Sales finance loans and fears that struggled after the glory

Don't listen to reason, just look at the results, if anyone has been doing sales, for sales finance will understand this sentence. The year 2009 was financial, "wow" it is honored, it is amazing, it's hard to be happy is to describe the feeling. Time trial, I was assigned to go flyers, after almost 2 months of excited unspeakably clenches, I received the official. Now when re-reading my heart beating still Recalling the disorder up because that was the initial step mark for a career and later may be the career. I believe that many young people entering the profession are all experiencing the feeling of pride to happy like me, though this time with a strong development of financial companies - Bank input conditions is also easier.

Sales finance loans and fears that struggled after the glory

Speaking to the strong growth and the competition on a violently reject rule then it also proportional with regard to the profession of "slave trade money". On the media, the Forum ... would a Bank, other financial firms rewarded big, bold, award salary increases ... and also there are no less opposed calling for artillery, responsible for parts of his job but didn't get numbers as the news media. Yes, you, Sir, no one is wrong, we are entangled as one-way element information.

I witnessed many of you employees sales company I do get to "three to four dozen million on last month's salary period" is common, but there are also a couple of you only get basic income by your child's tuition money to go to private daycare is about nothing in particular. The economic mechanism and the reject is the same for the autonomy of work as do business. You do good, you get a worthy remuneration, yet it should also get the da to try more, while "scraping by" received the same remuneration determined might just be basic salary (if any).

How many times the "bottom" nervous, worried look that his colleagues thought concerns itself. "No sad number, the mistreatment done", has the longer you sneaks look of colleague data that the mistreatment. Then you also try out make the customer refused due to the loan, which is not a simple procedure, which is the high interest rates, the browse time long ago, rival companies promotions "rampant full of sugar", sometimes to meet demanding customers complained, yelling. Not to mention specific trades is not like the other sales occupations is bringing about the clientele, but the client's debt management brought about not just as "not good". Meeting, email the Chief posted about the reporting requirements, as the reason would those who think like her parents, teachers motivate like poetry. The "sales", the very reason a lot of the work and do not wait for anyone, there is something soothing, simple but high paid. The finance profession-this Bank as well! With regard to the work each angle is propitious and certain difficult ones. Every time I get stuck I told myself (autosuggestion) to ourselves to try:

-Firstly: the original reason I'm applying for this job?

-Monday: its incompetent, not likely, people also like I have enough limbs, why so???

-Tuesday: himself did not, and the best option??? And 30 not to new year?

-Wednesday: this difficulty cannot fail me "bike", which when I stand up from there, we will stand firm.

There is a real story I have spent far to share to everyone. Beginning in 2015, I am making financial firms pay channel activity, I had occasion to Binh Dinh, work in a discussion I asked of you new business employees to do almost 3 months about the difficulties the situation below, you give a lot of reasons really hectic , then the air suddenly silence has 1 arm my women give up: "I have stuck, thanks to Britain suggest support company with agents to you are more comfortable". My feeling at that very angry, very bothered, in the beginning I think you this is something that requires such a ridiculous request, I try to refrain from compressing the exasperation. "What's difficult?"-I asked to seem tough.

Then few you added, "Yes you say thanks to your company to assist you with, in the store dimension back to pimp your dog out of that bath agent boss due to him getting does not make him call say management is doing no good, not enthusiastic; and then have to go to the market for dealers; not to mention she's consultants are minutes packed more customers and make more records, male staff party rival companies news too also said, talking about the world and then fly on to fight anymore. " Surprise me too "creepy". Unbelievably, unbelievably also have this anymore, to be brought back to sales is preferred to work and compete at the dealer, they did go through this. I asked "so the children have reported for direct management?". "Yes, Yes, yes". "So how's the result". You other "we all in the district, but then alarm remote, boss I've had to work with agents".

After discussions about news reports of speed up business manager and request feedback the manage that area settle fold. This female friends (I still remember her name forever) then time doing very well and are on the list of potential employees may growing up to do. Through this story, people see that, the finance profession-this bank many hidden corners, to have a client sometimes ideas easier but not easy, sometimes with the sweat, the tears back home and all the humiliation of mistreatment. But also through that story, I also want you inspired sales "make a fire, off himself and then will get back the sweet berries".

You want to be, want to make the environment stable, like to brace in the financial-banking company first, then to domains, attempts to achieve tasks. But to do this, you must first understand his unit product and sell it for myself before then to sell to anyone, because I didn't believe in your product, then that's hard to expect the closing sales success. How to get high income, how to craft with Sales Finance? The question that you put out financial or sales and search. Please find the answer for yourself, not the support would be the best besides self himself attempts to achieve success in the financial profession-Bank.

