Revealing the horror film scene in "Annabelle: Devil Creature"

Movie trailer: Evil creatures, Annabelle. Spooky movie of famous director David f. Sandberg was released on 11/8. The content revolves around the story several years after the tragic death of her small daughter, who makes dolls and his wife welcome a nun and a few girls from an orphanage to their home due to this camp was closed. But unfortunately, strange things start to happen, new ones quickly became the target of the haunted Doll by her husband created.

Though not yet "broadcast" but movie about her doll Annabelle has reached an average score of 7.9/10 at the time of the launch trailer. In the Trailer last longer than 2 minutes, the famous director David f. Sandberg cleverly nested the details enough to curious audience but did not disclose the content of the film. Right from the first seconds, many who are keen to see the face of her ghost window. Dark as lighting effects make the horror film devotees must shudder.

However, in the scene are not scary. Movie scene really very bright. Child actress with demon face also does not really turn around to scare just like in the trailer that is thanks to the help of morphing with CGI technology (technology of image simulation by computer). Next is fear when the woman saw the unusual movement of baby girls. The joints of the hands of her distorted like being someone who snapped. The type of motion so new not by dozens of years ago it was done by a female ghost Director Sadako in popular horror movie Ringu.

In contrast to the imagination of the audience that this footage by morphing technology, advanced cinematic movements that extraordinary completely thanks to the acting abilities of the child actress Lou Lou Safran. Not so, Annabelle: Evil creatures, still haunted by the haunted splash. Moving scenery and fast forward but always change after each go back as making of thriller to adrenalin. Fact, the scenes fly up and throw on the wall are all thanks to the help of a pulley wire binding system fixed on the actors.

The collision broke all completely true, without any intervention of editing techniques. There are also numerous other grisly scene is not revealed in the trailer. Alyson Stoner actress high soaring thanks to the zipper. Scenes would certainly make audiences keen. The filmmakers are Annabelle doll back editing. Run to where the door closes to crash.

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