Reason Prudential led the top 10 life insurance companies in credibility?

Prudential life insurance company of Vietnam (Prudential) honored with the award of Top 10 life insurance companies the prestige in 2017. Where is the reason to this insurance company continues the second on this list and leads the list this year? Prudential Insurance Agent to pay insurance benefits customers in Hung yen. With this award, Prudential Insurance continue to affirm front-runner in the field of life insurance, through the specific criteria such as: strong financial capacity; Media credibility on the mainstream media channels; Customer satisfaction with products and services of the company, and reviews of the experts of the company's position in the industry. The award also noted the positive contribution of Prudential for the growth of the insurance industry in particular, create a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Vietnam's financial market in General.

Reason Prudential led the top 10 life insurance companies in credibility?
In 2016, Prudential continued access of business achievement impression. The company's pre-tax profit reached 1,603,726 million and profits not yet distributed to the end of the year 2016 is 4,467,405 million. Revenue from investment operations with total assets reached 60,078,805 million, an increase of 13.6% compared to 2015, help Prudential strengthens the strong financial market. The insurance market are positive changes and insurance companies including Prudential recently launched new fresh image, simple and consistent with modern life. Prudetial comprehend whether traditional or modern, the core values still stem from the family relationship, so in the year 2016, the company deployed a brand campaign "family is priceless," released two video clips "four minutes looking at each other" and "cherished peace", with the meaning of family values and cherished moments of peace , has resonated in the market as well as get the sharing and positive reviews from the community and the media.

As if the year 2016, the Prudential brand campaign towards family values, then step to the year 2017, Prudential towards social values. Brand communication program "companionship for the good life" with the story looking for a companion on metro trains full of civility expressed the message of Prudential Vietnam towards people want a better life, modern, full of generosity. In addition, to enhance the quality of customer service and offer customers the best experience, Prudential has focused on promoting models of the Office Of the agent of new standards across the country. Besides, Prudential is also the life insurance business of pioneering technology, brings the customer to experience the convenient and quick transactions through e-commerce page, in addition to the online information portal for sharing the useful information to help customers live, live better.

Thanks to investments in technology, the procedure of payment of insurance benefits be reduced within 30 minutes. Besides, the company has built the hospital network with 128 hospitals across the country. Prudential are priority focus improving the quality of services, innovative on the technology platform to give many new approaches and modern like chatbot, consulting through video ... to promote the training of professional skills and soft skills for team of consultants to enhance the quality of customer service and insured.

Prudential Insurance representatives received the award from the program.

Moreover, with a view of the long-term investment strategy of the same commitment to long-term and sustainable business of Prudential in Vietnam, the company has committed to invest 6,000 billion on Government bonds, when the Vanguard 500 billion buying bonds in its first issue in late 2015. Next, Prudential also committed to continued investment in year 2016 5,500 billion, raising the total value of investments in government bonds, the 30-year term with up to 6,000 billion. 7/2015 month, Prudential also had record investment of 3,200 billion on Government bonds, term of 20 years.

Share of Top 10 life insurance companies the prestige in 2017, said Steve Clark-ceo of Prudential Vietnam said: "With the award of Top 10 life insurance companies in the year 2017, the prestigious Prudential sincerely this title as noted by customers and industry experts on the quality of products as well as services of the company. In the coming period, we will continue to act and brings many practical benefits consistent with the needs and lives of modern clients ".

Top 10 life insurance companies the prestige in 2017 was announced by results of research of company reports reviews Vietnam (Vietnam Report) in honor of the prestigious enterprises in banking-insurance-securities, the business has efforts and achieved significant accomplishments are noted in the provision of products and services for clients , created the position on the market of banking and finance, insurance, have the good business development strategy and has impressive image in the public eye home and investment. This is the second time Prudential was honored with this award.

Prudential application of artificial intelligence in insurance consulting

Chatbot-PRUBot application, the customer will be advised of the information products, the promotion at any time. Prudential Vietnam has just updated the application PRUBot-Chatbot in insurance consulting. This system can automatically answer and handle those situations is programmed earlier; continuous "self-learning" in the process of interacting with customers. Clients will be 24/7 help about information products, new promotions for the company. In addition, PRUBot also supports the customer appointment with insurance professionals whenever they want to, or are willing to acknowledge the comments from customers to switch to generic data processing center.

Chatbot-PRUBot application, the client will be advised 24/7. Developing applications on the Facebook platform Messenger, friendly interaction; online support for quick customer especially busy people. "This application is considered a groundbreaking new Prudential Insurance on the market today. Next time, we have a variety of mounts to provide customers the convenience of modern life for the Vietnamese people, "the company representative said. Recently, Prudential Vietnam also apply financial needs analysis (FNA) in every product consultant. This is the system in question was specific design, help customers have enough information to choose the most suitable product based on the accumulated needs, protection and investment as well as the current financial capacity.

According to the representative of Prudential Vietnam, which is the FNA attachments required for investment insurance products under the regulation, now being put on for all other products. This is an attempt by the company, the insured client understand his needs. This analysis will limit the risk arising in relation to the case of asymmetrical information, such as: customers buy insurance when not yet have enough data or have not understood his own needs. "To do this, all of Prudential's counselors have undergone a thorough professional training within two months", airline representatives said.

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