Professional banker-"not the form just anywhere."

Ignore the risk factors or income from salary, bonus, the Bank is still one of the more attractive for young people. If as before, jobs in banks are often referred to with the towering compensation, income of the same good personnel remuneration policy and more promotion opportunities, is one of the attractive profession for young people, then the last couple of years, the attraction in this area is somewhat reduced when increasing work pressures along with the stiff competition and more and more risks.

However, in another aspect, if ignoring the pressure of work, the objective risks may encounter or income that this profession brings, the Bank also has more fly-by thing interesting with those desires to learn and short leveled in the profession with the advantages that private industry can not be. Was a "layman", not the specialized training the Bank started working in short steps, into the Bank with new things ... after 8 years of sticking, I was really very big changes and increasingly sticking with this profession. I myself believe that, to work in the Bank and is a professional banker should have the following elements:

The first is skills: to be able to adapt in the banking sector-industry business primarily financial services products, requires each employee does not cease to work out, study skills, presentation skills before the crowd to be able to consult, introduce products and services to customers. In particular, with respect to personnel working in the field of credit, the ability to persuade, the savvy and confidence defend before approval specialists, credit Council need now more than ever. The environment often in direct contact with the client, receiving and handling problems the client brings to the experience in handling problems, situations, handling skills to convince others, ... environmental peculiarities of work contains many risks and the required expertise, also requires each employee should have minded judge , inference and logical thinking to recognize and process the information effectively. Primary work environment in banking with the actual job requirements help shape, work out and improve the diversity of skills for each employee.

The second is to build professional image, approached the management process, the standard of quality standards, the ability to withstand the pressure at work: the majority of the banks, especially commercial banks were directed to build the image of the modern Bank with professional staff. This requires that each person must have certain standards from the communication, behavior style to outfit, personal picture ahead customers. Besides, as well as a variety of other major business, the Bank is gradually driven to ink standards in order to work towards scientific management methods, effectiveness, to enhance performance and maximum extraction performance. Thus, each employee will be building the habit of working plan, manage and organise the work scientifically, used with the ability to work with the intensity of pressure. These requirements as a mandatory part of daily work, from which form the habit of forming the standard style for every banker.

Third, knowledge rich: banking and finance Profession in General and private credit requires each employee should have a deep understanding of customers and their own peculiarities of each group of customers. Especially for enterprise customers, Bank staff need to study the financial situation, particular trades, market information from micro to macro to take the view, accurately predict the business situation, market trends or intrinsic financial situation of the customer to have the advice and the most suitable financial solutions. Continuous exposure opportunity itself with many of the same clients diverse lines of business are great opportunities to reach and constantly updated information from economics to politics or social culture, ....

We're not too surprised when a Professional client may sports about the process of producing a few products, understanding the particularities of the various business lines, the market of each industry, understanding the market of the product, commercial practices in a country , ... ... ... All the knowledge that is accumulated and extracts from the daily work that each employee of the Bank, especially credit personnel must undergo. Particularity of bank credit employees also have to always find out the hallway all information related to the customer, a chance to reach the large amount of information and multi-dimensional help for every banker there are knowledge rich society. Moreover, during the process of interaction, working with partners, customers also brings the opportunity to learn the management and governance of new enterprises, the practical experience that brings the experience and knowledge management utility, contribute expands the possibilities for promotion and career opportunities for the banker.

To become a banker is not difficult, but to become a professional banker requires each bank staff to actively explore, learn to improve themselves. In it, the opportunity to work in the banking sector is one of the environment is quite good to have the opportunity to study, cultivate those skills. Of course, in any profession there are opportunities and challenges. The banking industry was mentioned by the attractive remuneration of course must also be accompanied by pressure or a good revenue risk. is the relative price for the effort and work pressure, sacrificed on the time that the banker had to leave out. Attractiveness of each profession depends on the goals of each individual, however, easy to see the banking industry is not a profession for people you like the cause, song for young people dare accept the challenge studies, then this is clearly a chance that neither industry would also be.

Like any other industry, the banking industry also have the demands for expertise and skills for the given platform. If there is a passionate, inquisitive and perfecting ourselves along with the sense of compliance with professional ethics, banking industry certainly still very much intrigued the young to devote and achieve certain successes. With the image of a banker full convergence with the skills, professional qualifications, understanding with rich social knowledge, shaping the standard style along with the sense of professional ethics are nurtured, overcome the challenges and pressures of work, is the person who directly bring to these financial solutions contribute to bring success to customers-one of the industries the backbone of the economy, we can be proud of the work you are doing, is proud to be a banker, by clearly to become a professional banker, the truth "is not the form just anywhere".

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