Reveal the secret behind its large drugs factory in Hung Yen

To conceal drug manufacturing operations and deal with the relevant authorities, armed with the "eye of God" around the House and in the drainage pipe. Information from public security Hung Yen province said the Unit recently collaborated with the First District Tourism destroy drug production drives success with scale and large number of villages in Tam KY, Meaning Township head, Van Giang district. Accordingly, on the night of 8/8, 9/8, Kamaishi district First Police Brigade has coordinated surprise Hung Yen province public security to examine emergency "factory" drug of Vu Thi Kim Ngan (SN 1982 in Tam Hamlet, Meaning Township head, Van Giang district).

At the Bank's whereabouts, force detection function, capturing 1,000 tablets, 6 plastic bags under a white crystalline substance, package herb seasoned, 34 more blue powder containers weighing about 20 kg, 1 electronic scales, 3 air, 1 crushing mix of raw materials, 22 drug product stamping mould , 1 dryer products ... At the Agency, opening Bank to buy the raw materials for the production of synthetic drugs on the market at Every Screening, HO CHI MINH CITY. Hanoi. About drug production formula, the testimony itself was made curious, get picked up on the network. Then, carefully recording each recipe, mixing ratio.

According to the observations of the REPORTER present at the place of production of the drug Budget in Hung yen, this is the place to do the drug factory that at least one suspect. Accordingly, large House, is located between the crowded neighborhood, people frequently. Law-reveal the secret behind the ' workshop ' large drug production in Hung yen. "The factory" protected heroin production quite sure. in particular, the House is protected very sure by the bars, the only way can go to the main gate is between. The people living near the object to know, this House is usually closed, someone out on is back to lock the door very carefully. Banks themselves never communicate or talk to her the way the neighbors that live quite isolated, self-contained.

The gate is usually locked, closed to drug manufacturing "factories" activity. To conceal drug manufacturing operations and deal with the relevant authorities, for fitting various infrared camera and was concealed in the drains before the House. All "eyes" are connected to laptop can observe all activities outside. In the House, taking out the room is the largest in area to serve drug manufacturing operations. The camera equipped banks around the home and been hidden in drains.

Exchange with REPORTER journalist Put it, Mr. Le Thanh Hai – Meaning Township Police Head said: locally, Vu Thi Kim Ngan has not had the money, the money or conflict occurs, the incident with anyone, by little Banks says, at least relations with everyone. The House, where regular gasoline in Banks and protect for sure. Family-building budget very soon, however, after the former husband is arrested for the crime of buying and selling drugs, divorce filing put two children on in with mother tongue. Some time later, emerged with a man he had once "missed the boat" in the locality and also two daughters. My husband and myself are currently no eat, job .... Currently, police Hung Yen province are coordinated together the functional unit continued to expand the investigation, clarify the incident on.

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