Social insurance, pensions high low close

The policy adjustment is according to the needs, the interests of workers to fund safer BHXH, asymptotic to the world. It is the reflection of the representative enterprises foreign investment at the Conference dialogue on policy of social insurance (BHXH), medical insurance, unemployment insurance business with foreign investment in Vietnam in 2017, in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM, on 16-6.

Social insurance, pensions high low close

Disadvantage because the calculation of pensions. Representing a company invested abroad in the Tan Thuan EXPORT PROCESSING ZONES, District 7, HO CHI MINH CITY. NIE said that those making policy when build pensions need to create confidence for workers, because most of the workers in the company are immigrants. They join BHXH and applicants receive once, instead sticking to long-term pensions due to the mood of insecurity. This is why workers in enterprises are always fluctuating.

Under this company, the company has operated for 20 years, those on the company made from its early days has involved nearly 20 years enough BHXH, however not yet old enough to retire. But when have information from 1-1-2018 have a change in the calculation of pensions will be reduced, many of whom had resigned to enjoy BHXH mode once, instead of waiting for old enough to enjoy pensions. A company representative to the Japanese capital logistics also said that regulations on the calculation of pensions for workers in businesses such as unlucky for current workers.

While those entitled to pensions calculated according to State payroll are averaged 5-10 last year before retiring, then with labor in enterprises is the average process involved BHXH pension should be very low. More information on this position, many workers into the company made from the early days, they are the people who contribute the most, they disadvantage because the calculation of the average pension. Need to review the calculation of pensions for workers so that they are not marginalized, disagreed. Represents the enterprise with foreign capital fret about social insurance policy.

Can't break BHXH Fund

Answer the concern of the business, Mr. Tran Dinh, Deputy General Director of Vietnam BHXH, for that calculation of pensions based on the level of closed-enjoy. Which base on the sliding price index to adjust the level of pension paid by the employee to raise the rate of slippage. "Pension adjustment Direction always favorable for workers"-he Does assert. According to him, the employees have the mentality to know new retirement ever should want to influence the regime. But if not that each vacation once, enjoyment of retirement will be very difficult. If not long-term calculations, while the labor life age will very difficult. "The Fund is BHXH area, never lost, broken and State protection. The policy adjustment is according to the needs, the interests of workers to fund safer BHXH, asymptotic to the world "-he Does reassure.

About grievances of the business due to the high level while complying levels enjoy low, said Mai Duc Chinh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam General Confederation of labor, reviews the ratio enjoyed BHXH our country the world's highest (75%) but the level enjoyed relatively low back due to low level of complying, so retirees will kham. Accordingly, to improve the level of enjoyment of pensions, from 1-1-2018 complying levels including salaries, allowances and other supplementary items, instead of the closed level based on the minimum wage in the contract.

The more than 500,000 BHXH billion surplus

BHXH Agency are social, the Government reviews the positive innovation, from 300 down to 50 procedure procedure, from more than 200 trading hours to 84 hours and strive under 50 hours. Currently the balance of about 500,000 BHXH billion, this amount was higher interest rates investment investment banking. The year 2016 the Fund investment reached 7.8% growth. The Parliament asked the Government instead to invest in bonds, the investment in the national key projects have a high benefit to generate higher profits, to ensure Fund safety. BHXH policy near the close threshold touches, little influence, at least close news close more influenced and hold safety flooring. Mr. Bui SINGER, Deputy Commission on social issues.

BHXH Fund not broken as this is protected by the State Fund. If you follow the route close to enjoy as at present, by the year 2034 can enjoy close rather than imbalance could not break the Fund as many people feared. Because of incorrect information, so the workers and the employers lost confidence. Mr. MAI DUC Chinh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam General Confederation of labor.

People who have low levels of pensions will be adjusted

The Ministry of labor SOCIAL & had written answers to questions in the provincial constituency of policy adjustment of pensions and pensions for those who retire before the year 1995 have low pensions levels. In the opinion of the electors of the province of Nam Dinh, Ninh Thuan, Quang Binh, BAC Giang, BA RIA-Vung Tau, Binh Thuan and Gia Lai, Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Bac, Hanoi, HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM, Lieu, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Phu Yen, Long An, Tien Giang, Dong Nai, pensions who retired from the year 1995 and earlier are in the average rate of salary, last year's complying.

However, wages, complying with previous is very low, so very unlucky for who enjoy pensions. At the same time, the audience was retired in 1993 before army forces have the same rank, but the level of pensions back 5-6 million difference. Voters suggest that the ministries concerned to consider lifting the salary for the above mentioned object consistent with socio-economic conditions of the country today. In this regard, the Ministry of labor voters answered the XH & province as follows:

Over the years, the party and the State was always interested in the life of the retired people, especially those who retired before 1995. In the 2003-2007 period, the Government has five times the pension adjustment rate increases from 164.8 percent to 228.8% depending on the salary before retirement and the time of his retirement; in which those who retired before, 9-1985, and 4-1993 are adjusted with a high rate than those who retire in the period from 4-1993 onwards.

In the period from 2008 to the present, the Government also has eight times the adjusted pensions, subsidies increase with levels monthly BHXH 178% compared to year-end 2007. Through the above mentioned pension adjustments, the life of the retiree has also gradually improved. However, there is still a division of those entitled to pensions, subsidies had low pension levels BHXH, difficult life, including those who retired before 1995. Under resolution 99/2015/QH13 on 11-11-2015 of the national Expo about the State budget estimates in 2016: "make salary adjustments for pension, wage subsidies take labor under 2 million/month and grants for preschool teachers have time before work in 1995 to pensions of the object reaches the wage base , the time taken from 1-1-2016 ".

From 1-1-2016 to 30-4-2016 days, continued to perform the adjustment level for the object specified in the resolution 78/2014/QH13 on 10-11-2014 of the National Assembly. From 1-5-2016, make adjustments to increase the base wage from 1,150,000 VND/month up 1,210,000/month (about 5%) increase for public servants, the armed forces, ensure the income of salary weighting object from 2.34 back down is not reduced in comparison with the level are private pensions; incentives, people , continue to keep the price level has risen 8% have made the year 2015 ". Implementation of resolution 99/2015/QH13 mentioned above and the direction of the Government, the Ministry of labor SOCIAL & has collaborated with the ministries involved propose adjusting pensions for those on low pensions levels the Government reviewed the decision.

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