant offers the largest social network in the world cannot continue to remove these pages violate the laws of Thailand. By order of the Court of criminal, 6,900 website and account on Google, Youtube and Facebook are being removed because the content that violates laws about crime on computer and network space. This command, Google and Youtube has removed most of the page, the video on demand while Facebook just made by more than half.

Remove the Lan officials said that the Court's order has not been taken seriously even though they were urging Facebook. Mr. Thakorn Tantasith, Secretary General of the Office of the Telecommunications Committee and national broadcasting of Thailand (NTBC), said Facebook is required to close the account and page 309 but made only 178 pages, your account and not given any explanation for this, according to the newspaper Matichon. The newspaper said during the meeting held yesterday the 11.5 with the participation of leaders of the Agency, the country's officials were out to 5 days for Facebook to remove the page left, if not Bangkok will use strong measures.

9.5 minutes, Facebook announced it would perform at the request of Thai officials but not yet a specific time limit, according to The Nation. The newspaper said some of the pages must have cleared the 3 Member Somsak Jeamteerasakul, Pavin Chachavalpongpun and Andrew MacGregor Marshall-account of a Scottish journalist were recommended not to be shared. On this account normally appears criticism that military authorities listed types of "toxic" and asked who uses the network not directly or indirectly monitored. However, today these accounts still access from inside Thailand.

V. Facebook almost banned in Thailand

Thanks to close cooperation with the Government, Facebook continues to be active in Thailand. The world's largest social network, Facebook continues to remain active in Thailand, after actively cooperate with the Government, according to TechCrunch. Earlier, Thai officials vowed to prohibit this social networking site Facebook if not block users access 131 illegal content, including content that violates laws to specialized criticism targeted the Royal family.

The deadline that the Thai authorities set out for Facebook is 10 am 16.5 according to local time. And as noted by TechCrunch, the social networking site still takes place on the evening of the same day as normal, meaning Facebook temporarily closed yet. "When the Government of a nation to believe that something on the internet violate their laws, they can communicate with companies such as Facebook and ask us to restrict access to the content. When we receive such a request, it will be reviewed carefully to determine that content really violates the local laws or not. If so, we will block the access in the country or territory concerned and notified to users limited causes, "Facebook said in his statement.

Earlier, the Thai Court originally established list of web page 309 should be moderated, and according to a report from a Government spokesman said Facebook had removed the page 178 of them last week. In addition to Facebook, the Thai Government also asked Google and YouTube deleted at least 469 sites they considered violating the laws of this State. However Google has not put out a comment on the issue. Although Facebook has not been banned in Thailand in the present time but, in this social networking site 5.2014 has blocked access here, a week after the military seized control of the country through a military coup. Facebook to open Office in Thailand in May 9.2015, and the latest report shows that there are 45 million Thai users to visit Facebook every month, making it the largest social networking site.

VI. Thailand can ban Facebook door because the King video post

The posted video of Thai King in disguise when going out was more officials and asked Facebook to remove immediately or will block access. DVR clip the King Maha Vajiralongkorn walking in a commercial centre to appear on Facecbook Thailand in a disguised form recently has led the world's largest social network trouble. The head of the Southeast Asian nation became angry and asked Facebook to just clip it down. According to the Bangkok Post, the official newspaper in Thailand, access to Facebook can be closed completely if this social network is not the request of enforcement officials. Internet service providers Association (TISPA) for or will disconnect to the Facebook servers across the country if the clip and the path (link) involved still exist after 10 a.m. Tuesday (local time). Thai citizens can be fined up to 15 years in prison if the insult to the Royal family.

Takorn Tantasith, leader of the Committee of national telecommunications and broadcast of Thailand said: "If a illegal existence of the page, we will immediately take to legal measures to combat Facebook Thailand". The leader of the Internet in this country have plate send a private e-mail to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to request removed the clip. Despite efforts to block Thai people viewed this clip, the experts estimated there were more than 300 versions are spreading across the social network. Who is responsible for Facebook in Thailand had confirmed the unit will consider the issue and are willing to perform the request from the Government in this case.

"When the authorities believe that content on the Internet violated the law, they can contact Facebook to request access control đếnnội. We will consider the request if they are satisfactory. Once there, Facebook will delete all relevant information and notify users of reason ", the representative asserted. The King of Thailand Vajiralongkorn monarch Bhumibol Adulyadej attempt succeeded in 11/2016 at the age of 64, after his father's death, aged 88. King Adulyadej ruled Thailand during 70 years and became the symbol of this Buddhist country.

VII. Facebook to avoid the risk of being blocked in Thailand

The Thai Government said Facebook "cooperated" with the country. Facebook still works normally in Thailand after the expiry of the Government forced the social networking site to remove unauthorized content. OK, week radio and television Committee and the Thai national telecommunications (NBTC) out of time for Facebook to 10 am 16.5 must eliminate 131 content-website address national security threats are shared on this page. After expiry, NBTC General Secretary Takorn Tantasith said the Facebook "is cooperating with Thailand" and the Government has no plans to block social networking sites. He Takorn note about website content with 97 Royal Thai libel still appears on Facebook, but the NBTC will apply for court orders, asking Facebook to remove.

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